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Visit to ICC Site On Mars, Tsunamic Energies Affecting People, WW3 Will NOT Happen, Galactic Central Sun and the 'Council of 13' | Corey GoodETxSG

Here are some interesting updates from Corey providing some clarity about his recent visit to Mars, the difference between honorable ET's and nefarious ones, the Galactic Central Sun and much more.

I will add my comments in green, in [brackets] for additional clarity, below the updates from Corey in black. Comments from other people are also in black, although I have removed their names for privacy. 

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- Justin

Facebook Update (June 20th 10:00am): 

The joint SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Delegate ("Gonzales", Myself & 2 SSP Security/"IE" members assigned to each of us) and ICC Leadership Conference occurred.

As many guessed would happen it did not go very smoothly. "Gonzales" threw them for a loop from the very beginning when from orbit he chose a colony/facility that the ICC Representative did not expect. 

After nearly an hour delay we were cleared to land, went through their security checkpoint and began the problematic process of touring the industrial facility while the base commander scurried to prepare their "Main Hall" for the conference and the people of the colony for the unusual tour of the new arrivals. 

We were told not to speak about Earth in this case to not throw off the social dynamics of this colony. Apparently they had been told decades prior that there had been a major incident of some sort on Earth that made it uninhabitable. This became a major problem early in the tour when I responded to a security members question of where I was from as "Texas".

I had a sunburn from the swimming pool and "Gonzales" told me that the products we use (Deodorant/Hair Gel) reek of Earth including the smells released by the pores in our skin from the foods we eat. People on these closed environment/stations can smell these things easily (We looked/smelled very "alien" or out of place to them). 

Things went downhill from that point and the conference was a "Dog and Pony Show" that wasn't really meant to achieve much. I will brief DW a little later this morning and will do a write up on the conference and tour on our website and post the link here on Facebook and Tweet. 


My question about the Schumann Resonance:

Justin Deschamps Fascinating. The colonists can smell and detect your 'alienness' - that's one of the things you mention that makes perfect sense but it wouldn't have occurred to me till you shared it. I wonder if the facilities there require artificial Schumman frequencies like what you mentioned recently.

Looks like the Cabal is getting plenty of rope and by their deeds we shall know them

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance Yes, the resonance is piped in to certain security facilities and bases of those who come and go from the bases to other locations (Vessels/Bases on Moons etc). There are those who have been born and raised (Generations) on Mars that are now "Martians" and the resonance of that planet has bee acclimated to. They still control the environments strictly and do control the resonance and atmospheric pressure and gas ratio/content and air purity. I will be writing quite an extensive article/report about this meeting/encounter as well as what was seen in the tour of the colony and the industrial facility and the components that were manufactured at this particular location. Corey/GoodETxSG

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Facebook Updated (June 20th 1:30pm)

Are the Sphere-Beings related in any way to the following article ? Could you please share your opinion on the above ?

No... No correlation what so ever.

You have to be VERY careful of the information you obtain on Internet Forums and Blog's. I have recently repeated a saying that I would hear among some in my family growing up. I cleaned it up a little bit before I posted it for obvious reasons;

"Opinions are like Rear Ends, Everyone has one and they ALL STINK!" 
This is humorous to some and not to others I have since been told. However it was a way of illustrating that in today's Internet society not only does the anonymity of online forums embolden people to be much more rude than they would if they were sitting across the table from you, It has also given everyone a platform to share their opinions based on their own belief systems or reality bubbles.

There is also the fact that beginning in the 1950's the Military and Civilian Intelligence Agencies began a Policy of infiltration. Since then the "Ufology" Field has been completely infiltrated and managed by handlers up until the current day.

Some of the best researchers have been kept from getting too close to sensitive information by the insertion of very likable people who are often whistle blowers or financial contributors (Among others) who also become "Trusted Advisers". These people are actually Agency Handlers who steer them in certain directions or even cause conflict in organizations/teams in a way that they come out smelling like a rose and keep their credibility in the field.

In the past I spent quite a lot of time on Internet Forums and there are a lot of really intelligent and well-meaning people on them. They would never want to admit that they have been manipulated by infiltrators out of sheer ego.

Those who run Internet Forums would not want to admit that their staff has been infiltrated in the past or present by agents out of pride. I know of one former Moderator that was ordered to obtain his position in a Forum as an infiltration (He told me this himself).
It is an unfortunate fact that not only is the field of "Ufology" completely infiltrated but Online Forums are even more so.

[I've spent some time on social media sites of all types and there does seem to be a great deal of incendiary and wild arguments that fall down into bitter fights, but at the same time I have had some of the most rewarding discourses with others. It is a fine line between trying to share the truth with others and being run around in circles. The energy wasted on a close-minded debate seems to be part of the goal of the Cabal and we are programmed to defend our beliefs aggressively as part of societal conditioning. 

The time we have, where we focus our attention, is essential for our growth and development, and while trying to share our knowledge with others is of benefit, knowing when to pull back is also advantageous. I found this pyramid when searching for ways to have objective discussions with others a long time ago and find it one of my best tools for wading through drama and circular debates:

This is phrased in terms of 'arguments' but the same concepts apply to having discussions in general.

In my personal process, I try (not always successfully) to remain at the top of the pyramid, to discuss the central points objectively without requiring agreement from another. Whenever I or another strays away from that into anything below the top, I usually try and guide the conversation back that place. If someone is using generalizations or labels, like 'this is BS, you made a typo so you don't know what you're talking about, this is wrong because I believe XYZ, etc.' its usually a good indication that the conversation is about to turn into close-minded debate. In these instances, I personally find it difficult to continue without feeling emotional defensiveness bubbling up, which can lead to anger and frustration on my part. Making a gesture of vulnerability, like saying "I am sorry I didn't mean to offend" or asking questions about what another person is trying to say can realign the discussion, or at the very least lay the foundation for the next one to be more fruitful. Some people I met online were in situations of intensity, that transitioned after a bit of compassion on both our parts was garnered. 

Not everyone on the internet who displays this behavior is a paid troll, but by way of their close-mindedness they can be a vacuum for energy. I find the best way to put out a fire is to stop feeding it. 

All that being said, I also feel its at great way to learn about myself, observing how I react to triggers and developing a way to navigate a discussion without triggering someone else. It's no easy task and in our age of limited time, it makes it difficult to create a space for an open objective discussion. But in my observation, there are more people displaying diplomatic tendencies, trying to remain calm and offer healing to others who react. We are all human after all, and it seems the internet provides a way for some of our deepest fears of rejection to play out. Another time calling for forgiveness and compassion.]

Question about Bashar:

Last time ill ask (asked 3 times already) for a comment on Bashar. I find it extremely, extremely hard to believe people of the Alliance are not aware who Bashar is. There should be some correlating info on this. Don't worry, I'll still read but wont go back to participating anymore after this post. For example, David W avoids questions regarding Bashar like the pest. I know he isn't too fond of channelings other than the Law of One materials but some times I doubt he even knows what Bashar teaches (exactly same as Sphere Beings as far as I'm aware, maybe they are even part of them).

[I have seen a lot of Bashar videos and much of the concepts offered do resonate with the content in the Law of One. While it would certainly be very interesting to hear that this or that source of information is working at a higher level, with the Sphere Beings, I am not sure there is any nefarious intention in not speaking about them. What is being said is usually far more empowering then the details about who is sharing it. And if one needs to have their most cherished spokesmen mentioned, then there is probably something deeper at work.]

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Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance I have almost 500 questions I haven't gotten to yet in the FAQ's. Many questions about other people like this as well. I will get to them when I can. I have had an extremely heavy schedule recently with the SSP/Sphere Alliance. They do not follow different personalities on Earth claiming to be in contact with various entities or groups on the Internet. They have people that gather intel of course but the majority of people are doing their perspective jobs in what will be considered a very historical time period someday. Corey/GoodETxSG

Question about nature of the Sphere Beings:

I just have to ask. How are you 100% sure that these sphere beings, and SSP guys are out for our best interests? When you go to these meetings and you are representing all of humanity, what level of intelligence are we humans, next to these inter dimensional beings. And how do you know that they are not of a manipulative, negative intentional beings who are pretending to be in the best interests of the human race. I too am in contact with higher dimensional beings. And I am also very intuitive. And my true gut feeling says that no higher dimensional being would interfere with our free will world, and spiritual nature, in a physical way. Are you 100% positive that these contacts you have are not manipulating you? And how do you know? In the history of mankind, there has been many incidents where a society of higher intelligence has manipulated another society for their own personal, and mostly sinister reasons. You don't even have to look no further then the story of what the English settlers did to the Native Americans to see this has been played out over and over again. There certainly is a lot of information you are receiving, and I do not doubt your encounters. I just question the source of all the information during a time of much confusion on this planet. If our level of intelligence matches the likes of these other beings you are encountering then that's one thing. But if they are much more intelligent than us, why do you not question the authenticity of the information? Thank You!

Corey's Responses:

Sphere Being Alliance 100% positive that they are positive beings. These are 6th-9th Density Beings and the negative polarity or service to self type of agendas are what you have to be more careful with in 3rd, rth and 5th Density Beings. The SSP Alliance are not Angels by any means. They are Humans and make mistakes, they do have a goal to defeat the Cabal controlling us and to bring and end to Financial Slave Systems and bring about a Technological "Star Trek" like civilization. The current ruling Human Elite and 3rd/4th/5th Density Beings that are their "gods" or leaders are against this plan. All of my contacts are 100% physical/face to face encounters (Not channeled or Remote/Telepathic)... I have "Tested the spirits" as they say and their message of LOVE, Forgiveness and raising our vibrations/consciousness by focusing on becoming Service To Others is in line with 6th+ Density Mind/Complex values. I and the others who are in contact with these beings are 100% certain this is not a grand manipulation. People deeply in 3rd Density mindsets as I said before see everything being done out of agenda and try to overlay or project those ideas on all beings. We have a very difficult time with understanding how 6th+ Density beings think and behave and interact with 3rd Density beings like ourselves. The last 3 times they did so people turned info into religions/cults and they do not want it to occur this time. There is no time for new false belief systems or religious beliefs to be formed. Humans are programmed to do this and it is difficult to avoid. Those who have formed belief systems or are stuck in their current reality bubbles are the ones who are throwing rocks and garbage at these recent disclosures the most. Most of them misquote the information and I cannot get them to actually read ALL of the information before they react and comment on partial information. When it comes down to it each has to use their own discernment filters after openly and honestly looking at all of the information just as I have used my discernment and highly trained "IE" abilities. TY, Corey/GoodETxSG

Sphere Being Alliance Also, a clarification. I do not represent Humanity. I'm a delegate for the Sphere Alliance. The SSP Doesn't represent Humanity either. Sadly the "Earth Human Delegation" is made up of a rotating seat that is occupied by the current ruling Elites of the Earth. They represent Humanity at this time.

My Response:

Justin Deschamps good questions to ask. I'll offer that we can't be 100% sure about anything, to believe in something absolutely is a delusion. Absolute certainty requires absolute knowledge, and since we are all finite of mind, developing knowledge via experience, the best we can hope for is relative certainty. That being said. the old age adage "by their deeds ye shall know them" is very helpful IMO. We must consider not only what is offered by way of statements but the totality of information available. Generally speaking, a nefarious intention holds a flag or paints a picture of doing something beneficial, but the fruit of this intention is not beneficial. Consider the various governmental institutions whose rhetoric sounds very good and helpful, yet actually are part of an elaborate program of control and domination. IMO what we do know about them, as told through Corey, is highly reflective of an honorable race which would not abrogate free will, but honor any collaborative working. The alliance is a working in that regard, in that sense they are not side stepping our free will, but working with it.

Comment about what the Council must think of the Cabal:

The thought that a group of elites who rule by oppression and subterfuge is representing the whole of humanity, furthermore other "advanced" ET civilizations acknowledge these Earth elites as proper representatives, is laughable to say the least. The whatever council up there must be giving the cabal a delegate seat as a big joke. I can't see these councilmen and women seriously considering the cabal as legitimate representatives.

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance INDEED! When I was an "IE Support" member on these delegations it was obvious that none of these ET's on this Super Federation (Federation made of other federations/councils) wanted them present. They seemed tolerated and not at all welcome.

Question about ET's opinions about humanity in general:

An assumption: When Corey said that some ET civilizations don't have a high regard for humanity, did those ETs mean the current ruling elite and not humanity in general? Cause we got our fates manipulated so bad on every possible level, it might look like we got our heads stuck in our asses... Sorry for the language but I think the metaphor is appropriate

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance They do not have a high opinion of Humanity in general (Watch the news for a cpl hours, blame some of them? All excuses aside...) even though their manipulations have contributed to the problem. They REALLY do not like the "Human Elites" that rotate in on the Delegation Meetings. They are all very dark people with very dark agenda's.

My comment about ET opinions:

Justin Deschamps ET opinions shouldn't be taken as an absolute judgement IMO. Does a parent consider their child a total failure for making a mistake? no. Similarly, the ET races appropriately have a low opinion of humanity (right now) because we allowed ourselves to be manipulated so deeply. That doesn't mean our nature is questioned, more so our choices - the condition at present. And in the final analysis im not sure focusing on the 'he said she said' for too long is of any value other then allowing it to draw our attention to the things of primary interest.. that we can be empowered to make new choices, learning from past mistakes and grow into maturity.

Corey's Response about World War 3:

Sphere Being Alliance These are last desperate acts that will not be permitted to escalate into WWIII. Its about the West trying to start WWIII as a last ditch effort to prevent a financial collapse and new financial system owned by the East/BRICS from arising. It will take a huge financial crash for the asleep brain washed people to be agitated and wake up enough to be ready to believe and accept all of the data dumps in full disclosure. As also stated, "The beings" are NOT going to save us... They are not here to save us from ourselves... They have made this extremely clear in their message that we have the power of saving ourselves via our mass consciousness and we will be our own saviors. If they came down and saved us we would learn nothing and would repeat the same history over and over. All of this information has been shared before and those who have looked at it in depth should understand by now that we should stop waiting for outside saviors to make the change and that we are responsible for doing it.

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Corey on Putin:

Sphere Being Alliance Russian/Putin know more about what is going on with the SSP Alliance and OFF WORLD AFFAIRS than anyone else. They will not fall for any manipulations into war. They also have high technology that can prevent US weapons technology from being a problem. Have you read my other reports? China has tech that shuts down our ships and makes them dead in the water, makes missiles/planes drop from the skies with an electronic dampening field and Russia has the same technologies. There are metal expansion/magnetic technologies that make simple rifles and hand guns unable to fire any rounds... I think things are more controllable than you know if you haven't read the full reports/disclosures I have released recently.

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Corey on Tsunami Energy waves:

Sphere Being Alliance With the posts here the last couple of days and the questions in the FAQ's, not to mention activity on forums and what I observed at the LOC and the Colony we visited there has to be a Super Sized Energetic Tsunami Wave moving through the Sol System right now... It has been bizarre.

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[There has been a significant increase in energy emissions from the Sun in the form of CME's (Coronal Mass Ejections) beginning several days ago, that will impact the Earth tomorrow and early next week. Even though the charged particles take several days to reach Earth, the changes in energy potency and consciousness are felt almost instantly, and play out for days after the event.]

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Comment about higher density races and alignment to The Truth:

I think an important thing to consider is that even if a being claims to be of 5th or 6th density..or whatever density..that does not actually make them that ,and that even beings of very high evolution are still viewing things from their level of awareness,which may be very close to the truth but not totally in-line with THE whether it be the Sphere being alliance or any other group it is essential that our intention is to be God.Sovereign and Free and not get caught in the claims of "higher" beings..that being said I get a good vibe from Coreys messages and his off-world contacts

Corey's Response:

Sphere Being Alliance There is a limit to what 4th/5th density beings can do... but I agree with you that some of these tricksters beings are quite convincing and people that have been deceived will not give up on them or be convinced they have been deceived very easily. Working with so many of these 4th/5th D ET's my entire life I at least have a working knowledge of these beings and how they work/behave.

Facebook Update (June 20th 5:00pm):

Consciousness is the key to our freedom... Love, Forgiveness (Breaking the wheel of karma)... Focusing on becoming Service To Others will change the world and create an environment that takes advantage of the background energy that forces the lower vibrational beings to self destruct. Thus the meek shall inherit the Earth and create a new Civiization where everyone is equal. This is something we can acheive without the intervention of Savior ET's or Human GURU's...


Facebook Update (June 20th 8:00pm):

This is some information that is possibly very controversial among several groups of people who have strong belief systems about several ET/ED groups that have been referred to as "Confederations", "Councils", "Commands", "Alliances" and "Federations".

The list is a long one.

There is a Galactic Council of 13 mentioned in several "ET Narratives" including the "Ashtar Council", "Andromeda Council", "Draco Council", "Galactic Council of Light", "The 13 Ascended Galactic Masters" and the list goes on and on.

There is also lots of talk about the Galactic Central Sun (AKA "The Black Sun") which even has a number of its own cults and is reflected in the "Galactic Logos" information that was presented in the "Hidden Hand" Material that was a mixture of several other groups of New Age Idea's and rumored Illuminati Beliefs.

Related Why You NEED To Understand the Occult | De-Mystifying the Occult Seminar - The Nature of Sacred Symbolism and Hidden Knowledge by Mark Passio

There is certainly a series of energetic bursts that are coming from the center of the the Galaxy that we measured in the SSP Research Vessels as well as high energy galactic storms in an area of the Galaxy that our Sol System happens to be traveling through at this time.

There are some ET Groups that are in the Super Federation that are 4th and 5th Density Beings/Civilizations. None of them have identified themselves as being apart of or representing a "Council of 13" from the center of our Galaxy.

They do not use the names that most "Earth Contactee's" use to describe the beings they are in contact with on the Internet at these Super Federations. This may be because they represent themselves to these Earth bound humans that they are contacting as these group names while they are known by completely other designations by each other and the Secret Space Programs. Some of them have indeed been found out to be deceptive "Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations" that have pretended to be "gods" and "ET's" for hundreds of years to various surface populations and civilizations.

Related Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI "Alien Reproduction Vehicle"/ARV - Nazi Die Glocke - "Gold from Mercury Problem"

The Super Federation is a Federation that is made up of many other Councils and Federations that have a vested interest in our Sol System and are taking part in some "Grand Experiment" that is not just genetic in its nature. This "Experiment" is far more complex than genetics and is something they are participating in themselves as well as experimenting on us. It is also very much tied to "Natural Law", Karma, and "Free Will" (Even though some groups do not respect free will in the way we would expect them to).

All of that being said, I base the above on my direct experiences in physical meetings that are face to face. These are not remotely channeled by unseen beings or channeled by beings that do not appear in my presence physically.

Any 6th Density or higher being can appear anywhere they like by just consciously "Thinking It So". If you are being contacted by a group that claims to be 6th+ Density and gives you excuses why they will not appear to you then it is time to become suspicious.

It is not to say you can just contact these being out of curiosity or wanting proof of other life and they will appear to you if you send out a mental signal either. That is a good way to open yourself up to negative contact and manipulation.

These 6th+ Density beings think and behave on a level that we cannot comprehend in our current density. Some take that as an insult but it is a basic truth. They do live by a Natural Law and a sort of "Prime Directive".

Related "Outside" Proof is Impossible, Time To Mentally Prepare, Sphere Being's Methods, Honoring Free Will | Corey GoodETxSG

There are quite a lot of lower Density Beings (3rd, 4th & 5th) that masquerade as gods and higher beings to deceive and manipulate people all of the time. They can put on quite impressive displays and end up attracting quite a few "Followers".

Positive 6th and higher Density beings will discourage followers, religions, cults or the people they are speaking through as presenting themselves as "Guru's". They will work to teach you that you need to find the answers within. There are no light forces coming to save you. There are no ascended masters or ET's that are going to come down and end the rule of the "Elite" and change the world. Beings of this level are going to encourage us to make these changes ourselves and to become apart of the process.

It is up to each of us to use our individual discernment filters and not our wishful thinking to decide what our truth will be. We are so encapsulated in our individual reality bubbles that we avoid any information that may pop them.

Related Self Mastery and Discernment Are Essential To Avoid A.I. Enslavement | Bio-Technology Hybrids Open the Door to Extraterrestrials AI Robots Replacing Humanity

We need to decide if we will remain sheep or will be truly sovereign and reclaim our power of consciousness and its ability to directly effect reality. It is either that or sit back and complain, have a negative attitude (Say this can't work) and wait for someone else to do the work.

Facebook Update (June 20th 9:00pm):

After almost ZERO press on a NAZA report that they photographed a "Pyramid" on Ceres (Not Pyramid Like Object) they have also released a Pyramid photographed by the Mars Rover... Why don't they just take off the red filter for the sky already???



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