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Identity Theft and Birth Certificate Fraud Are Big Business For Corporate Government

The identity theft outbreak is reported as a symptom of the information age. With social security numbers, birth dates, names and addresses used online, it is very easy for criminals to fake loan applications, procure credit lines and receive government benefits under false pretenses. 

But what if the crime of identity theft was government sanctioned, literally a part of policy?

Governments the world over employ methods of literally stealing the identity and estates of their people. Under the birth certificate system, a given name is registered as a corporate entity with parents as grantors or creators of an estate; the NAME of the child. 

Initially this estate is merely a transmitting entity, a 'doing business as' name that other estates can contractually identify in commerce. For example, when you want to sell Joe 10 bags of rice, you contact Joe and transact with him using a name that he does business under; hence dba - doing business as. There is no fraud at this point, free people are able to lawfully engage in commerce using any name they see fit; any corporation (corporeal oration - to make real through speaking). 

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But shortly after parents name their child and sign a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, the government quietly makes a claim that the child is lost at sea and dead, using the same name registered on the Birth Certificate. The child would presumably have to appear before the registrar and dispel the claim that they are dead. But parents and child are never properly notified, and after a time, the Government (the parent corporation and administer to trust estates) takes title and possession of the 'lost estate' or corporation. This is a claim of ownership on the part of government, that the people are it's property and unless dispelled by an explicit statement to the contrary, stands in commerce as an undisputed fact

Since living flesh and blood beings have well nigh infinite creative potential, a newborn child, or any living being, is considered a valued asset of the state. As such, the government takes out an insurance policy on the newly created corporate entity, JOHN QUINCY DOE, with an initial face value of at least $1,000,000 (according to some researchers).

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Now when little John Q Doe grows up, he'll want to get a bank account, car loan, credit card, student loan, etc. Banks will tell John that he has to pay back the amount provided as a loan, plus interest. Little does John know that his estate has been accumulating vast sums of credit while he's been growing up. John applies for a student loan (unwittingly thinking this is his only option) and the bank takes his application (a promissory note), and uses it as a signed withdrawal authorization on his bonded trust account; the so-called STRAWMAN. The promissory note with a face value of $50,000 is converted into debt money (Federal Reserve Notes) and credited to John's bank account, less a 10% 'loan discount' fee. John receives his student loan and works for the rest of his life pouring creative energy into government sanctioned outlets to pay back the loan; working at a job. 

The government essentially stole John's identity, defrauded him by embezzling funds out of his trust account and then engaged in even more fraud by loaning his own credit back to him plus interest. It's as if John had is wallet stolen and then the thief lends him his own money back. 

This is all an elaborate system of deceptive acts and practices designed to harvest creative energy from the people. Corporations, in law, are considered dead things, they have no power to create or innovate without a living being to draw from. The government is a corporate body, a nefarious organization due to the people's inability to unify and change it's policies; a beast with no master. But make no mistake that government can be tamed by a well educated and active population.

The money masters of this world have designed a self policing mass mind control energy harvesting system, self enforced slavery, all founded on a bedrock of pandemic ignorance. John and his parents never would have agreed to the plans of his government, and most people wouldn't either, if they had been properly disclosed of all the facts; if they acknowledged the truth. Therefore, the truth can set us free if we are willing to seek it out completely. 

Since ignorance is the soil from which the tree of deception springs, knowledge and truth are the only lasting solution. There have been several civilizations in the recent past that have used interest-free money systems, managed and maintained fairly as a public utility for the people. In each case the society flourished as the abundance of the people's creative energy stayed with the people, instead of being siphoned away by usury and interest. 

For a detailed presentation of the science of money and how it can be used fairly and sustainably, see the below linked article. 

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The truth about these deceptive systems is the key to changing the status quo, once enough people have been properly notified. 

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- Justin

Source - Stop The Pirates

You are now officially “dead”

We are born on the land and are considered heirs of the land; assets of our country.

But within hours, undeclared agents of the federal “State” franchise get our Mothers to sign Certificates of Live Birth. These documents are misrepresented as simple recordings of the baby’s birth. Instead, they are registrations of commercial “vessels” using the baby’s name, and serving to make the “State” franchise the beneficiary of the baby’s estate on the land.

However many days, weeks, or months later as determined by “State” law, your “vessel in commerce” is reported “missing, presumed dead” to the probate court, which then doctors the civil records and converts your living estate to a trust ESTATE benefiting the perpetrators of this scheme.

You are now officially “dead” with respect to the land jurisdiction and unless you take action to correct the probate court records, you and your assets are permanently trapped in the international jurisdiction of the sea. You are therefore unable to take recourse to your holdings on the land or the law forms of the land that you are owed. Ever heard the Constitution called the “Law of the Land”?

This is why your constitutional guarantees don’t apply. There’s no version of “you” operating on the land as a result of this fraud.

And it is all based on identity theft and unilateral adhesion contracts that are obtained under conditions of deceit while you are still just a baby. There’s no way that you could ever know that this was going on or have any opportunity to object to it.

You are kidnapped and press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea and your ESTATE is claimed and pillaged before you leave grade school.

And the monsters doing this to you? The IMF and FEDERAL RESERVE and other criminal international banking cartels and organizations like the American Bar Association that have participated in and profited from this lurid fraud scheme.

The IMF does business as the “UNITED STATES, INC.” and has franchises doing business as the “STATE OF OHIO” and so on. These franchises are no different than the franchises of Dairy Queen, Inc.

The FEDERAL RESERVE (reconfigured as a United Nations owned and operated corporation) is doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. — they are just now setting up franchises operated simply as “OHIO” and “WISCONSIN” and so on.

None of these corporations has any lawful or even legal authority over you and your assets, but, thanks to their fraud scheme, they do have control of “your” ESTATE and now, “your” public transmitting utility which have both been created using your given name without your knowledge or permission.

JOHN QUINCY ADAMS = federal STATE estate trust owned and operated by the IMF, a UN agency dba UNITED STATES.

JOHN Q. ADAMS = federal public transmitting utility owned and operated by the new United Nation’s version of FEDERAL RESERVE doing business as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Isn’t it time to take back control of your property? [ . . . your flesh and blood human body and the fruits of your labor?]

READ MORE by Jeff Anderson @ stopthepirates.blogspot.com



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