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The Dragon Bloodlines and the Divine Kingship -- Extraterrestrial Origins of Elitism

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The notion that extraterrestrials have interfered with, or even taken over the Earth is an idea that crosses many cultural barriers. Within Abrahamic religions, the fallen messengers of God (the angels) corrupted man when they fell to Earth. Within the Sumerian histories, the Anunnaki gods ruled over humanity before the great flood. One insider even claims that over 60 different extraterrestrial groups maintain 22 different genetic, social, and spiritual programs on Earth, some of which are thousands of years old. What if the evidence of manipulation was more apparent than we've allowed ourselves to realize? What if the idea of elitism—personal power over others and the divine right to rule—was part of an extraterrestrial propaganda agenda—so successful—that nearly every civilization on Earth was affected by it?

Whether the concept of rulership over others came from beyond the Earth or not is debatable. 

But what cannot be refuted is the destructive nature of rulership over others—an affront to free will and the inherent sovereignty of conscious beings. 

A slave is defined as a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. When a ruler claims to have the right to force others to obey them, he is effectively claiming ownership over others, claiming to be a master of all other people who are slaves by definition.

What this means is that any form of government that places obligations on the citizenry without gaining their express consent is a system of slavery. The governments of today—evolved from the slave-based elite societies of the past—compel the people to obey under the guise of patriotism and loyalty to the state. 

But in the end, no matter what the society looks like or the justification is, when one person or group claims the right to force others to obey them—and the people comply—that society is enslaved by an elite.

The Law of One or Ra Material are 106 channelled sessions, brought forward in the early 80s through the work of a group of mediums for L/L Research. The material is regarded as some of the most accurately channelled information in history. The extraterrestrial entity, Ra, when asked about a nefarious group the Orion Crusaders, said that their technique or strategy for conquering new worlds doesn't involve the use of incredible weapon systems, massive invasion forces, or physical oppression of the local people. They exploit ideas as the "weapons" of war. Here is an excerpt of interest:
7.14 Questioner: I’ll just ask about Orion. You mentioned Orion as a source of some of the contacts of UFOs. Can you tell me something of that contact, its purpose?

Ra: I am Ra. Consider, if you will, a simple example of intentions which are bad/good. This example is Adolf. This is your vibratory sound complex. The intention is to presumably unify by choosing the distortion complex called elite from a social memory complex and then enslaving, by various effects, those who are seen as the distortion of not-elite. There is then the concept of taking the social memory complex thus weeded and adding it to a distortion thought of by the so-called Orion group as an empire. The problem facing them is that they face a great deal of random energy released by the concept of separation. This causes them to be vulnerable as the distortions amongst their own members are not harmonized.
Wading through some of the terminology, Ra says "The intention is to presumably unify by choosing the distortion complex called elite from a social memory complex and then enslaving, by various effects, those who are seen as the distortion of not-elite." The idea of elitism itself is transmitted to an evolving world like ours. And then, by appealing to egoism of the leadership, elitist philosophies become dominant in the ruling classes. 

The idea that someone has a right to tell another person what to do is an elitist concept, whether based on blood, wealth, intelligence, or what have you. And in taking up this form of organizing society, that civilization becomes enslaved to the Orions. Thus, the Earth was "taken over" by extraterrestrials long ago—since the beginning of modern human history when elitist-kingdoms became the standard. 

It is also asserted in the Law of One that the extraterrestrial crusaders or conquerors are prevented from outright conquest due to the preservation of free will under divine law. Furthermore, gross enslavement and conquest require incredible amounts of energy and resources to maintain. It is far easier to get people to enslave themselves and then begin to feed on that culture when it is ready. This is essentially what happened to the Earth.

In the past, when critical thinking and education was less common, the idea of the divine right to rule via bloodline was widely accepted. 

In the very distant past, these rights were associated with off-world beings that came down from heaven to appoint leaders amongst the children of men. The kings of Sumer were of this type. But over the centuries, rights of kingship were associated with deities and religions, like Christendom's kings being anointed by the Holy Roman Church. Furthermore, the Vatican is an elitist organization that claims to have the divine right of ministership over all creatures via various doctrines and bulls

Today, the divine right to rule or elitist methods of organizing society have changed to a more meritocratic system. Social Darwinism emerged in the 1880s to replace rulership claims in association with deity. Under this modern day system, the cultural dogma is that people can—through hard work and dedication—advance up the ranks of social prestige to one day become a player in managing the world. 

For example, the American democracy is a modern-day version of an elitist society, where the "average Joe" can work hard to become President of the United States. Participation-based elitist societies are very successful because the people believe they are playing a part in managing it, and as such, they're much more loyal and even love their self-imposed slave status as citizens of the state. But of course, there are powers behind democratically appointed leaders (plutocrats and oligarchs)—and the premise of ruling over others by popular vote is still congruent with the elitist philosophy.

Finally, there is rulership by wealth—another elitist system. Various financial powers of the world have, through the destruction of public trust and dishonorable social policies, amassed great wealth. Through the use of representative monetary systems, the people define their values and wealth based on money and its influence. 

The average person sees money as an indicator of success and standing—how much one has determines their influences in setting public policy. Whether a central banker like the Rothschilds or someone who has become rich through other means, wealth inequality ensures those who have money tell people who don't—what to do. If you don't get in line and follow the rules of the herd, you can't earn a living. Money is used as the thing that compels people to obey their masters. 

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Through the use of elitist philosophies that are inherently self-serving, extraterrestrials engender parasitic ways of life in civilizations on Earth. Whether humanity's chosen social order is that of kingship (monarchy), wealth (plutocracy and oligarchy), or popularity (democracy) doesn't matter—there's always an elite ruling over the non-elite. 

Even democracy is an elitist social system. The people "vote" a leader into office who is given the power to tell the citizens what to do. And if they don't comply, they are subjected to punishments. 

Here are some more excerpts from the Law of One that underscore the notion of elitism as a weapon of enslavement.
8.14 Questioner: What do the Orion group have— what’s the objective with respect to the conquest of the Orion group?

Ra: I am Ra. As we have said previously, their objective is to locate certain mind/body/spirit complexes which vibrate in resonance with their own vibrational complex, then to enslave the un-elite, as you may call those who are not of the Orion vibration.

11.18 Questioner: Then we have crusaders from Orion coming to this planet for mind control purposes. How do they do this?

Ra: As all, they follow the Law of One observing free will. Contact is made with those who call. Those then upon the planetary sphere act much as do you to disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of their particular understanding of the Law of One which is service to self. These become the elite. Through these, the attempt begins to create a condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their own free will.
This last passage describes how this process of conquest takes place for the Orions. They, through the dissemination of elitist philosophies, convince the leaders of Earth to use the elitist model for managing society. Then, over generations of time, society is reshaped to become more elitist/enslaved—eventually forming a parasitic ruling class that produces nothing but absorbs the bulk of energy and resources produced by the enslaved civilization. 

The rulers become dictators who have well-nigh absolute power over the people. Through the occultation (hiding) of knowledge and the encouragement of ignorance and idleness, the people become increasingly dependent on their rulers to manage society. 

Once this process has matured, the extraterrestrial controllers begin to tap into these resources through various means. As evidence of this latter point, consider the testimony of several insiders as well as documentation that suggests President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed treaties with extraterrestrials wherein he gave them permission to abduct human beings in exchange for technology.

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According to various fringe sources of information, whether from insiders, channeled sources, or declassified documents, the "alien invasion" happened a long time ago. Actually, multiple invasions took place. According to the Law of One, the Orion group made significant headway in approximately 1500 BC, when an explosion of elitist societies blossomed and conquest of other nation states was common place.

The following article describes some of these elitist societies that should be familiar to most readers.

In our efforts to end the madness of the past and restore order and freedom to our darkened world, we would do well to think outside the boxes of consciousness that were placed on the planet eons ago. 

What cannot be denied is that elitist philosophies have been in use for all of known human history. Whether these came from extraterrestrials or not is unclear. But what is abundantly clear is that in order to gain real freedom, we must learn and begin to use philosophies of non-elitism, philosophies where all people and their rights are upheld as sacred. Where each person has the right to contribute to society, and no one has the right to force another to do their will.

In short, true freedom transcends kingship and the fallacious concept of the divine right to rule.

- Justin

(Amarushka) The all-important element of the Divine Right is that it comes from God, or ‘the gods’, alternately. And who were these gods?

Source - Humans Are Free

by Amarushka, Sedona's Dragon Kin, January 

Authors such as Zecharia Sitchin (The Complete Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles), Sir Laurence Gardner and Nicholas de Vere are authoritatively convinced that kingship was created by an advanced race of beings called the Anunnaki, also called the Nephilim in the Old Testament.

These were the ones who created the human race and interbred with a portion of it to create the kingly caste which until this day has still maintained control over the Earth.

These celestial creatures have been variously identified with Dragons, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Leprechauns, Sprites, Nymphs, Pixies, Angels, Demons, Devils, Witches, Giants, Vampires, Werewolves, and just about every mythical being you can imagine.

Some, like Gardner and Sitchin, claim that they come from another planet. Others, like de Vere, say that they're multi-dimensional, or that they’re from the Hollow Earth.” — The Biological Basis of Elitism and Divine Right Rule

Early Sumeria and the Origins of Kingship

One of the interesting items from the archives of the Dragon Court was the origin of the word 'kingship'. It derives from the very earliest of Sumerian culture wherein 'kingship' was identical with 'kinship' - and 'kin' means 'blood relative'.

In its original form, 'kinship' was 'Kainship'.

And the first King of the Messianic Dragon succession was the biblical 'C(Kain)', head of the Sumerian House of Kish.

"On recognizing this, one can immediately see the first anomaly in the tradition of the Genesis story, for the historical line from David to Jesus was not from Adam and Eve's son, Seth, at all.

It was from Eve's son Cain, whose recorded successors (although given little space in the Old Testament) were the first great Kings (or Kains) of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

According to the Dragon tradition, the importance of Cain was that he was directly produced by Enki [Satan] and Ava [Eve], so his blood was three quarters Anunnaki.

His half brothers Hevel and Satanael (better known as Abel and Seth) were less than half Anunnaki, being the offspring of Ateba and Ava (Adam and Eve).

We can now progress our story by considering the oldest Grant of Arms in sovereign history - the Grant of Arms which denoted the Messianic Dragon Bloodline for all time.

The Sumerians referred to this insignia as the Gra-al... From biblical history, we know it better as the 'Mark of Cain'." — Laurence Gardner

Sumerian and Babylonian King-Lists reveal the belief that “kingship” was “sent down” from “heaven” - decreed by the gods.

Many indigenous antic cultures followed the same tradition, including the Xiongnu, Scythians and Saka. Dynastic lists of pre-diluvial Sumerian kings were later re-catalogued in Babylon by Priest-Scribes.

The Egyptians also produced and monumentalized King-Lists, documenting the lineage of the Houses of their God-Kings in stone for all of Eternity. A name remembered was an afterlife assured.

The Dragon King was known as the King of Kings and his symbol, Draco, represented his succession through the Egyptian pharaohs, the Egyptian Therapeutae, the Qumran Essenes to the Merovingian kings of Europe.

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"The kings of the early succession (who reigned in Sumer and Egypt before becoming kings of Israel) were anointed upon coronation with the fat of the Dragon (the sacred crocodile).

This noble beast was referred to in Egypt as the Messeh (from which derived the Hebrew verb 'to anoint'), and the kings of this dynastic succession were always referred to as 'Dragons', or 'Messiahs' (meaning 'Anointed Ones').

In times of battle, when the armies of different kingdoms were conjoined, an overall leader was chosen and he was called the 'Great Dragon' (the 'King of Kings') - or, as we better know the name in its old Celtic form, the 'Pendragon'.

In pictorial representation, the Messianic Dragon was, in essence, a large-jawed serpent with four legs, very much like a crocodile or a monitor. This was the Sacred Messeh whose name was 'Draco.'

Draco was a divine emblem of the Egyptian pharaohs, a symbol of the Egyptian Therapeutate, of the Essenes of Qumran, and was the Bistea Neptunis (the sea serpent) of the descendant Merovingian Fisher-Kings in Europe." — Laurence Gardner

“Through the work of Sir Laurence Gardener we discover that Sumaire in the old Irish language means Dragon.

He writes:

‘It is also reckoned that the subsequent culture of the region, phonetically called Sumerian (pronounced ‘Shumerian’) was actually Sidhemurian (Shee-murian). This case is now considerable since the early Ring Lords of Scythia , the Tuatha De Danaan king tribe were actually called the ‘Sumaire’.'

During the days of the Biblical Great Exodus, a group separated from Moses and went to the North. This group was the Tribe of Dann.

Millions went and settled in the European and Scandinavian areas. From there they spread out to other parts of the world, conquering the countries, spreading their Anunnaki seed and replacing the conquered people’s traditions with their own serpent culture.” — The Tribe of Dann and the Lost Tribe of Israel

The Canaanite territory of northern Israel was later occupied by the tribe of Dan, whose worship of Baal/Pan involved such fertility rites at Mount Hermon, also called Mount Sion.

Merovingians are the offspring of the tribe of Dan which intermarried with the Canaanite Tuatha De Danann, also known as the Dragon Lords of Anu because they were said to be the offspring of the fallen angels (Anunnaki).

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When God dispersed the northern tribes for their wickedness, the tribe of Dan migrated to Greece, and later to France and the British Isles where they established pagan priesthoods and royal dynasties of the demonic bloodline:

“The Tuatha De Danann (or Dragon Lords of Anu)... [before settling in Ireland (from about 800 B.C.)]... were the... Black Sea princes of Scythia (now Ukrane).

Like the original dynastic Pharaohs, they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia; from them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland’s Caledonia.

In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd, while in Cornwall in the southwest of England, they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe.

So, from a single caste of the original Blood Royal - whether known as the Sangréal, the Albi-gens or the Ring Lords - we discover many of the descriptive terms which sit at the very heart of popular folklore.

For here, in this one noble race, we have the ‘elves’, ‘fairies’ and ‘pixies’ - not beguiling little folk, but distinguished Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession.” — Laurence Gardner, Realm of the Ring Lords

In ‘The Psalter of Cashel’ it states that:

‘The Tuatha de Danaan’ ruled in Ireland for about two centuries, and were highly skilled in architecture and other arts from their long residence in Greece.’ The Tuatha de Danaan were the descendants of Danaus, the son of Belus, who went with his fifty daughters to Argos, the home of his ancestors Io.

In Irish legends the Tuatha de Danaan, who were considered to be demigods,... were said to have possessed a... Grail-like vessel... These teachers of wisdom... were the founders of the Druidic priesthood.” — Van Buren, The Sign of the Dove

In Europe and the British Isles, the Dragon lineage intermarried with the royal families and became sovereigns.

The Pendragons

The Druidic Dragon King or Pendragon, also called the King of Kings, was chosen by a Council of Elders to rule over all the kingdoms.

"Cymbeline was the 'Pendragon' of mainland Britain during Jesus's lifetime. The Pendragon, or 'Head Dragon of the Island'... was the King-of-Kings and 'Guardian of the Celtic Isle'.

The title was not dynastic; Pendragons were appointed from Celtic royal stock by a Druidic council of elders.

The concept of the dragon in Celtic mythology emerged directly from the holy crocodile (the Messeh) of the ancient Egyptians. The Pharaohs were anointed with crocodile fat, and thereby attained the fortitude of the Messeh (Thus Messiah - Anointed One).

The image of the intrepid Messeh evolved to become the Dragon, which in turn became emblematic of mighty kingship.

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The Celtic Kings in Britain were called 'dragons' in the ancient Messeh tradition as intrepid guardians. But there were many separate kingdoms in those days before England gained an overall monarch in Saxon times.

It was therefore necessary to appoint a King-of-Kings - a High King to preside overall, and to lead combined armies from different tribal areas.

The first Pendragon (Head Dragon/High King) was Cymbeline.

Columba... in 574, had crowned and anointed King Aedan mac Gabran of Dalriada (Celtic Pendragon and father of King Arthur) - the first British monarch to be installed by priestly ordination - and this greatly upset the Church of Rome." — Laurence Gardner

The Merovingians

The Druidic Pendragon was passed on to the Merovingian kings in 666 A.D.:

"The Celtic Pendragons were not father-to-son successors in a particular descent, but were chosen from various reigning dragon families and individually elected by a druidic council of elders to be the King of Kings.

The last Pendragon was Cadwaladr of Gwynedd, who died in A.D. 664. At around that time much of Britain fell to the Germanic influence of the invading Anglo-Saxon and Angle-land (England) was born as distinct from Scotland and Wales." — Laurence Gardner

"In 666, probably still in Ireland, Dagobert married Mathilde, a Celtic princess." — Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

"The Merovingian kings were noted sorcerers in the manner of the Samaritan Magi" — Laurence Gardner, Bloodline of the Holy Grail

The term “Merovingian” is said to derive from Merovee, King of the Franks from 447-458 A.D.

According to the legend, as explained in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Merovee had two fathers, King Clodion and a strange “beast of the sea.”

“Despite the carefully listed genealogies of his time, the heritage of Meroveus was strangely obscured in the monastic annals. Although the rightful son of Clodion, he was nonetheless said by the historian Priscus to have been sired by an arcane sea creature, the Bistea Neptunis.

The Sicambrian Franks, from whose female line the Merovingians emerged were associated with Grecian Arcadia before migrating to the Rhineland. As we have seen, they called themselves the Newmage - ‘People of the New Covenant’, just as the Essenes of Qumran had once been known.

It was the Arcadian legacy that was responsible for the mysterious sea beast - the Bistea Neptunis - as symbolically defined in the Merovingian ancestry. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas, a god of old Arcadia.

The immortal sea-lord was said to be ‘'ever-incarnate in a dynasty of ancient kings’ whose symbol was a fish - as was the traditional symbol of Jesus.” — Laurence Gardner, Bloodline of the Holy Grail

The legend of King Merovee conceals the TRUE origins of the Merovingian race in remote antiquity.

“Meroveus” derives from the French words “mer” meaning “sea” and “Vere” meaning “werewolf” or “dragon.”

The book of Revelation informs us that the dragon is “the Devil, and Satan,” hence the esoteric allusion to the Merovingians’ progenitor, King Merovee, a king of France sired by a mysterious “beast of the sea,” is a claim that the Merovingian dynasty has literal Satanic descent:

"There was a very great 'Jewish' component among the Sicambrian Franks/Merovingians and, because they practiced polygamy (another Merovingian peculiarity) they left a great number of offspring.

These aristocratic Merovingian children married into almost all of the noble families of Europe during the 5th, 6th, and 7th centuries. This has prompted more than one historian to suggest that the foundation of European nobility is Jewish!" — Michael Bradley, Holy Grail Across the Atlantic

"There are at least a dozen families in Britain and Europe today - with numerous collateral branches - who are of Merovingian lineage. These include the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine... Plantar, Luxembourg, Monetized, Montes que, and various others.

According to the 'Prewar documents' the Sinclair family in Britain is also allied to the bloodline, as are various branches of the Stu arts... In many of its documents the Sion asserts that the new king, in accordance with Merovingian tradition, would 'rule but not govern'.

In other words he would be a priest-king who functions primarily in a ritual and symbolic capacity; and the actual business of governing would be handled by someone else - conceivably by the Priori de Sion." — Baigent, Michael, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, Holy Blood, Holy Grail

After the Merovingian dynasty was deposed by the Roman Church in 800 AD, their demonic bloodline was preserved by the “Imperial and Royal Dragon Court” which conspired to regain control of the Holy Roman Empire through infiltration of Church and State.

Their insignia was the dragon in the form of a circle and a red cross - the Rosy Cross of the Priori de Sion, the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians.

“When the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court was reconstituted by King Sigismund in 1408 as the Societas Draconis, it was based upon an ancient bloodline tradition which Sigismund assumed that he had inherited from his presumed Egyptian and Scythian ancestors through the Pictish, Dragon Princess Maelasanu of Northumbria and the Ancient and Original Angevin Royal House of Vere of Anjou, the Imperial Dukes of Angiers.

This line had descended through the Tuatha de Danaan (the Dragon Kings of Anu) on the one hand, and the Egyptian Dragon Dynasty of Sobek on the other. The latter strain included the bloodline of the Davidic House of Judah who married into the descent of the Merovingian Kings of the Franks.

In 1408 (when Britain was in her Plantagenet era), the Dragon Court was formally reconstituted as a sovereign body at a time of wars and general political turmoil.

The founding document... stated that members of the Court might wear the insignia of a dragon in curved into a circle, with a red cross - the very emblem of the original Rosicrosse which had identified the Grail succession from before 3000 B.C.” — Laurence Gardner, Genesis of the Grail Kings

The Merovingian dynasty still maintains its legitimacy and will one day openly assert the divine right of their nobility to rule the world as an angelic race of demigods, whose ancestors were the fallen angels.

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King of Scots

Robert the Bruce was far more than an "early Scottish King."

He was a high born Merovingian:
  • Priest-King of the Celtic Church
  • Liberator of Scotland from England
  • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar
  • Founder of the Order of the Rosy Cross
"In 1307... under the auspices of Robert the Bruce and the excommunicated clergy, the Order was restructured into a Church, with a hierarchy quite independent of Rome. The Templar Church had abbots, priests, and even bishops.

The Knights began to train the army of Robert the Bruce in the hit-and-run tactics of warfare established in the Crusades.

The Roman Church may have betrayed the Templars, but in Scotland they found something far more trustworthy and tangible: a sacred royal house and a Priest-King of the Celtic Church succession.

The King of Scots was installed as the hereditary Sovereign Grand Master, and from that time, whichever descending King held that office, he was to be known as 'Saint Germain.'

A new Order was then formed, called the Elder Brothers of the Rosy Cross, and several of the Rosy Cross Knights then sailed to France for a meeting with Pope John XXII at Avignon.

Many historians have presumed therefore that the Knights Templars must have disbanded in Scotland, but this was not the case; it was simply that Bruce had contrived the secret Order to become even more secretive.

Indeed, the Order of the Knights of the Rosy Cross had been established by Bruce for Templars who had been valiant at Bannockburn, and this was a very successful cover." — Prince Michael Stewart, The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland.
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