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Mark Passio: Hidden Satanic Thinking in Society and Changing the World by Taking Responsibility

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Activist, anarchist, and educator Mark Passio shares how the tenets of Satanism are active within society, hidden behind consumerism, narcissism, and the modern-day value system. He also discusses the solution of taking responsibility as the way to change the status quo.

Passio raises the distinction between nescience and ignorance. Nescience is the inability for an individual to gain knowledge of something because there is not a venue to do so. A woman trapped on a desert island can't understand what is happening in the news because she has no access to it. Ignorance is the willful rejection or avoidance of information in an effort to sidestep taking responsibility. In the world today, many people have developed methods of avoiding the truth because it would likely compel them to change themselves and the world around them. As an example, ignorance insofar as the destructive nature of modern-day society, specifically with respect to the production of trash and toxic waste, allows consumers to feel good about buying products that destroy the environment.

The slavery systems on Earth based on mind control and social engineering, require a willfully ignorant population. Criminal and harmful actions whether minor, like a man shoplifting, or grander, like pedophilia require a cloak of darkness to carry out. Thus, the would-be masters of humanity work from both sides by traumatizing the masses, so they avoid truth in an effort to maintain emotional stability, while also engendering a social fabric that relishes ignorance. "Ignorance is bliss" is a common phrase and value system. Large portions of society have been indoctrinated into a culture of indifference and narcissism—wherein it is socially attractive to ignore and downplay the suffering and hardship of our fellows. Even turning a blind eye to criminal activity has become socially popular and the norm.

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In a general sense, given that this is the age of information, ignorance is a choice. But on the other hand, one cannot ignore the realities of trauma and social conditioning. Also, information saturation in the media and ever-growing demands on the citizens of society to maintain social ties through various time-consuming forums makes the choice of ignorance all the more tempting. It is easier to scroll through social media outlets looking for entertainment than it is to research the horrors like human trafficking that tend to rouse one out of their sense of complacency. Thus, the control system is both forced and participatory, wherein offers to remain ignorant are abundantly provided to the people along with the culture of indifference. When an individual seeks their own comfort at the cost of harming others, a satanic ideology has been taken up.

Passio contends that ignorance, and not nescience, is one of the primary causal factors for the world's problems. However, one cannot ignore the fact that various forms of soft and hard trauma-based conditioning compels most people to avoid information that would disturb their sense of equanimity. As a result, while one should not downplay the reality that willful ignorance is a major facet one should also acknowledge that truth-seeking is often not appealing from a place of emotional disquiet. The greater the level of trauma the less likely one is to venture into the unknown to find the whole truth. Generally speaking, only the most stalwart individuals can muster the courage to seek knowledge while also suffering trauma. Nevertheless, as a people, the encouragement of others to look for the truth and take responsibility is a must. Arguably one of the best ways to inspire this drive is to lead by example.

By taking responsibility, an individual dispels their ignorance and prepares themselves to one day become a force for change and freedom. The masters of humanity rule by intimidation, fear and trauma. Thus, by doing the inner work one can heal their traumas and help others find the courage to do the same.

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- Justin

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