Thursday, December 29, 2016

Putin Tours Anti-Aging Research Facility in St. Petersburg -- Partial Disclosure of SSP Technology?

by Justin Deschamps

Anti-aging technology or the fountain of youth has long been desired by human beings. Various explorers looked for how to make it a reality, such as the Spanish conquistador Ponce de León. Several Secret Space Program (SSP) insiders have said that this technology has been developed behind closed doors, capable of extending life and enhancing cognitive function (IQ). Recently, disclosures in the media have given credence to the claim that this technology has already been developed in secret.

Recently, the diabetic drug Metformin was featured in several news segments discussing its anti-aging effects. The Tucker Carlson show on Fox News had a piece about Russia's President Vladimir Putin allegedly developing the drug. Putin visited the Biocad plant in St. Petersburg where scientists claim to have developed a drug that can extend life up to 130 years. The Lip also had a segment about life extension drugs.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin today toured a Russian factory which is working on anti-ageing pills.

Of an anti-ageing breakthrough, scientist Alexander Karabelsk told Putin and Nazarbayev: 'We are expecting the first results within a year.

'Our goal is not to extend life but more to allow a person to improve the quality of life and feel younger in the older years.'

Such therapy should help reduce risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer which are the two main causes of mortality worldwide.

Should the clinical trials be successful, youth pills would allow increase life to 130 years in just 20 or 30 years, the two presidents were told. - (source)
William Tompkins is a Secret Space Program insider who has brought forward a wealth of testimony regarding his involvement in secret projects over the course of 70 years. He began working in several secret think tanks before the end of World War Two, and continues to be involved with highly classified operations. Tompkins was instructed to begin disclosing aspects of these projects by superiors that remain hidden to this day. Selected by Extraterrestrials was released in late 2015 and is the first volume of a series of autobiographical books he intends to release over the coming years.

According to Tompkins, anti-aging programs were developed at TRW in secret think tanks with the help of Nordic extraterrestrials. In an interview he gave in mid 2016, at for the online series Cosmic Disclosure, he said that one could receive treatments in the form of three or four injections or pills that would immediately increase cognitive function by up to 400% while also regressing a person's age. For men, they would regress to about the age of 29 and women would go back to 21. 

Apparently aspects of this project were also used to develop the Twenty-and-Back program that involved the use of age-regression technology. Participants would do a 20-year tour of duty in highly classified projects, return to a facility and receive treatments for several days or weeks that would return them back to the age they joined. Their memory would be wiped and they would be deposited back into their lives prior to the point they were recruited.

As fantastic as this sounds, Putin's tour of the facility in St. Petersburg and the drug Melformin suggest that this technology is real and exists. What emerges in the public arena is often a pale reflection of what exists within deep-black highly classified projects. 

Negentropic effects are not new and accounts from antiquity and modern times of people regressing their age and restoring biological function are replete within fringe fields of research. Perhaps now that anti-aging drugs are increasingly being disclosed in the media, the idea will be regarded with less skepticism.

But this news could also be part of a limited or partial disclosure agenda, pushed by less altruistic factions of the SSP that wish to maintain control over humanity during this time of transition. 

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- Justin

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