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#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC 1 & Legalizing Pedophilia

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The "shadow" side of truth can give one an unpleasant and often disturbing feeling—but I would argue this is a healthy initial reaction. There are so many horrors happening daily on our beautiful planet that continue because we don't know about them. Only by shining our light into the darkness can it's power of transmutation and organization—justice and ending suffering—take place.

Update: Some of the videos below were removed from Youtube since this article was originally published.

For those of you brave enough to seek the whole truth, I rejoice and am moved to tears. We need to care enough about these things so we can empower ourselves to take action.

Now is the time to end the madness that has marred our beautiful blue planet for millennia. You are Gaia's spiritual warriors. One day we will be victorious, as the power of a single flame in a room can wipe away the darkness therein.

Please share this truth with others compassionately so we can stop these crimes once and for all.

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- Justin

Published on Nov 21, 2016

This is the complete and definitive documentary on the Pizza Gate Pedophilia Scandal involving John & Tony Podesta, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the DNC, Andrew Kline and Arun Rao of the DOJ, David Brock of Media Matters, and many more.
Video courtesy of Titus Frost

For further research all the links have been compiled on my steemit blog:

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Legalizing Pedophilia

by Max Resistance, October 2015

Recently Youtube has allowed an outpouring of sympathy towards the legalization of Pedophilia. Less we forget it was not so long ago we would never have considered the legalization of Marijuana, yet today we see it happening. Don’t forget we though we would never see legalization of Gay Marriage. The depth and scope within the process of the Globalists liberal’s can see no end until the legalizing of any perversion you can imagine. This process will bring about the true meaning of “Do as thou will, is the whole of the law” The true extent is being presented by asking the courts to legalize Polygamy and Pedophilia. Key focus being Pedophilia. Their stance “They were born this way”. Interesting how they plea God created me this way, so it must be natural. While they show every indication they don’t believe in God, your and my creator, this is another God they speak of.

The true shock is in the massive push for the age limit to be lifted altogether regarding children and Pedophilia. Consent, as being a beautiful option between couples. I am so sick over this next video.

The reality is the debate over “Consent” by a child. When is a child capable of making such consensual decisions? They are trying to not only lower but fully illuminate the ideal of “Informed Consent”. Consent to them is a pesky word that should not be in play.

Thank you to Kevin Tang for bringing this to my attention:

Video Description:

Don’t forget about the other shades of the rainbow.
To all pedophilic and hebephilic teenagers: You’re not alone!
For a better world, where everyone is respected and loved, regardless of their sexual orientation.
More information at:…………………


All the links above need to be reported. What are you doing about it? We need to take this reporting to sections that have been put into place for these crimes.

Search terms and reporting:

Report Child abuse
Canadian Abused Children
Report Pedophilia
Report child Pornography
Cyber Tip Report
Child Protection
Also consider your state and local authorities. Please Do something about this. Take Action!
This Agenda is unfolding around the world.

Source Segment, Full Article Here: Legalized Pedophilia in the UK

Legalizing Pedophilia

An article appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK this past weekend describing how the stage is being set to legalize pedophilia in Britain. Like all the plans put out by the ruling elite, this policy is part of the drip by drip strategy they employ to move the chains forward toward their goal. By introducing small, incremental changes, the populace adjusts to those changes and accepts the small, seemingly incremental shifts in the social order. Eventually, those small shifts result in huge changes in the way people are conditioned to act and behave.

Random or Intentional?

Do you think the moral degradation of our society is an accident? Do you think the prevalence and easy availability of drugs is a coincidence? Do you think the ubiquitousness of pornography is random? Do you think the omnipresence of pedophilia is a divergence from the norm? If you do, think again. These are all parts of an agenda to degrade society and turn people into drug and sex addicts who are incapable both of having and sustaining healthy relationships. If people do not have strong families to support and sustain them they are easy to control, program, and turn into robots doing the will of the global controllers. This is how the elite proceeds toward their goal of a perverted society serving the will of a totalitarian new world order.

Behind the Scenes

The political corporate banking elite that run the world from behind the scenes are proponents of pedophilia. Pedophilia is a cornerstone of their secret society. In Britian the authorities are fitting contraceptive implants in 13-year-old girls. The age of consent in the UK is sixteen. Why are they doing this to thirteen year old girls? To encourage promiscuity and have these children sexually active before the legal age of consent is reached?

This policy is being enacted by doctors and nurses in the schools without parental consent and without informing the parents once the implant has been embedded in their daughters’ body. Who gave them the right to do this? How can something so monstrous be sanctioned by the state? How can it be government policy? Do you really think the government is looking out for your interests?

According to Youtube there is no violation on this topic towards their standards.

Source Segment Full Article Here: Legalizing Polygamy and Pedophilia

Should someone wish to challenge the laws against polygamy I don’t see how they would not be able to prevail, given the Court’s ruling in Obergefell and the decision written by the majority. But, as the majority seems to interpret the law based on their own leftist proclivities instead of the Constitution, anything is possible now. In 2012, the Court declared the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional because they claimed it was not the jurisdiction of the Federal government to dictate what is and isn’t marriage. And now the Court has declared all state bans on homosexual marriage unconstitutional, because the Federal government has the jurisdiction to decide what is and isn’t marriage.

Another perversity being mentioned of late in the same sentence as the word ‘legalize’ is pedophilia. Yes, child molesting. For several years now I have been reading of leftist psychiatrists who claim that pedophilia is not a choice or a perversion, but a lifelong sexual orientation. And as such, they claim pedophilia should be a protected class of people the same as homosexuals. Ridiculous, you say? Oh, ye of short memory. It was just eleven years ago that Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage. In the years leading up to that it would never have occurred to anyone that we’d be where we are today because of the Obergefell decision. So don’t tell me that legalizing pedophilia will never happen.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. Now the APA is proposing to redefine pedophilia. In 1998 the APA issued a report that claimed the “negative potential of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that the ‘vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society has said that child pornography could be very useful to society because pedophiles “use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.” Apparently, it completely escapes him that child pornography can’t be produced without sexually abusing children.

It should not come as surprising when morally bankrupt people demand the right to have their perversions legalized. When leftist judges rubber stamp the depravity, of course the licentious people will come back time and time again seeking to have more perversity legalized. That pedophilia has even been mentioned as a protected ‘orientation’ is an indication of just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve come as a society. The Obergefell decision may have legalized homosexual marriage, but there’s a lot of perversity left to legalize and it is a certainty that there are some sick people out there working to do just that. No doubt the child molesters will have little trouble finding leftist judges who will create their constitutional rights out of thin air, just like the majority did in Obergefell.
We at this point can not shout it loud enough.

Our Children We Are In Danger! This Can Not Be Allowed!

They have warned us with the recent release of “Childhoods End”

In the end they take ALL of our children.

There is a huge difference between
Consent” and “Informed Consent

Crimes against children should be brought against these people pushing for these reforms. Is there any current Officers/Officials out there with the guts to do the right thing? I highly doubt it, their paycheck is worth more than their children. They will sacrifice children like “Sandy Hook” to fill their wallets with shekels.

Read More: The Nations First Satanic Ritual on the Capital Steps

MSM Headlines – Paedophilia is natural and normal

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[Here's an interesting take on the Pizzagate issue. It is certainly possible that this whole "disclosure" is controlled and a psyop. And surely if the  masses continue not to think and be inquisitive, they will be manipulated and steered into a mob or groupthink reaction. But the capacity to spread awareness about these issues is huge. To that end, we must seek the whole truth and not rest our conclusions on only what has been dripped out via certain outlets, like Wikileaks. Most likely the players named are merely pawns of a much greater system of criminal action. As such, we must remain vigilant against any temptation to think that we've plumbed the depths of this very dark and ancient practice. The rabbit hole is very deep indeed.]

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