Thursday, April 21, 2016

Benjamin Fulford - April 21st 2016: Earthquake Irregular Signature of Underground Nuclear Explosion in Japan

Here's a short update from Benjamin Fulford courtesy of Prepare For Change.

The report he references is linked below. 

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- Justin

Source - Prepare For Change

Are the Earthquakes natural or were they man made?

Article Correction of below:

Original Article: Posted on April 18th, 2016 – Red and Green Asian secret societies under new leadership promise to “make the earth tremble”

Screen Capture of Data To Help Cipher through the Loads of Information

The data seems to be pointed to very irregular occurrence that relates to a nuclear detonation.

I thought I would share to see other thoughts upon this important topic. Benjamin’s update is below:
“In the April 18th Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis I reported that seismographic evidence from the April 16th earthquake in Southern Japan showed it was a natural earthquake. That was wrong. Below is the seismographic evidence from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention.” 
“It shows very clearly the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake. 
See here for a contrast between a natural earthquake and a nuclear explosion:” — Benjamin Fulford



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