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Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 25 – Alert: Here comes a recount [+ dates to watch: Nov 29 (protests) leading to Dec 10 (govt. shutdown) leading to Dec 19 (electoral upset)]

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) I wrote the following preamble to an update by Ken, and will include this in future posts as a disclaimer for his content.

I am sharing this article from Ken of Redefining God—as always—for your consideration. 

He has many views and conclusions that are contrasted by those accepted by the awakening community. As such, reviewing his perspectives helps expand our own vision and facilitates greater discernment and comprehension.

Note: This is clearly marked in the About Us section of SITS, yet when posting these updates from Ken, I often receive feedback from readers who assume I wrote the article or that I am endorsing his views. 

To be clear, I share information and data on this site from many different sources, and in some cases, there are conflicts with the information. Sometimes the articles are sensational or antagonistic but that doesn't mean I personal support what is being said. 

My goal is not to claim these items as true, merely to offer them for consideration—to think about them which stimulates consciousness and inspiration.

My primary goal for this site and the work I do in general is to help myself and others become better truth seekers, which is essential so as to gain self-mastery, sovereignty or enlightenment. These are the qualities I feel we need to develop in everyone so that an awakened population can restore harmony and justice to this darkened world as well as simply living happy productive lives. Therefore, in order to constantly test and expand our knowledge of the truth, considering seemingly divergent perspectives is advantageous. 

This being said the reader should not assume anything hosted on this site is my belief. 

I can sometimes offer commentary in green but even this does not fully account for what I am personally concluding in relation to content shared on this site. And frankly, what I believe or think has no bearing on how you—the reader—processes and absorbs information. In short, ignore the messenger, focus on and think about the message

In my understanding, the act of thinking about something is the process of expanding consciousness to further individual evolution. Whether or not the thing contemplated is reflective of reality isn't as important as the act of considering it. 

Meditate on the idea that a fable, myth or parable need not be true in order to impart wisdom. In this way, reviewing opposing perspectives is often a powerful way to gain greater clarity and insight into what we think is true; or it helps us let go of false beliefs we maintain because of our attachment to them. 

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- Justin

Source - Redefining God

by Ken, November 24th 2016

In Update 23, I warned that a post-election drama would take place…
>>> Once all the lagging precincts are counted, Hillary is expected to end up with 232 electoral votes, which means the globalists will need to put on a show in which she tries to claw 38 or more electoral votes from Trump in an attempt to overturn the election result. Since she is unlikely to succeed in getting them from Texas, she’ll need to get them from at least two other states. So look for…
> Clinton campaign claims of “irregularities” in two or more states, or
> rumblings in two or more state governments about overriding the popular vote to install new electors. <<<
And I was wrong. Sort of. Because the Occulted Powers are having Jill Stein do it instead of Hillary…

…From The Boston Globe. Here is an excerpt…
>>> Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein on Wednesday called for a recount in three key states — Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — and appeared to quickly raise more than the $2.2 million her campaign said was needed to pay for the recounts. <<<
Needless to say, there is no way that a recount could benefit Stein’s bid for the Presidency, but it can certainly benefit Hillary’s. And the three states Stein is attempting to recount are the very ones that were pointed out by “computer scientists” on November 22…


Since a reversed result in those three states would lead to a reversed result for the whole election, this recount could give us the “Democratic coup” which would bring on the scripted counter-coup and potential war with Russia. That being said, these are the first dates to watch in the NWO Schedule of Implementation: November 25 – 30 (to see if the recounts proceed).

Much love…

[P.S. – same day] – To take note of how ridiculously scripted this whole election drama is, as well as who is doing the scripting, let’s recall what Stein said about Hillary during the election campaign…

So how absurd is it that after warning a Hillary presidency could bring nuclear war, she’s enlisting herself to help Hillary overturn Trump’s election? And as her last name suggests, Stein is a Jew (a descendant of Russian Jews, to be exact). So here is a Jew helping to change the course of the election after another Jew, Anthony Weiner, helped change it before. Are you beginning to see who is orchestrating this back-and-forth stage play?

In case you can’t see it yet, read the section on Trump and Putin’s connection to Chabad-Lubavitch…

…in Update 23 (it is the November 7 prescript near the top of the article).

By the way, here is a notable excerpt from the Forbes article on Trump’s Lubavitcher son-in-law
“The most compelling figure in this intrigue, however, wasn’t in Trump Tower. Jared Kushner was three blocks south, high up in his own skyscraper, at 666 Fifth Avenue, where he oversees his family’s Kushner Companies real estate empire. Trump’s son-in-law, dressed in an impeccably tailored gray suit, sitting on a brown leather couch in his impeccably neat office, displays the impeccably polite manners that won the 35-year-old a dizzying number of influential friends even before he had gained the ear, and trust, of the new leader of the free world.”
++++++++++New Material++++++++++

[P.S. – 25 November 2016] – In addition to the November 25 – 30 window for starting the recounts, the next date to watch is November 29. This is why…

We have seen agents provocateur staging “protests” in a number of cities since the election, but November 29 offers the possibility of a widespread disruption just as the recounts are getting started. Also, a reader has pointed out that “Fight for $15″ can also be read “Fight for ISIS” (the “$” can be separated into an I and an S, and the “15″ can be read as IS). So could the Left Hand Path guys be telegraphing some sort of terror tie-in that will kick in at some point down the line? Possibly.
[P.S. – 25 November 2016] – Just like Hillary’s supposed concession on the day after the election defused tension over the election outcome (only to see that tension resurrected by Jill Stein two days ago), Paul Ryan’s supposed deal to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government funded has defused tension over a government shutdown on December 10. But will the government shutdown threat also be resurrected in the next few days?
  • How will conservative Republicans publicly respond if the recounts go forward?
  • How will they respond if Soros and Co. turn November 29 into a national day of riots?
  • Could the public narrative reflect a total breakdown in Congressional cooperation due to the Republican perception of a violent Democratic coup aimed at overturning the election?
It just so happens that the first day the House of Representatives will return to work will be the evening of November 29…

…How are the Republicans going to feel that evening after watching what happened during the day?

This makes December 10 the next date to watch – the day the government might shut down, leading to chaos by Christmas.

[P.S. – 25 November 2016] – If you’ve been keeping tabs on the mainstream news, there is a lot of pressure being exerted on electoral college members to switch their vote to Hillary…

…From a Google News search for electoral college

So here are the worst-case conditions the electors might face when they vote…
  • The election outcome in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may still be in dispute.
  • The press will be screaming about how Hillary won the popular vote and why “the electors should respect that.”
  • There may be ongoing riots across the country in supposed protest of Trump’s victory.
  • The government may be shut down due to controversy over the election, with resulting food stamp cutoffs helping fuel the riots.
In those conditions, will enough electors waver to elect Hillary?

If they do, the “coup” will be complete, and the stage will be set for the “counter-coup” to begin. I’ll go into the details of how that might go down if events start moving in that direction.

So this makes December 19 another date to watch – the date the electoral college might elect Hillary Clinton and set off a globalist-orchestrated coup circus.
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Question -- What is the goal of this website? Why do we share different sources of information that sometimes conflicts or might even be considered disinformation? 
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