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Electric Universe (Plasmology) Encoded in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

I was researching the electric universe and Tesla when I came across this very intriguing deciphering of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

A team of researchers at God Electric supposed some pictographs depicted throughout ancient Egypt are in fact referring to electrical phenomena. This is done with such a high degree of precision that it seems all but certain the Egyptians had profound knowledge of how our universe works; much more so than in academic physicists today. 

This land in ancient times was known as the Kemet, 'the black land'. The lost science of Alchemy is the study of the universe in it's three fold manifestation of substance, thought and spirit. These ancient peoples employed a system of encoding knowledge symbolically, a more effective way of initiating consciousness into the mysteries of existence. 

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Since egyptology and modern archeology emerged out of schools of thought divorced from this symbolic system of imparting knowledge, many of the ancient symbols have lost their meaning. Furthermore, a pictograph has the ability to encode multiple meanings within a single image, which is difficult for contemporary academy to recognize because modern schools of thought are focused on singular interpretations. In other words a pictograph has only one meaning, according to modern egyptologist, which the ancients would have found to be narrow minded and obtuse. 

Errors in Modern Cosmology

In contemporary Cosmology, it is theorized that all the interactions of the very large, planets, stars, nebula, galaxies, galaxy clusters and so on, are all a product of gravitation only. All electrical explanations have been discarded on the basis that electrical forces only work at very short distances. This bias towards gravitation being the only viable explanation has created a host of skewed and erroneous theories to explain gaps in our understanding of how the universe works. 

For example, the visible universe (what we can actually see in telescopes) appears to be expanding much faster then what was expected. Additionally, if the universe is only what is visible, then it should have expanded much more then it has, suggesting that a great deal of the stuff out there is invisible or dark

Looking only to gravity for an explanation creates a few very big problems. There must be some other force or matter out there affecting the visible universe - is what scientists thought. Gravity-centric astronomers decided to invent a new type of matter and energy to explain what was observed; Dark Matter and Energy. These are spoken of in the media as if they are real things, but they are only mathematic abstractions, created to 'fix' the gravitation only problem. Now there are even several scientists using massive devices like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to try and find these imaginary phenomena; failing to do so of course. 

All of this to an Electric Universe researcher is unnecessary. Instead of creating adhoc solutions to fix narrow minded theories, one simply needs rethink the theory and apply the forces of electromagnetism to the very large. When one does so, some of the seemingly peculiar interactions of outer space are easily explained as electrical phenomenon. 

A physicist and researcher in the early 20th century reviewed all of the scientific record at the time, weeding out errors and developing a unified and verified theory of everything. Dewey B Larson named it Reciprocal Systems theory, which has unfolded many of the Electric Universe axioms to explain nearly all the observed phenomena of Cosmology. 

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The Ancients Had Advanced Knowledge

Considering how profoundly society has advanced in the past 250 years (under a materialist philosophy), it stands to reason that ancient Egypt, which existed for at least 2000 years (using conservative estimates) most likely had an extremely advanced understanding of physics and metaphysics (under a consciousness philosophy). If this is true, it provides a much more plausible explanation for how the pyramids were built and even what they might have been used for.

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The following is an Electric Universe overview followed by the list of decoded hieroglyphs. After reviewing the Electric Universe, data it should help one understand why the team chose the meanings they did for the symbols analyzed. 

If this interpretation is correct, then we would do well to humble ourselves upon realizing how advanced ancient cultures really were. And hopefully this will help humanity as a whole let go of all the erroneous beliefs that hold back true progress and the development of an ethical and sustainable civilization. 

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- Justin

Source - Electric Universe

The Electric Universe

The Electric Universe theory highlights the importance of electricity throughout the Universe. It is based on the recognition of existing natural electrical phenomena (eg. lightning, St Elmo's Fire), and the known properties of plasmas (ionized "gases") which make up 99.999% of the visible universe, and react strongly to electro-magnetic fields. Much of the material considered by the Electric Universe is peer-reviewed, but not all (see Speculative Theories, below).

Terrestrial lightning 

Terrestrial Electricity

Terrestrial electricity is often seen in Atmospheric electricity such as lightning and the aurora, and also appears in St Elmo's fire, and upper atmosphere phenomena such as red sprites, blue jets, elves and tigers. It is estimated to be over 8 million lightning strikes per day, each carrying an average of 30kAmps. [1]

Electric space

Electricity in Space

Electricity is common throughout the universe, generated by all cosmic plasma as it moves through magnetic fields. Peer reviewed papers describe electricity in the Sun, and associated with the interplanetary medium (solar wind), planets and their satellites, comets, in interstellar space, other stars, and intergalactic space. See: electricity throughout the Universe

Sun: solar flares

Importance of Plasma

99.999% of the visible universe is a plasma, and all moving plasmas produced their own magnetic field and electric currents. For example, the Sun (and stars) produce current loops in solar flares, and currents flow thought extragalactic jets spanning many parsecs.

Heliospheric current sheet 

Space Plasmas

Although outer space is a vacuum, it is permeated with the plasma of the Solar "Wind". This interacts with Sun's magnetic field, producing the heliospheric current sheet which carries about 3×109amperes through our own Solar System. The galactic counterpart is estimated to carry of 1017 - 1019Amps. The heliospheric current sheet is the largest coherent structure in our Solar System.

Galaxy simulation 

Laboratory Science

Plasmas are strongly influenced by electro-magnetic forces. A laboratory simulation of two interacting electric "Birkeland" currents, models many characteristics of galaxy formation. The Electric Universe is based on the known properties of plasmas, in preference to unproven theoretical physics, and consequently does not require black holes, dark matter and dark energy, neutron stars and the Big Bang.

Crater on Saturn's moon,

Speculative Theories

More speculative aspects of the Electric Universe theory argue that some planetary features, such as craters are produced by cosmic mega-lightning electrical scarring rather than impacts with meteorites. It is also suggested that the Sun and stars are powered externally electrically (see the Electric Sun theory), and the behavior of comets is due to their interaction with electrified interplanetary plasma (see comet: Interaction with interplanetary medium)

Source - God Electric

Electric Egyptology

The hieroglyphs are not phonetic, and thus were never deciphered by Thomas Young or Jean-Fran├žois Champollion.

In 2013 GodElectric made a breakthrough successfully deciphering Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity and other principle components of the Universe as the foundation of the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Egyptian hieroglyphs are pictograms, special characteristics of the animals and plants on Earth are used to match functions and natural principles of the universe. The Gods are not Gods, but instead are anthropomorphic representations that explain an Electric Universe. The females Amentet, Isis, Nut, Maat, Hathor, Mut, Nephthys represent the circuitry and electric nourishment of the Universe, while the males Horus, Shu, Thoth, Anubis, Bes, Khepri, Osiris are predominantly the protective elements, dimensions and forces. Egyptology thus provides a unified theory of everything and shows how the Universe with its current cosmology exists through love.

Mainstream science largely ignores electricity and uses gravity to explain the processes of the Universe, this leads to the creation of mathematical assumptions such as dark matter, dark energy and black holes. The Egyptian hieroglyphs explain that this is not true, because the universe and the stars are Electric. To find out more start with the Egyptology drop down above and begin by clicking Aker, Ra or Horus and viewing the papyrus Book of the Suns Electric Field.

GodElectric began deciphering the hieroglyphs by placing the Wing of Egypt next to a typical visible hour glass nebula representing an anode star. Hieroglyphs that previously meant 'God' and 'Bread' now mean 'Positive charge' and 'Negative charge' respectively, giving a completely new understanding to Egyptology and the universe, opening a new chapter for all of mankind.


Butterfly Nebula M2-9 alongside the Wing of Egypt
An example of a Binary Star : Butterfly Nebula M2-9 alongside the Wing of Egypt.

The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia. The Sun’s plasma environment is shaped by powerful electromagnetic forces within a spiral arm of the Milky Way. The Suns plasma wing aligns within the galactic arms magnetic field carrying current along Nut, and as a collector of electrical energy from the arm it powers our Sun. It acts like a wing but rather than air it focuses electrical current in a z pinch fashion described by Amentet to the anodic positively charged Sun.

Stars are not isolated thermonuclear reactions in space, instead Ralph Juergens explained that Stars are positive anodes in a galactic glow discharge. Stars are connected, they absorb energy from the Electric Universe, and this is explained in detail by the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The cobra or snake, with its ectotherm nature was used to encircle the Sun as the corona, seen as Ra it describes the reverse temperature gradient of Electric stars and absorption of Energy from the surrounding cosmos.

Horus explains how stars are powered by the collection of negative charge or what we understand as electrons. The Ra-Horakhty papyrus provides the hard evidence, it depicts the negative electrode attracting positive ions in the partially ionized plasma of a candle flame.

We will start by introducing you to the hieroglyphs that explain the truth, that is an Electric Universe with God.

• Positive Charge / Anode 


Khepri Longitudinal Electricity

Previously defined as God or basket, this hieroglyph actually means 'positive charge'. The pendant to the right demonstrates how the Sun is connected electrically. Kheprer the Scarab Beetle is shown supported by the 'many positive charges', or positive anodes meaning the stars, focusing his wing towards the Sun, explained by the hieroglyphs as the 'Suns collector of projected push pull or longitudinal energy'.

• Negative Charge / Cathode


Sun Cartouche

Previously defined as meaning Bread, it is the opposite side of the circle to positive charge, thus logically it means 'negative charge'. This is confirmed because Stars are positively charged anodes, they collect negative charge as opposite charges attract. This is explained in many ancient texts, such as the Sun Cartouche shown to the left or Horus and Amentet, where the hieroglyphs describe the sun as a negative charge collector. Another example of ancient text confirming negative charge is Tefnut, similar principle to Svensmark theory it explains how negative charge is used for the creation of moisture in an Electric Universe.

• Capacitor

Nephthys shows both hieroglyphs for positive and negative charge separated by an enclosure, defining the capacitor action of celestial bodies in the Electric Universe which Set acts through. Anubis, previously known as the son of Nephthys, actually exists in the space between the positive and negative electrodes. It is between the positive and negative electrodes that there exists an Electric Field, and this is the reason Anubis is known by his hieroglyphs as the resonant energy of the electric field. This is also explained by the papyrus Book of the Suns Electric Field when explaining the dynamics of the Sun. It is also true that the organs in your body absorb energy at the resonant frequency of the electric field, which is why Anubis is the only one who would carry out the embalming process, as he is the resonant energy of the electric field. Shu is the plasmasphere, and is shown atop of Nephthys as the positive charge electrode ionosphere.

• Video Presentation of the Hieroglyphs that explain an Electric Cosmos.

The principle that underlies all of Egyptology is that the universe and its circuitry is presented as female, while the forces that protect it are predominantly male. The relationship between the two partners, male and female, explain the current cosmology as underpinned by love.

• Ankh  

Key to Life
The cross means life and the loop is the support. Whatever is shown inside or through the loop the hieroglyphs explain as an aspect of the Universe supporting life. The Ankh is expressed throughout Egyptology, explaining the purpose to protect and support all life on earth.

41,000 years ago, the Earth's magnetic field faded and practically disappeared, leaving our planet unprotected from the bombardment of cosmic rays. Evidence for this event has been found in ocean sediment cores and lava flows, known as the Laschamp event the strength of the magnetic field dropped to only 5% of the current strength. The hieroglyphs demonstrate using temples across Egypt that we should charge our planet to create a protective shield like what is done on Gods home planet, see lintel from Karnak below.

Lintel Sesostris Deciphered
Lintel from Karnak showing the Electrical Environment of Gods Planet above and a Water Planet like Earth below.

Proof that the hieroglyphs are not phonetic can be seen in Temples, such as the Lintel from Karnak above where ancient text is written from the centre outwards, and because they are pictograms it carries the same meaning whether read forward or backwards.

Pyramids of Orion

Source - God Electric

Decipherment by Timothy Williams now available at

 Negative Charge / Cathode (Bread) - An anion (-), from the Greek word "up", is an ion with more electrons than protons, giving it a net negative charge, like electron.

 Positive Charge / Anode (Basket) - A cation (+), from the Greek word "down", is an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge, like proton. Can be used to describe the Sun or the Stars as the anode or the ionosphere as the positive electrode.

There is no hieroglyph for a neutral charge or neutrino. The capacitor action of celestial bodies in space and their ability to store charge is explained in further detail by Nephthys.

 Collector (Ostrich Feather) - In about 600BC the ancient Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus became aware of electricity, discovering that when amber is rubbed and held close to a feather, it pushes away the feather’s electrons. The feather becomes positively charged and is attracted to the amber.

Electricity was also a familiar concept to the Ancient Egyptian, who chose the Ostrich Feather when making feather dusters. Ostrich feathers are impractical for use as a fan, but make very effective dusters because of their intrinsic ability to hold electrostatic charge. The duster works because opposite charges attract, allowing for the collection of dust particles, the Ostrich feather has a tip that bends over under the weight of collected material and therefore is deciphered to mean a 'collector'.

The symbol of a wing made of feathers joining to a star can be seen in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia. It represents how the the Sun and its flight is powered by collecting charge. An example of this is shown by placing the Butterfly Nebula M2-9 with its visible glow discharge alongside the Wing of Egypt.

The electric nature of birds and their anatomy explain the founding principles of electric Stars, this concept is explained in further detail by Horus.

 Electric Potential (Ibis Bird) - Known as Thoth. The bill of the Ibis bird is theorized to have electro receptors like the Platypus in order to detect its prey. Ampullary electroreceptors allow response to low-frequency electric signals that are generated by animal nerves and hearts. For this reason the Ibis bird is also used to describe the heart of Ra as it is used to describe the Electric Potential or Voltage of a star.

 Plasma (Rectangle) - 99.9% of mass in the Universe exists as Plasma and because of this Plasma is represented as a large rectangle meaning the large area of space.

Plasma is the 4th state of matter after gases, made up of free electrons and ions, or positive and negative charges plasma is a conductor of electricity.

 Plasma Link (Plasma Connection Circuit) - Usually drawn above door openings to represent a link or connection, the sky is a network full of electrical connections made using plasma and this was not understood by scholars in 400AD that originally thought this hieroglyph only meant the sky or horizon. It is Satellites like Themis, and conclusive proof that Space consists of plasma connections, that allowed this hieroglyph to be confirmed as meaning the plasma link. See Nut.

 Supernovae Plasma Ejection (Rectangle with many dilated snakes above) - Plasma rectangle with a row of snakes all with dilated hoods describing a high energy plasma ejection event such as a Supernova. This hieroglyph is shown in stone outside Djoser Pyramid in Saqqara, a pyramid described as receiving energy from the cosmos. This hieroglyph is not a Senet board game. It is also used to describe an attribute of the Suns power, as in Amun.

 Plasma Double Layer (2 Layers Outside Pinched Rectangle) - Is a structure in plasma consisting of two parallel layers with opposite electrical charge. Like waterfalls they energize charged particles falling through them. Double layers are found in a wide variety of plasmas, from discharge tubes to space plasmas to the Birkeland currents supplying the Earth's aurora, and are especially common in current-carrying plasmas. They are shown labelled as the Shen rings in Nefertari's tomb either side of the electric sun.

 Plasma Pinch (Pinched Rectangle) - Type of plasma confinement that uses an electrical current in the plasma to generate a magnetic field that compresses it. Known as the Z-pinch because of the direction of current flow in the Z axis, it allows the formation of stars to occur in an Electric Universe and is further described by Sobek.

 God (Flag) - The term God is used to describe love and truth from a supreme being, without whom life would not have existed on earth as it is today. God is from another planet described as having a powerful shield surrounding it protecting the planet from harmful cosmic rays, it is also described by the hieroglyphs as an electrically stable planet with no lightning or earthquakes. God is shown at the start of creation 'Hu', God can position planets and moons, construct pyramids, temples, tombs and transmit messages in the form of thoughts or the Wedjat since before human civilization first began. The hieroglyphs describe "guiding the galaxy by moving the connection of manipulated negative charges of many different lands using plasma link unipoles". God is also described by Osiris, as watching the Structured Plasma of the Electric Universe, when combined with Isis, the fields of the Duat show the harvest of energy from the Aether and how we exist through love. Isis and Osiris have the same hieroglyph forming the basis of their name, together they maintain the structure of the Universe and the intergalactic powerline. The beautiful circuitry of the cosmos is expressed through the women, Nut, MaatNeith and Isis, sometimes they have their breasts exposed as milk represents the electricity that nourishes the planets and stars. God also explains how the Stars are powered electrically in Book of the Suns Electric Field.

 Support Life (Ankh) - The cross means life and the loop is the support. Whatever is shown inside or through the loop is an aspect of the Electric Universe supporting life. The Ankh shown below is an example, it shows Khepri supporting the stars, describing the electric current of the cosmos supporting life.

 Structured Plasma (Propped vertical rectangle) - Shown in front of stars and on top of pyramidions it is defined simply as Structured Plasma and can be understood as the intergalactic power line or Gods Electricity. This hieroglyph is not a throne, but is depicted in temples as a propped blue rectangle made vertical by a brown support. All rectangle hieroglyphs define a type of plasma, this is because a rectangle is a large area it represents the plasma that is 99.9% of the Electric Universe. Isis and Osiris are male and female components of Structured Plasma, meaning the Electric Universe exists through love.

 Resonance (Square Stone) - A square stone is equal sided meaning all sides represent the mean or average. The natural frequency is the frequency at which a system tends to oscillate in the absence of any driving or damping force.

 Magnification (Lion) - The Lions roar is one of the loudest noises any animal on Earth can make. It is so loud that it can be heard over five miles away from the lion! It has nothing to do with lung capacity, they actually have an unusual set of vocal cords which have a flat, square shape, magnifying the sound more efficiently converting lung pressure into acoustic energy. The Sphinx, defines the magnification of the earthwave because it was constructed as a single stone statue located below ground level.

 Weak Electric Field - The Quail is a migratory bird from the Phasianidae family, and therefore uses the electric field for navigating the Earth.

 Strong Electric Field (Horus) - The electric force is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than the gravitational force and is shown by Horus.

 Projector (Open Mouth) - Mouths are primarily used to project sound, therefore this hieroglyph means projector.
 Sun - (Solar Torus) - The polar view of the sun in ultraviolet shows the equatorial plasma current ring or torus surrounding the positively charged Sun. Illustrations describing the Sun are often drawn on a perpendicular axis in Egyptology, see Aker.

 Ejection (Dilated Cobra on Anode) - Portrayed as rearing up and with its hood expanded representing the verb ejection. Ra depicts the snake encircling the surface of the sun showing the Snake as the Corona, this hieroglyph therefore describes Coronal Mass Ejections or CME's from the Sun. The basket the Snake sits in represents a positive electrode, or anode and is explained by Ralph Juergens electric model of the sun.

When there are many snakes with the expanded hoods atop of the plasma rectangle it has the meaning of a high energy plasma event or supernovae explosion, the most powerful force in the universe and described by Amun where the energy released is an attribute of the Suns power.

 Absorption (Cobra) - The opposite of ejection is absorption. The snake is normally encircling the surface of the sun as the corona which absorbs energy from the cosmos, as explained by Ra. The snake is shown spread out in the resting position, as a cold blooded ectotherm animal it defines absorption because it uses external sources of heat to control body temperature. These high stages of ionisation at the Corona indicate a plasma temperature in excess of 1,000,000 kelvin, much hotter than the surface of the sun.

 Scalar Energy (Scarab beetle) - The compression of the scarab beetles limbs define a push or compression wave that is longitudinal. These types of waves were theorized by Hannes Alfven as Longitudinal Waves in plasma and discovered by Nikola Tesla who called them scalar waves. They are known to travel faster than the speed of light and not decay over time or distance unlike hertzian waves. The hieroglyph for this wave is a scarab beetle and often shown adjacent to the mouth hieroglyph meaning it is a projected waveform like sound. In an Electric Universe stars are daisy chained linked by these longitudinal electric waves and this is illustrated by Khepri in many such illustrations such as in Ramesses Tomb shown below.

 Longitudinal Wave Carrier (Twisted Flax or Reed Plait) - Is drawn in illustrations either side of the sun, Birkeland Currents have since confirmed by spacecraft Ulysses. In nature this represents filamentary rope-like magnetic structure and are also known as field aligned currents, magnetic ropes or cables and facilitate the transfer of longitudinal electricity.

 Deposit (Slug) - An animal that deposits moisture, and therefore meaning cloud or water vapour. [Can be used near double layers of the Sun which requires further investigation]

 Light (Lotus) - The lotus flower closes at night and sinks underwater with petals that beautify the dark representing light in the dark of space. The lotus petals on the Taperet Stele below show the spectrum of light emitted from a star, and you will often see sarcophagus with red and blue lotus flowers decorating the outside to show the different light emitted from stars.

 Wave (Wave) - Vibration/Oscillation through a medium which can be electrical. Ancients would have seen waves and understood a picture of a series of waves to mean frequency rather than water. To describe water they use the duck.

 Charge Store (Pot) - Pots are stores and therefore indicate celestial bodies as charge stores of electricity.

 Supported Charge Store The loop is the support, and the pot is the charge store.

 Creation of a Charge Store (Potters Wheel) - Potters wheel is used to construct pots and therefore a metaphor for the creation of a charge store.

 Vortex (Spiral) - Whirling charge vortices, see Set. At the most basic level, electric currents are the prime cause of rotational movement in the universe.

 Intermittent Connection or Spark Gap As a Door Bolt its either open or closed and therefore represents the action of a spark gap connection.


 Plasma Sieve (Ionosphere / Photosphere) - Shown as a circular sieve it explains the action of the spherical plasma sieve around a celestial body that allows some radio waves to penetrate the celestial body while reflecting others. When this hieroglyph represents the Earth, the action of a sieve represents the ionosphere. The ionospheric sieve that encloses the entire spherical earth is not at all uniform, holes can be opened up in the ionosphere allowing what we term electron precipitation, but is in reality any negative charge being sifted through holes in the ionosphere, this creates charge vortices described by Set. The Sun also has a similar layer called the Photosphere, this is the lowest layer of the Suns atmosphere and is about 500 km's thick. This layer is where the suns energy is released as light, and where discharges from the plasma torus punch through the Photosphere to create Sunspots described in further detail by Sekhmet.

 [Plasma Torus?] Not yet confirmed. Equatorial plasma current ring or torus. Negative charge reservoir that exists like a belt or torus around a celestial body, powering the magnetosphere. It can be positioned between two Djed columns. Often shown with Banadjed because Banadjed describes a shield or activated plasmasphere protecting the planet from harmful cosmic rays, this is the only time it is used with the Earth. [Mainly used with the Sun : Hathor, Nefertari - Sun, Ramose, Thoth, Wing of Egypt, Temple of Set - Sun spot]

 Life The cross means life. Can be thought of as the electric soul created from the Wedjat or senses.

 Gravity (Foot) - The part of the body which is in contact with earth which your mass and the gravitational force acts through. Gravity is an electrical phenomenon, the foot normally appears adjacent to electrical symbols birkeland current, wave, planetary body and electron/negative charge. Gravity is therefore described as the electrical charge state of a body and is described in detail by Bes.

 Gravity Supporting Electric Discharge (Foot Supporting Emptying Pot) - The hieroglyph describes the clockwork of the Solar System, electric discharge governed by gravity is shown by the foot (gravity) supporting the electrical discharge of a store or pot or Kawab. Electric discharge supported by gravity is clearly visible on the surface of planets as scars formed by electrical arcing, an example of this machining is Valles Marineris on Mars photographed below. Greater Electrical Stability is provided by Gods planet which projects power using pyramids as electrical pumps, there is no longer a description of lightning on Gods planet as explained by Lintel Sesostris. Electrical structures such as Pyramids or the Montegregian Hot Spots on Earth are as a result of maintaining Electrical Stability, it is explained by the hieroglyphs that power is being projected from the front of Godships to support life in the Universe.

 Operate Gravity (Foot and Arm) - The hieroglyph describes how gravity can be operated or manipulated because it is an electrical phenomenon. This is described in detail on the south wall of Teti Pyramid, it explains that Earths Gravity has been absorbed as one function of using Pyramids. G is not a constant.

 Water (Duck) - A family of water birds. Ducks have a special gland positioned near their tails, called the preen gland. This gland produces an oil, which ducks rub over their feathers with their beaks to maintain their waterproof effect. This oil creates a protective barrier that stops feathers becoming waterlogged. These waterproof feathers insulate ducks from water and cold temperatures.

 Smell, Sight, Thought, Hearing, Taste, Touch (Wedjat) - Your senses, coded by your DNA transmit an electrical impulse that exits the earth at the poles. Vikings refer to this connection at the auroras as the spirit of man leaving earth. It explains how in the Himalaya we have contacted far away galaxy thousands of years before it was discovered by Hubble telescope and is depicted in the Bible shown below. Wedjat

Spiritual Connection to the Cosmos from the Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible

 Lightning - Explained by Meskhenet. Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge forming a plasma. Charge builds up in the atmosphere, the cloud height naturally changes in response to variations in the atmospheric electric field, indicated by Nephthys. Global thunderstorms are not the cause of that field, they are an effect: clouds short-circuit the atmospheric insulator over a height of many kilometres. The vertical winds in thunderstorms are principally electrically driven and described by Set.

 Produce (Sickle) - Shown as the tool used to harvest Wheat, in the fields of the Duat or Aether. It therefore has the meaning of Production / Produce.

 Tip - End

 Home - Core

 Enclosure - In plan view it defines the perimeter of a Pyramid Complex. Used to represent the enclosure it often represents the heliosphere.

 Magnetic Monopole The hieroglyphs show that charge is quantized. The interactions of the very high energy charge emitted from the polar caps can be a source of magnetic monopoles. An example of a magnetic monopole is the open magnetic field lines when you are at either pole of the Earth, that is a monopole for magnets in the area. The hieroglyph of a hill represent the force as you move with or against the magnetic monopole.

 Magnetic Dipole - The twin peaks are the magnetic dipole, this arrangement has nothing to do with a constellation or horizon but actually explains the dynamics of magnetism in the Universe. Each mountain peak represents a magnetic pole. The peaks and troughs provide an indication of the cosmic force. It is similar to how Edward Leedskalnin describes a dipole in that there are two opposing (he calls them currents), hieroglyphs for a dipole there are two opposing mountains..

 Magnetic Stellar Dipole (Akhet) - The Sun rests in a dipole magnetic field, it has North and South Poles which flip on average every 11 years. The dynamics of the Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit are shown in detail by Aker.

 Magnetic Quadrupole (Focusing) - Quadrupoles are used to confine ions axially and could explain the function of the electric field to a Pyramid, see Sopdu. [Also the heliospheric current sheet results in higher order multi pole components explained by the hieroglyph for Amentet]

 Scavenge - The vulture is a scavenging bird of prey and is used to describe the method of searching for negative charge. It is a bird that wastes nothing and waits for the larger scavenger to eat first. Another interesting attribute of the vulture is its bald head, this is a misunderstood trait that has likely evolved due to the requirement of detecting the emotions of surrounding animals whilst scavenging. Scavenging is a vulnerable moment in a vultures life as it is judging when to begin consuming its meal, too early and it risks being killed by the hungry predator, too late and the other vultures crowd the kill. Because of this it has evolved a bald head and a higher sensitivity to the longitudinal electric fields of the animals surrounding it. See Mut.

 Seeking The owl has extraordinary eyesight and widely believed to have the best night vision in the animal kingdom, very efficient at collecting and processing light. In fact, the eyes are so well developed, that they are not eye balls as such, but elongated tubes fixed to the head. The owl must rotate its head in order to see and has 70° binocular vision.

In owls, the fovea is on the upper part of the retina, so things below the owl appear exceptionally clear. This helps them hunt on the ground. When owls close their eyes half way, they block out the sky and some of the sunlight, but can still see the ground below perfectly.

The serrated wing feathers of the Owl enable near-silent flight because they distribute air rushing over the wing into small vortices, reducing turbulence. They also have extremely accurate directional hearing.

The Owl as part of Ammits name describe the ability for a star to 'seek' negative charge. Stars are only tiny sparks in the immensity of space. For example, at a scale of one inch to one astronomical unit (the distance of the Earth from the Sun), the nearest star would be four miles away and the Sun would be the size of a dust mote, about a hundredth of an inch.

 Propagation - Egg is a symbol of fertility and creation.

 Operate (Arm) - The arms are how objects are operated.

 Attribute - Possibly meaning interstellar or smaller order attribute.

 Attribute - Possibly meaning intergalactic or greater order attribute.

 Attribute of the Sun - Horus
 Attribute of Suns Power - Amun

 Attribute of Collector - Maat

Heliosphere - Hathor is the Heliosphere or electric field enclosure.

 Electric Force (Hand) - Hands are used to indicate the direction and behaviour of the Electric Force. For example the Electric Force of the Sun is displayed by Aten and Ra.


 Large Absorption - Apep

 Stationary Electric Force - Horus indicates the Electric Force

 Electrostatic - Folded cloth generates electrostatics. Gravity is radially oriented electrostatic dipoles as shown by Bes.

 Capacitor - Negative charge within an enclosure supporting a positive charge. Both the Earth and Sun are described by the hieroglyphs as spherical self repairing capacitors, see Nephthys

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 Djed Column (Dielectric) - The Djed Column is the Dielectric Insulator, the insulating medium that exists between the two plates of a capacitor where the 'Regenerative Power' is stored in an electric field.

 Surplus Charge Store - creator of pots - see Khnum

 Record - papyrus.

 Record - papyrus.

 Tyet - Knot of Isis - The Tyet represents the circuit of the cosmos supporting all the Ankhs and thus life in the cosmos, this electricity is provided by Isis along the structured plasma of the cosmos.

 Watching / Vision - Osiris

 Shield - The Ram only knocks head once and it holds a defensive stance, electrically it is representative of a shield for the entire planet. The straight horns symbolize a defensive, non aggressive shielding nature. Khnum

 Diamagnetism - A Frog is an animal that can levitate in a magnetic field, its gravitational force is compensated on the level of individual atoms and molecules. In a similar way to magnets pushing away from each other if you bring together two like poles, for example, two North or two South poles they will repel each other. In a large magnetic field of up to 16T, all the atoms inside the frog act as very small magnets creating a field levitating the frog. The frog has built up tiny magnets all of which are repelled by the large magnet. This force which acts on every single atom of the frog is directed upwards and appears to be strong enough to compensate the force of gravity (directed downwards). So the frog's atoms do not feel any force at all and the frog floats. It also explains how thousand tonne hard stones are moved hundreds of kilometres from their quarry sites. Seshat

 Seshat Emblem - Canopy Height - Magnetic Field Strength (Seshat).

 Stability - This is how Egyptians would have stabilized items they carry on their head. Therefore this hieroglyph represents electrical stability.


 Received Power - For example the Jury are all holding Sceptres in the Book of the Dead. This is now accurately deciphered as the Book of the Suns Electric Field and the Sceptre indicates the procession of negative charge toward the Sun.

 Projected Power - Sekhem is the word for power, and the Sekhem Scepter is described by Sekhmet as projected power.

 Inscribing using Projected Electricity

 [Freq of Sun?] Not yet deciphered. Desert Hares have large ears primarily for funnelling sound to aid in their survival, the hot desert environment allows the hare to support such a large surface area for their ears which is also used for heat dissipation. [[[Sun dynamics the funnelled wave from the plasma wing removes CME - "cut the head off a snake with a feather controlled by a hare" - the opposite of the lions roar magnification is the desert hares ears funnelling sound like a radar dish.]]]

 ... Land


 Glow Discharge - Can be used to describe lightning.


 ? - Atum.

 ? - Anubis is shown on the surface of the hieroglyph.

 Charge Store

 Electricity Supporting Life - Explained by Nefertum.

 Alternating Current - Alternating current in space functions like a lung and is what drives filamentary lighting and stars. Nikola Tesla

 Star System (Cow Leg) - Resonant and connected by a plasma link, like an arm of the milky way often drawn with 6 stars inside the arm. If the arm is cut off the whole cow dies. The rear legs are the outer galaxy, and the front legs the inner galaxy.

 Galaxy (Hesat the Cow) - The creator of electrical nourishment. The Ancients use milk and its creation as a metaphor for describing electricity in space and the function of the Milky Way Galaxy. Neith, NutHathor, Serket and Isis provide the electrical connections in space, allowing current to flow. Because of this their breasts are normally shown exposed to represent the nourishment or supply of electricity to planets and stars within the Galaxy. The Cow is normally drawn with stars on its belly, with its four legs being the pillars that keep the cow alive, should one leg be removed the whole cow will die. The horns are present on the cow because the hieroglyphs describe a Galactic Heliosphere or electric field enclosure, also the cow is often positioned inside the hieroglyph symbol for a bipolar magnetic field.

 Inner Galaxy (Hedjet) - Relative to Earths position it is the inner galactic circuit.

 Outer Galaxy (Deshret) - Relative to Earths position it is the outer galactic circuit.

 Cyclone (Set) - Cyclone. The Anteater uses its long nose to suck air from the ground upwards, like the up-draft of a cyclone or typhoon...Set

 Sobek (Crocodile) - Worlds strongest bite, largest pinch force in the Electric Universe. See Sobek

 Sew Charge (Hoe) - To plant.

 Aether (Wheat) - Archaeological research indicates that Wheat was being farmed in Egypt's Nile Valley since before 5,000 B.C. The Wheat plant is shown at different stages of maturity likely to indicate the different energy densities of the Aether. The Fields of the Duat or Aaru depict Wheat fields being harvested showing how energy is supplied to celestial bodies powering planets, stars and galaxies.

Tesla said that the Aether could be "conceived as lines or tubes of force", creating greater ease of movement in one direction than the other. This is analogous to the tubular stem of the Wheat Plant, whereby if you run your hand up and down the plant you will experience a friction to movement in one direction greater than the other. Tesla also said that the Aether "behaves as a fluid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat". Again this would be analogous to a field of Wheat, behaving like a fluid to solid bodies that brush through the field, and as a solid to light which are absorbed by the Wheat plant. For this reason the Wheat hieroglyph symbolizes the Aether and its different energy densities.

 Energy - Grain used to define energy, (like the energy projected from stars)

 Bee (Makes honey from wheat, mechano-reception ).. Pollination

 Flail (Flail) - Like whip used on Cow to make it plough. Vulture and Falcon/Osiris carry flail to whip the cow. Imagine the milky way travelling through space, being whipped by Osiris (cosmic grid) in the universe to keep moving ...


 Guide - How Shepherd guide their Sheep. See Osiris

 Pyramid - Electric discharge point on the Earths crust described by Anuket, Sopdu and Sopdet.

 Hieroglyph Y3 - Supporting a charge store and its electrostatic resonance using projected power. The pot is shown with a loop with the sceptre through it, showing that a charge store is supported by projected power.

 Gift Pyramid

 Offer Charge (Offering a pot) The pot is a charge store, or discrete unit of charge and the arm is to operate. This therefore is an offering of Charge.

 Electrostatic Negative Charge Collector This is not an emblem of the West. It describes the action of the weak electric field that powers the Sun shown by Amentet.


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