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Journal of an Abductee - Part 2 - Recounting My Experiences to Closed Minds, and a Visit in Waking Life

Here is part 2 of Shem's personal abductee experience. 

I offered commentary on Shem's story in part one of this series, linked below. I'll say again that coming forward to share your truth, regardless of what that might be, is a great step towards self-mastery. Making our experiences shareable and casting light into the dark places of our soul is incredibly healing, and allows others to gain growth from your wisdom. 

Shem's experiences are seemingly fantastic, yet correspond to similar abductee accounts. 

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Please read the introduction from part one to read more of my commentary on this subject. 

The implant removal report Shem provides below claims to have removed many the of implants from his body. The report provides where the implant came from, and in his case, the seem to be from many different extraterrestrial races. If this is true, it could suggest that Shem is one of the incarnated members of the Super Federation mentioned by secret space program insider and whistleblower Corey Goode

Goode stated in his weekly series Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock that the Super Federation is a group of some 40 to 60 different extraterrestrial race actively involved in spiritual, social and genetic programs on Earth. Some of these programs include incarnating as human beings, who are then subjected to various influences—like abduction—for some unrevealed purpose.

Given that Shem claims he has tried everything he can to stop his abduction experiences from happening, and they continue, perhaps this indicates that fighting these experiences isn't the answer. In my own life I've been forced to deal with so much that I didn't want or wasn't invited. And while we must honor ourselves and recognize when our free will is being abrogated, embracing the fullness of what is, the whole truth, helps prevent victimization consciousness. 

Whether it's cabal mind control, discarnate entities or malevolent extraterrestrials, they all must battle with free will. If we allow ourselves to invoke a consciousness of victimhood, then this could open us up to further experiences of feeling victimized. I'll offer my own personal experience on this score. 

I was a heroin and cocaine addict for three years of my life, from the age of 21 to 24. Once one falls down that hole, the feeling of being a victim, of having no choice but to continue on the path of self-destruction, is all encompassing. I attempted to restore balance to my life, and stop using the drugs dozens of times, but it wasn't till I re-invented myself and formed a new identity of self-empowerment that I was finally able to heal the core problem that caused the addiction in the first place. Now even if those drugs were in front of me, I wouldn't find value in them. And in the process of passing through this gateway of growth, I became much more confident in who I am. Oddly enough, I had to embrace the fullness of my addiction experience, instead of trying to run away from it, before I had the resolve to truly heal. 

I honestly don't know what Shem could do to stop these experiences the way he does. Clearly he is being interfered in ways that are not in harmony with what he wants. But through observing life experience, I've realized that nothing happens without some supreme spiritual lesson woven within it. All experiences, no matter how seemingly random, indiscriminate or cruel are perfectly tailored for our personal soul growth. This realization was a shock to me when I first began conceiving of it, but as time went on, and I started to consider it as a backdrop to my life, the clarity it afforded me was profound. 

Sometimes finding gratitude and appreciation for experience can be the most difficult thing we ever do. For it seems insane to feel grateful for a bully when being beaten up. It seems crazy to be grateful for denatured food when we want to be healthy. And it seems like the world is upside down when billions of people suffer every day from the machinations of the Cabal. But all these things and more do have a high spiritual purpose. In particular, I chose the theme of self-empowerment in the aforementioned examples, wherein the bully offers us an opportunity to become brave, the denatured food gives us a chance to become wise in health, and the machinations of the Cabal show us the importance of personal sovereignty and collective fellowship. 

Discovering the gems of wisdom within each experience takes time and contemplation, but as long as we seak for the truth, it will come to us in the form and measure we are capable of receiving it. And like the truth, we must be patient, always seeking for answers but also remaining conscious that wisdom accumulated with persistence.

I truly hope Shem can find some solace and peace within his life. 

- Justin

Source - Discerning The Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal
This is the second installment of my own account of the “otherworldly”, nighttime experiences I've had throughout my life. I have honestly put off writing any more on the subject with the memory of the problems I had immediately after the last article I wrote on this topic. I made it clear though, to those responsible for those occurrences that if they left me alone, they wouldn't have much to worry about (as they seem to be afraid of being outed for what they truly are). (To be clear, I don't typically set out to blackmail anyone. Unfortunately these beings don't really care about honesty, sincerity, or integrity of any kind.) As expected, that didn't take. So now, they get another moment in the spotlight.

Once again, if anyone doesn't feel comfortable reading about the subject of abduction and negative greetings from off-world beings, you may want to read another article of mine. If you know me and didn't know these things, get ready for an interesting ride.

In my last entry, I wrote about the first instance where I realized that something wasn't right, and that I was most likely a frequent flying of the not-so-preferable kind. In this article, I want to tell you what it was like the first time I told my then-roommates what I was going through.

The Talk and the Interruption

It was after a few weeks to a month or so of having these nighttime terrors visit and revisit me at my weakest state. I was waking up in the morning with cuts, scrapes, and small, surgical marks on a semi-regular basis. I didn't have the presence of mind to take pictures or to keep a record of everything that happened to me then. (Though now, I have to decided to start.)

I took a nap one afternoon, and woke up with this spot
on my left hand. It was not there before I went to sleep.

It started as a spot of congealed blood, and then scabbed over.

I was tired of all of it, and eventually, I stopped caring what people thought. I had to let my roommates in on the secret. So one night, I decided to tell the two of them.

We were just sitting down and talking about gaming when I started asking them questions about nighttime experiences. They never had anything out of the ordinary happen, and couldn't really relate to me there. I asked them if they heard anything outside at night. (I heard strange noises and small footsteps on a regular basis. These were not animals as I could tell they were tall enough to see me through my window, 4 feet above the ground. Plus animals don't shine focused lights at your face through your window when your eyes are closed.) Neither of them had heard anything.

At the time, we were talking in one of their rooms (on the first floor). I was sitting at a computer desk, one of them was standing in the doorway, and the other was walking around picking things up as we talked. Then I dropped the news.

I think I made a reference to a few movies that had scenes similar to those I had experienced. I told them about the drill, the lights, the sounds, my headaches. I think I showed them a few marks. I could tell they were listening intently, but didn't know what to think, but the conversation wasn't the most interesting part of this story. Yes, it was revealing, but the most memorable part was what happened after I started speaking in detail about my experience.

 As I was recounting my ordeal, in mid sentence, I was interrupted by the sound of crunching leaves under footsteps getting closer to my roommates closed window. It was fall time, and the leaves were dry. So there was no mistaking the sound. The pace sounded like one 6-foot tall, bipedal being walking at normal stride. The backyard was fairly enclosed, and the neighborhood where we lived was nice enough to leave one's door unlocked without much of an issue. There had never been any prowlers before this moment, but even if there were, the whole point of prowling is to sneak around without being noticed. These footsteps held no intent of stealth behind them. Whoever was making them sounds most definitely wanted to be noticed.

The Fourth Kind (2009)

There were four steps (crunch, crunch , crunch , crunch) all leading up to my roommates window and stopping right beside it. The blinds were closed, as it was nighttime. At that moment, we all froze, and at the exact same time, and the same slow pace, all of our heads turned and faced that window. No one said a word.

After a few moments of dead silence, I finally broke the trance of fear and apprehension by turning and looking at one of my roommates with a look of proof on my face. He nervously smiled and said, “Maybe it was a rabbit”.

Some things are just more than some people can handle, I guess. Rabbits don't cause the involuntary body language of fear. Both of these roommates knew something was very wrong about this situation, but their fear prevented them from taking the steps necessary to consider all possibilities within the situation. In that moment, fear guided them to deny their own senses.

Upon hearing this sound, one of my roommates wanted to get rid of this unnerving feeling. He immediately left the room, turned on the light in the back yard (where his window faced), opened the door and went outside to confront the situation. Nothing was there. There was no sound, no footsteps; nothing. Of course they used that as proof that nothing had happened and that we all simultaneously imagined the whole thing. However, such denial is not a luxury I have. Nor has it ever been.

So at that point, at least in my house, as far as moral support was concerned, I was alone. (They really don't want me writing this, by the way. I'm getting dizzy trying to write these words, but they're the ones who made this bed, and it's time for them to lie in it. Never mess with a man with a keyboard.)

Considering the Possibilities

It would not be fair to make such claims on a website focused upon discernment without considering all possibilities of the situation. In this case, I would have to consider the possibility that I am completely nuts, and that I somehow fabricated a lifetime of trauma and abuse. It is possible that I somehow received abuse from a very human and very disturbed person or group, and that my experience was so traumatic that it caused me to superimpose the image of a feared villain over the actual identity of my oppressor. I realize that this does happen, or that it could be induced via drugs of some kind, but this is not likely the case.

I have never done any hallucinogenic drugs, or abused any substance. I have no mental imbalance or disorder that would cause any delusion, and to my knowledge, I only have one personality to speak of. No one around me growing up had any such stories to give me any suggestion, and I had no reason to be so terrified of the classic images of greys. Yet I was. These images and situations seemed very familiar to me, even early on, though many of them were disjointed in my mind.

This phenomenon has followed me on cross-state road trips, and has influenced me both in waking life, and during nighttime visions. (I say visions because, unlike normal dreams, these scenarios never incorporate actual humans in them. Only large, empty rooms and spaces with no life in them whatsoever.) These situations seem to be produced by individuals who have no clue how to mimic human behavior, how to evoke human emotion, or to understand something like emotional fear. Time and time again, these militant greys have proven themselves completely ignorant of what it is to be human, or the value of life outside of their own.

The swan has been a common 'screen-image' used on me.
There have been times when I was implanted with the idea that I shouldn't have friends or a relationship with any woman because they would only hold me down. (This idea was implanted with the screen memory and image of a swan or goose.) This was at a very young age, and would have serious consequences in my life experience. It could be said that such beings care nothing about actual health outside of their own experiments, considering their impact. The negative impact does not at all stop them. They see the damage and trauma they cause and just keep right on going, decade after decade. Again, I would say that either these beings care absolutely nothing about human life outside of their own advantage, or they don't at all understand the value of life.

So the question of whether or not these beings are human is not really a concern, though I have no reason to believe that they are. They are too short, too cold and heartless to be anything even close to warm-blooded human or benevolent beings of any kind. If my lifetime of experiences were drug-induced, they would not be so consistent or contiguous. I have not been conditioned to the point where any "voice-of-god" technology would be so effective on me that I could be fooled so easily. This leads me to the conclusion that these events are actually happening in the physical world, and most likely beyond.

Voice to Skull - What You Need to Know about Mind Control Technology

The repetitive cycle of these events has a calculated methodology to it; one of meticulous precision in psychological, manipulative expertise, combined with ruthless persistence and emotionless determination. This has lead me to believe that these beings are either A.I., or possibly controlled by A.I. on a higher level.

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My Implants

At this point, I would like to talk about the subject of implants, as it reveals a great deal about my situation. My last article on this subject discussed one such implant which was seemingly placed in a very vital part of my skull. In any other situation, this process would have killed me, but this may have been completed on another plane of existence. (I don't claim to know everything about alternate levels of reality though I do know that there are numerous scientific theories which suggest that they do exist.)



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