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Analysis of "The Truth About Corey Goode" By Bill Ryan -- Don't Let the Fear of Disinformation Divide Us!

by Justin Deschamps

 The following is an "outing" of the Secret Space Program insider and whistleblower Corey Goode. It was produced by Bill Ryan, of Project Avalon, one of the forums Goode initially was using to release information, prior to going public in 2015. I have a lot of respect for Ryan, and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, as they have played a large role in my awakening. But I think there is a serious problem within the truth movement that this issue is highlighting.

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This article is not pro-Goode or pro-Ryan. However, as it stands, it seems the dialog needs some clarification, and we hope to offer that here.

Update: Apparently a lot of people feel I am coming out against Corey Goode, this is not the case. This article is my attempt to objectively analyze the claims of Ryan, and present them in a somewhat unbiased way, for your consideration. Please read the article completely before making your conclusions. 

Firstly, for clarity, despite the fact Stillness in the Storm has featured a great deal of Goode's testimony over the years, we do not claim the information to be unquestionably authentic.

Goode's overall rhetoric to seek the truth, discern, get healthy, and be a better person is a message we agree with, thus we are allies in that regard. His work is a series of unproven claims, but these claims have much indirect support to confirm them, and are highly thought-provoking, serving in consciousness expansion for that reason. The fact that the claims are unproven doesn't mean they are untrue, but their incredible scope makes it difficult to believe. And all the more easy to dismiss.

Secondly, those who are comfortable with uncertainty will have no problem contemplating Goode's material with an open unbiased mind, discerning objectively what they find. But to those who need definitive answers, the temptation to blindly believe or reject information is always great. And to make matters worse, there are scores of people who tend to reject any information that doesn't fit their worldview or belief system, a form of emotional discernment.

What this does is shift a discussion away from seeking for the truth, analyzing claims by themselves, and move it to a discussion about the person's character and past. Instead of listening to the message, we can be tempted to focus on the messenger—who they are as a person, what they like or don't like, what crimes they have committed, who are they associated with, and so on. And while this can make people feel good or bad about the messenger, and by proxy the information, it doesn't in the least confirm or deny the veracity of what is claimed—it doesn't help determine if it is true or not. This is a strawman tactic to pull people's focus away from the issues at hand and on to the person sharing the data—one of the methods the powers that be use all the time.

Before long, a claim of truth isn't judged on its merits alone—on what it actually says and if this matches reality—instead it is "discerned" by focusing on who is saying it.

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, people in general simply don't have the ability to dig deeply into a topic so they can make an honest assessment. This creates a perfect storm—people who want to know the truth, who want an answer, but can't devote the time or energy to seek for it properly—making them very easy to persuade with smear campaigns and unfounded claims.

To add another layer of complexity to an already complex situation, there are very real disinformation agents out there who most definitely are muddying the waters.

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But here's a little secret: all information is just a vehicle for ideas, and can be discerned at a personal level to see if it is true or not. Whether an idea came from an outright disinformation agent, like the mainstream media, or from the mouth of Jesus himself, you can analyze it and draw a conclusion.

So in the end, since information, regardless of the source, can be evaluated for its truthfulness, is it really worth it to go on disinformation agent witch hunts? Especially, if the end result is division of the truth movement?

Obviously, denying the fact that someone could be an agent isn't advisable, but rejecting a whole body of information based purely on a suspicion isn't a good idea either. And, as anyone who has studied counterintelligence knows, the best way to combat disinformation is by studying it, which can reveal clues as to what the players behind it are trying to do.

So either way you look at it, avoiding reality, whether from a disinformation agent or not, isn't productive.

Disinformation witch hunts are a big thing in the truth movement and the cost is unimaginable. 

In my view, the whole truth movement is divided into camps that believe their version of truth is right and everyone else is wrong. Almost no one is taking a holistic perspective to consider all the information and discuss it openly with everyone. Considering we're all reaching for the same goal—the truth—this seems decidedly unproductive and it pits people against each other. In the end, everyone loses because the Cabal's NWO agenda moves forward at pace, while we bicker about who is right or wrong.

Speaking as someone who is a somewhat public figure, I can tell you that I am constantly receiving messages and emails from people who are very concerned that this or that person might be a disinformation agent—to the point of making them clearly upset and out of balance. Obviously, this won't make understanding the truth any easier.

Paranoia is communicable, and it spreads like wildfire on the internet. But given what was just described, we need not take such a reactionary stance.

If you discovered that you might have been deceived, the last thing you want to do is become emotionally reactive and fearful, shutting down your neo-cortex and rational mind—the things we need to discern properly. When this happens, it is because our sense of reality is being threatened, our belief system, but it requires that we face the situation with a cool head; that way we can properly understand the information we're absorbing.

I'll share that in my years of being a truth seeker, I've seen my fair share of disinformation scares. I have even been called a "disinfo agent" several times, with usually the haziest arguments to back up the accusations.

At the end of the day, whether or not my chosen sources of information were disinformation agents or not didn't really matter—I was still empowered with my own mind to discern and make sense of the world, and that's just what I did. In those cases where a person did appear to be a disinformation agent, interestingly enough, I still made good use of the data to help expand my consciousness.

Frankly, I've learned a lot from so-called disinformation agents and a lot of them were on mainstream television. That doesn't mean I believe them blindly, quite the contrary. But as I said, all information is merely a vehicle for ideas, what we do with these ideas is far more important than where they came from. And it's not discernment to blindly reject or accept something without thinking about it.

So don't let the disinformation fear-mongers get you down—trust me, there's plenty of them out there.

But to be clear, I don't think Bill Ryan has an insidious agenda. It seems like he's trying to do what he feels is right, and I respect him for that.

But I will say this: no matter how bad things get, no matter how deceived we might feel, it is never a valid excuse to stop working with each other in the pursuit of truth and ending the madness in this world.

We are each unique perspectives on all that is, and as such, no one has all the answers.

Everyone is seeking the truth, whether they realize it or not. And those who are self-identified truthers are even more empowered because they can consciously make the choice to work with others. Whether we like someone or not, or even agree with them, should not stop us from gaining wisdom through discussion.

Reviewing the Claims

Here's a list of what Ryan is claiming against Goode:
  • Kerry Cassidy doesn't think Corey Goode is authentic.
  • Goode sent some messages to Ryan that Goode later denied sending. Ryan believes when Goode sent the messages, he was in a "split-minded state." (i.e. under mind control). Apparently the messages were on Goode's computer, and the person he sent them to, which Ryan discovered later.
  • Ilie Pandia, an alleged IT specialist, reviewed Goode's messages and claimed that Goode is not actually an IT professional, as Goode claims. Ryan and others view this as a point of proof that Goode is a liar.
  • During the interview with Christine in Sept-Oct 2014, Goode said he was unemployed. Ryan claims that later, Goode said he lost his six figure income job after being outed by Cassidy and himself. Ryan claims this false statement by Goode is proof that he is lying about his past employment.
  • Goode was allegedly using the Project Avalon forum as a "catchment area" for former MILABs, counseling them without the permission of the moderators. This was viewed by Ryan et al as a grave infraction, although it is not clear if Goode agreed not to talk to MILABs on the forum, thus deceiving the moderators.
  • Goode's wife Stacy joined the forum and made a post that claimed Bill Ryan was once a member of the Church of Scientology. Ryan claims that the person she found in her research was not actually Ryan, a different Bill Ryan, and edited her posts accordingly, but did not notify her of the changes. Ryan claims Stacy and Goode reacted aggressively, saying that Ryan had censored her on the forum. This appeared to make the situation even more tenuous. Ryan claims that in Stacy's subsequent posts, she revealed that Goode was working with "higher authorities" and was asked to produce a dossier on Ryan by a senior member of the church. Ryan implies this is further evidence of Goode working for shadowy groups.
  • Ryan claims Goode was given FBI database access during this time, which Goode apparently disclosed to Ryan in a skype message, also viewed by Ryan as an indication Goode is an agent.
  • After the drama on the forum, Stacy's account was "unsubscribed" and Goode left soon after on his own accord. Goode then started a blog and posted several items that attempted to smear Avalon, according to Ryan.
  • Goode then began to speak with David Wilcock, and seemed to have a more "polished" version of the story than Goode had previously given to Christine, which Ryan and Cassidy thought indicated duplicity.
  • An alleged intelligence agent contacted Ryan to inform him that he had recorded Goode and Stacy speaking in their home by activating the webcam on a computer near by, using well-known methods available to government agents. In the recording, Goode and Stacy are allegedly discussing how they plan to deceive David Wilcock. Ryan claims that Goode was desperate for money, was looking for stardom and that apparently the intelligence community was "letting this all happen" because it fit their agenda, all according to Ryan's unnamed source in the intelligence community.
  • The same intelligence contact sent a screenshot from a phone of a skype conversation between himself and Goode to Ryan, wherein Goode says "you are now on the payroll...  so am I.. it is what it is." Ryan asserts that this is proof Goode is an agent.
  • Ryan claims the substance of Goode's testimony and story is a "carbon copy" of other insiders, like Michael Relfe. Furthermore, he also feels some of Goode's claims are just too wild to believe, e.g. that there are thousands of undetectable planet-sized spheres in the solar system.
  • Ryan also feels that if Goode was authentic, he would never be allowed to talk. He further claims that Goode is likely a false whisleblower, only allowed to talk because he was given false memories and experiences that serve the agenda, much like what Dr. Steven Greer claimed in November 2016.
  • Ryan claims that if Goode was authentic, he should have been silenced by now, like other whistleblowers. The fact that he wasn't, in Ryan's mind, is proof that Goode is an agent.
  • Ryan claims that even if some of the information Goode brings forth is true, the whole data set is "is almost valueless for research purposes." [However, this is not valid because information is inherently valuable, but said value is dependent upon the person who analyzes it.]
  • Ryan claims, although some disinformation agents genuinely believe their own testimony, he thinks Goode is a conscious deceiver. 
There is a lot to sort through here.

Analyzing the Claims

Firstly, there are two kinds of evidence to consider, one deals with events or incidents that may or may not be true, and can be verified to some extent, and the other is personal opinion.

In the first category, Ryan claimed that Goode sent messages and later denied them. He claims that Goode is not actually an IT professional, which a colleague of Ryan's gave an endorsement of after reviewing Goode's chat logs. Ryan claims that Goode was not fired from his job as a result of being outed by them in 2014-2015. Ryan claims footage of Goode and his wife concocting a plan to deceive Wilcock was captured, but not supplied for review here. Finally, there is a screenshot from a skype message that appears to be an admission by Goode that he is "on the pay roll."

All of these points can be confirmed or refuted with evidence, should it surface. However, there is not evidence available to confirm any of this, save the photo, which we'll discuss in a moment. And since no footage of the conversation between Goode and Stacy to deceive Wilcock has been supplied, it is  an unsubstantiated claim made by Ryan.

Thus, any conclusions drawn from these claims are speculations upon the assumption that the above listed items are true. In other words, there is not enough evidence presented by Ryan to objectively and materially confirm the claim that Goode is a disinformation agent. This doesn't mean the claims are untrue, just that they haven't been verified with material evidence.

At this stage, the only hard evidence for us to work with is the screenshot of the skype conversation supplied by Ryan.

On this score, the skype image's authenticity has not been confirmed (seen below).

It could be a forgery, or it could be real.

Assuming it is real, the content of the message is not clear enough to make any definitive conclusions. It could simply be proof of what Goode has already claimed, that he was working for the government at one time, and would therefore "be on the pay roll." Or it could be evidence he is being paid by some clandestine agency. And some have asserted (see the comments section) that the chat log itself was doctored, evidenced by the edit symbol at the top left of the field, in Goode's message.

The other points listed above are incidents that call Goode's character into question or references of incredulity on Ryan's part—as a matter of fact, the bulk of his argument is a series of statements about how authentic whistleblowers can't come forward and are silenced, and therefore, "I, Ryan, can't believe Corey Goode." And the items that draw Goode's character into question, as we discussed earlier, have no bearing on whether his claims are accurate or not. If Goode claimed he was taken aboard a Solar Warden spacecraft, the fact that he lied about his IT job wouldn't change anything.

In conclusion, there are points raised by Ryan that are worthy of investigation. And if Goode, or others, can address these claims with specificity and evidence, it would help clear the air for all involved. But even if everything claimed by Ryan were true, it would only, at best, draw Goode's testimony into question, which frankly, people should be doing anyway. No one's character, story, or claim is so good that it should be believed without question.

For what it's worth, when I personally met Corey last year at the Mount Shasta SSP Conference, I got the impression he was in his character authentic. In my personal exchanges with him I did not detect any duplicity or feel he was trying to deceive me. Not that this has any impact on whether his claims are true or not.

In the final analysis, there is no clear evidence presented here that Goode is a disinformation agent, although, as I said, there is reason to suspect him of being one, as there always has been. One reason being that there simply isn't any evidence to confirm his story. But the case for Goode being a disinformation agent has never been strong, so this is just a healthy dose of doubt.

And in general, almost anyone can, and should be, suspected of being a disinformation agent, because we've all shared inaccuracies at one time or another. But more specifically, if Goode is one such agent, it would still be valuable to research his testimony, for the reasons of counterintelligence listed above.

With all due respect to Ryan, he appears to be resting his conclusions on hazy unproven evidence, and mostly on the ideological belief that "authentic whisleblowers are usually quickly silenced." But incredulity isn't enough to disprove something. Hundreds of years ago, people thought it was incredulous or unbelievable that the earth orbited the sun—this didn't change reality one iota because the truth isn't democratic.

So for those of you reading these words, trying to make sense of the situation, it is my conclusion that there is no valid basis, as of yet, to support the claim that Goode is a false whistleblower. If such information becomes available, then, and only then, can an honest and verifiable conclusion be made. All else is just speculation, which can still be very beneficial if done in an honest way. 

Until then, we must navigate the seas of uncertainty, keeping an open mind so as to not blind ourselves to greater truths.

Smear Campaign?

In preparing this post, I reached out to someone working closely with Corey Goode, who said that there is a coordinated smear campaign taking place at the moment targeting whistleblowers that feature similar content as Goode. And Goode himself stated this would happen last year on his website.

Within one week, three different "independent" sources came forward claiming that Corey Goode was a disinformation agent, Bill Ryan (in the posting here), C.W. Chanter, the YouTuber, and Randy Maugans. Whether or not these individuals coordinated behind the scenes is unclear.

And the prominent ufologist, Dr. Steven Greer, also held the Cosmic False Flag presentation last year, wherein he specifically named Corey Goode and William Tompkins as mind-controlled disinformation agents. You can read my analysis of that talk below.

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As much as I would like to say that it's silly that we have to deal with disinformation witch hunts, it really isn't.

The fact is, the truth movement is a mess, running in a million different directions, with various camps and groups all competing at various levels to be king of the truth hill. But as I've mentioned, it's a foolish effort.

No one has all the answers, everyone has a piece of the truth puzzle, and we're all striving to find the truth. Why let disagreements about something we can't even confirm divide us?

No one really knows whether or not Goode is authentic or not, not even he knows, so why stop working with each other to seek the truth?

I implore you, whoever you are, to not let the program of divide and conquer pull you down. We're all in this together, and the more of us that act like it, the better we'll all be.

P.S. A special thanks to those who decided to share their truth even though it was controversial. What we as a community decide to do—if we let our selves be divided—is up to us.

- Justin

Source - Ascension With Earth

by Enerchi, April 28th, 2017

The following article was released to the public by Bill Ryan via his Project Avalon website on April 26, 2017. I am posting this for your awareness only. It is up to you to discern if this has any relevance to your search for truth. It is interesting to note that we recently had an outing of the COBRA organization and now we have this outing of Corey Goode. I know it is hard for the alternative community to unify as there is so much convoluted information and so many different factions in many different alliance and cabal groups. Even if Goode or Cobra have been compromised in any way, they have contributed greatly to alternative community by exposing subject matter that is grossly ignored by the main stream media. As the cliche goes..... everything will be revealed in due time.


Bill Ryan of Project Avalon

By: Bill Ryan
Project Avalon

The Truth about Corey Goode

Here's some information. It's far from complete, but it presents a sample of some of the problems.

(By the way, the last time I conferred with Kerry Cassidy about this, she told me that she fully shares the view that Corey is compromised and is an unreliable witness. Or else, of course, she'd have interviewed him by now.)

Corey first came to our attention as a problem before Christine Anderson’s 2014 interview with him was published. He’d been active behind the scenes (by invitation) in investigating the Jesse Ames affair.

He sent some messages in the middle of the night, that he denied any knowledge of. Our very strong (unproven) suspicion was that he had indeed sent them, but had done so in an altered or split-minded state, and in the morning had no memory of what he’d done, though everything was there on his own computer and that of another person.

Ilie Pandia (who, like Paul, knows a LOT of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net) then looked closely at some of his statements, and raised a flag that there was absolutely NO WAY he was an 'IT expert’ as he had claimed. That simply wasn’t true.

This was the first time we’d realized there was a definite, proven, problem, and that Corey had been lying about his expertise. (Claims about expertise can of course only be refuted by someone who really is an expert.)

Christine’s Sept-Oct 2014 interview with Corey was largely unplanned: she had a dictaphone in her pocket when she went to visit him at his home, and took the opportunity to record their sporadic conversation (with his full permission, on two separate days). Christine had been intrigued by Corey for a while, and had previously recommended him to be an Avalon Moderator (an idea which the other mods had all rejected).

The recorded audio took a great deal of editing, to make the published version a lot more coherent than the original really was. There were many long pauses, hesitations, ramblings, and stumblings. Corey stated that he was on quite heavy pain medication, was on disability, had problems with his memory, and had not been working for quite a while. (He lied about this later, publicly claiming that he’d been earning a ‘six figure income’. This was a flat-out falsehood.) I have all the original raw audio archived.

All this time, he’d been continuing to make valid and interesting contributions to the forum. It seemed as if he might know something, somehow, but by the time we reached December 2014 it was clear that he was damaged or compromised in some way.

Further problems appeared that same month, when it became known that Corey was ‘counseling’ over 30 Milabs (military abductees), despite being quite unqualified to do anything of the sort. The forum has a duty of protection, as Milabs are real people with often real and very serious problems, that need the most expert help.

We didn’t know who all these people were, as Corey was doing this behind the scenes using the forum as a kind of catchment area. We received a report from one person (a current forum member) who’d been shocked, appalled and angered that Corey had totally (and sensationally) misrepresented her story to myself. That’s all documented, also.

His wife Stacy then joined the forum, with username SilverPhoenix. All her posts can be searched for. For reasons unknown, she made an incorrect statement in a forum post that I’d been a member of the Church of Scientology: she cited the wrong ‘Bill Ryan’ in her ‘research’ — an American, an older person, and certainly not myself.

I edited her post to correct it — quite mildly — but as circumstance would have it, I was already late for an appointment and had to leave before I could PM her to let her know why I’d made the edit. I returned 4 hours later to find that all hell had broken loose, and that she was protesting she’d been ‘censored’.

Corey took her side in the ensuing fracas, while Stacy continued to vent, very much out of control. In one of her several very long posts she revealed that Corey had been in extensive contact with higher authorities — one of whom was a ‘senior member of the Church of Scientology’, which might raise an eyebrow or two — to assemble a ‘dossier’ on me and one other unnamed person that extended to over 70 pages. All this can be read in detail on this thread: (Very possibly connected with this, Corey had a couple months earlier been granted security access to the FBI database, and could use this to check up on any person he wanted — something he Skyped to me in person.)

The ensuing firefight, all of which was instigated by Stacy and Corey, resulted in Stacy being unsubscribed, at which point Corey left of his own accord. He was never banned from the forum.

What happened after that was that Corey opened a blog page, now taken down by him (but all of which has been archived), which was brimming with falsehoods and a deliberate, concerted attempt to smear Avalon publicly.

Coincidentally with that, he was now talking with David Wilcock, recounting a suddenly highly polished, enhanced and embellished version of the hesitant and fragmented story he’d told Christine. I wrote to David to warn him of the documented history, but he was not interested. (Kerry also tried to warn David, but that, too, was not heeded.)

I have correspondence from one person who claimed to be intel-connected (this is unproven, and there are reasons to doubt this, which is entirely another story) that Corey had, in January 2015, been recorded under surveillance, without his knowledge or permission, and had been planning with Stacy, in their home, what story to invent to tell David Wilcock. (His webcam and computer audio had been remotely activated, something we all now know is simple for the agencies to do.)

Again, this is unproven, but the claim was credible. It seemed that Corey was seeking stardom (he needed the money, very urgently), and that while the intel agencies knew exactly what was happening — they often do, of course — they were quietly sanctioning all this, as it played right into their agenda.

It seems quite possible that Corey had NOT been instructed to go public with invented or embellished stories, but that when he did, he received full, passive ‘support’. (Or — the entire roll-out of events might have been pre-programmed, just like setting up the cycle on a washing machine. This can be done, too.)

The same person who reported the existence of the surveillance video shared a screenshot of a Skype text chat with Corey, in which Corey confirmed that he was ‘now on the pay roll’, and referred to 'a superior'. What exactly that means is quite an interesting question.

Even though this summary is a long one, there’s not nearly enough room here to dissect his claims about the Secret Space Program, the ‘Blue Avians’, how he was a kind of selected special envoy to major multilateral United-Nations-style ET meetings, the 100 Jupiter-sized spheres that he claimed were in the Solar system (of course invisible, and undetectable by any known means), and ridiculous extremes like the Hollow Earth.

Even his claim to have been age-regressed and memory-wiped was a direct copy-and-paste of the extraordinary (but plausible and well-documented) claim by Michael Relfe from a decade and a half earlier.

As I've explained previously, if he’d really had the experiences he claimed, he’d never be allowed to talk. (Kerry and I were told that genuine Camelot whistleblower Henry Deacon (real name Arthur Neumann), after his impromptu public statement on stage with Bob Dean at the July 2009 Barcelona Exopolitics Conference that he had been to Mars, “would never be allowed to talk about that again”: a prediction, or a warning, that appears to have been very accurate.)

As I’ve also mentioned elsewhere, one might imagine the possibility of Ed Snowden having his own show on Gaia. It'd never happen: he’d be marched away in handcuffs within hours of appearing at the studio.

The extremely strong likelihood is that Corey is, as they say, ‘damaged goods’. (As Richard Dolan said to Jimmy Church, rather in exasperation: “I think that there's something desperately wrong with some of these individuals who come out as so-called whistleblowers. There's something not right about them.”)

The same is very likely to be true of many claimed whistleblowers, of course, notably quite a few that have been showcased on Miles Johnston’s ‘Bases’ series, but also elsewhere. Some are allowed to talk (i.e. they’re not stopped or punished), but the agencies know full-well that they’re already compromised with implanted false memories, so the result is opportunistically convenient public disinformation.

People who really tell the exact truth about highly sensitive material are usually silenced pretty quickly — somehow. In 2008, I lost a good friend, who spoke out. His name was Jon Danner. One of the nicest people on God's Earth.

Jon had recorded a short audio message that Kerry and I played at a conference, announcing that he was planning to 'come out' to tell his astonishing true story live, in person, over the coming months.

He was in perfect health, but collapsed and died three weeks later, while Christmas shopping with his family.

Jon's grieving wife said this to me in a phone call: He didn't want to be famous, he didn't want money. He just wanted to help everyone.

Anyone who is still of value to the agencies or the military, and is a valuable functioning asset as part of a classified program, would never be allowed to go public. With one or two possible exceptions among those who have ever claimed anything of note, it’s only the malfunctioning former insiders who have ever said their piece and lived to tell the tale.

That doesn’t mean those people aren’t genuine: it just means that their testimony may well be flawed.

To reference one of the final scenes from the first Jason Bourne movie, when Bourne tracks down his former handler and demands to know who he really is, he’s told:
“You’re US government property. You’re a malfunctioning 30 million dollar weapon. You're a total goddamn catastrophe, and by God, if it kills me, you're going to tell me how this happened." There’s a great deal of truth in those lines.
Does this mean that there may be grains of truth in some of Corey’s claims? Yes, of course that’s possible. But the point is that, as with all disinformation (= part truth, part falsehood), the unsavory mix is almost valueless for research purposes, and its intention is always to confuse and muddy the waters, until no-one can see where they’re going any more.

Disinformation is one of the agencies’ most useful weapons, it’s pretty clever, and it almost always works to plan. (That's why there's such a lot of it!)

Some of Corey’s claims may be founded in fact (the Secret Space Program is a reality, of course, and there are good reasons to believe it’s really very advanced), some of his claims may be consciously fictionalized (there are strong reasons to suspect this), and yet some other details may well be implants. (Meaning, overlaid pseudo-realities injected under pain of hypnosis, electronics, and/or drugs.)

The reality may be a mix of those three. One piece of data, to be analyzed in any way by anyone who cares to, is Corey’s post here, in which he 'doesn't buy' the idea that he was ever a Milab. (He changed his mind, later. Or, maybe, his 'mind was changed', as it were.)

* Omnisense already posted this and quite a bit else, but what he contributed appears to have been overlooked.

An asset who’s more ideal still is someone who’s presenting disinformation, but is totally sincere and believes everything they’re saying. Andy Basiago is a perfect example, but this, too, is another story. This does not seem to be the case with Corey. It’s known and documented that he’s well-capable of conscious deceit…. and the only question, really, is where that stops.

For all these reasons, and quite a few more, the Avalon moderators (and almost everyone who’s been following this saga closely) cannot support Corey's claims or in any way hold them of value.

There are reasons why the 2014-2015 Secret Space Program Conference organizers didn’t invite him or any other claimed whistleblowers to present their story. Their stance, which they explained publicly, is that whistleblowers simply can't be relied on, wholesale, to provide reliable information. (In passing, they also revealed that Corey had tried to organize many of his followers to lobby on his behalf for him to be a speaker.)

Their stated position was that the safest way through the morass of misinformation and disinformation was to support serious document research — an approach which Joseph Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts endorse very strongly — rather than wild, unverifiable, uncorroborated testimony and rumor, which is currently proliferating everywhere and is of little or no serious research value.

My intention to make all this clear mirrors Richard Dolan's own exasperation, that so many people are taken in by this and other similar claims that are benefiting no-one except those who (a) want to deceive us, and (b) want to cause friction and factionalization in the alt community.

I'm no-one's enemy here. But, I am a friend of the truth. (And, fully on record, so is Kerry Cassidy. As best I know, she agrees with everything I've stated here, though some of the details of Corey's earlier interaction with the Avalon community she may not be fully aware of.)

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April 29th, 2017: Minor grammar corrections where made to the introductory portion of this article. And in an earlier version of this article, it was apparently unclear if Stillness in the Storm was for or against Corey Goode—some felt we were. Changes in the text have been made to further clarify our position of impartiality.

April 29th, 2017: Additional grammar corrections were made to this article. 
Question -- What is the goal of this website? Why do we share different sources of information that sometimes conflicts or might even be considered disinformation? 
Answer -- The primary goal of Stillness in the Storm is to help all people become better truth-seekers in a real-time boots-on-the-ground fashion. This is for the purpose of learning to think critically, discovering the truth from within—not just believing things blindly because it came from an "authority" or credible source. Instead of telling you what the truth is, we share information from many sources so that you can discern it for yourself. We focus on teaching you the tools to become your own authority on the truth, gaining self-mastery, sovereignty, and freedom in the process. We want each of you to become your own leaders and masters of personal discernment, and as such, all information should be vetted, analyzed and discerned at a personal level. We also encourage you to discuss your thoughts in the comments section of this site to engage in a group discernment process. 

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." – Aristotle

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Stillness in the Storm, the authors who contribute to it, or those who follow it. 

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