Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birth & Marriage Certificates Scam : Corporations make bonds with them : You are money : Meet your Strawman?

The following information is difficult to verify directly, but has a great deal of circumstantial evidence to support it. See the posts Trust Law: How You Became A Commodity - The Creation of Constructive Trusts and Judge Dale: The Great American Adventure.
- Justin

Source - LightworkersXM

Birth Certificates:
Background knowledge of Your birth and Marriage Certificates as a Global and National Fraud and what you can do about it:
It is important to know that when you are born you have entered a Crime scene as you are sold for money to the banks :
They make money out of you from a bond created from your birth certificate signed by your mother:

Bank note company
Bullet Points : 
1) Every Birth Certificate is converted into a bond and then is passed on  to the New York Stock Exchange and The Vatican Bank as A stock Bond = Money = Value :
2) Every Birth Certificate has a Value and a serial number that can be checked for Value :
3) You Come under Admiralty law : Your mothers womb was the cargo in the Ship and you were the Birth:
4) Every Birth is to be registered as a Corporate commodity in each country by UCC law with is a Roman law dating back to 1302 .
5) Your NAME IN CAPITOL LETTERS is your conformance to the corporate slave system.
6) Words of LAW are twisted in this most intelligent of crimes to deceive you and below we help you become more familiar with the deception.
A short 5 minute cartoon with an insight to your Birth Certificate:

Your Strawman makes sure your government Govern ( Control ) Ment (Mind)  has made money out of Your Berth ( birth).

Here is a typical blank: UK Birth Certificate:
Birth UK

Jordan Maxwell again going deeper and a great insight on how a matrix agenda is working to enslave you:
It cannot be stressed how important this knowledge is:
For the best modern day Breakdown of your birth certificate visit Kate of GAIA:
Go to get a blow up of this at Kate Of Gaia here : Study the deception uncovered: Compare it with your Copy no matter which country you come from: They are all the same with a few changes from one country to the next:

This is the most common question people ask when they are told that they have been conned at berth :
When you pay your taxes you are paying them not to your country but you are paying them to wars and secret agendas:
Being a non conformist is to admit that you refuse to pay for wars:
Now a very good description of the fraud in this 4 minute video Must see: Non Compliance:
Here is Druana Johnson offering assistance to any one who needs to know more and a delightful 12 minute closer look at what you have signed away: Also a closer look at your corporate last name: Very informative:
And once you start learning You can learn more : here :
Victory of the Light in now near:
In Light Dave



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  1. The problem with most of these article/videos is that they lack specifics about how to find this or that by providing links. How does one stop your birth certificate from being sold on the NYSE? How does one use your bond to write off your debt? How does one stop from being arrested by police because you no longer have a vehicle registration? How does one stop a bank from foreclosing on your home when you stop making payments? These are big questions not easily answered because anyone following the OPPT movement know all too well how we've been stopped at every single turn by our governments/courts/police and banks all working in conjunction with each other to force us to capitulate or deal with their dire response towards us. It's one thing to inform us of what is going on; it's, however, a much bigger issue to try and stop it from happening to us. Non compliance only forces their hand to pull us out of our homes and into their courts where they have the obvious advantage through force. Or if you go to court to fight them it's a no win situation because they will skew the court to their own interests even if it means it's done by lying or behind closed doors. You over estimate our abilities to overcome these problems and under estimate the system to keep us right where we are. Once you create enough examples, people will step back in line and keep their heads down.

    1. Cancel your voter registration.

    2. see also: SEDM

  2. omg the bullshit
    Every citizen is directly under the law. Noone is above the law, though some people are protected from the consequences of breaking them.

    Every respectable man IS under the law.

    1. Natural Law yes. Roman Cannon Law, Civil law, and Statutory codes, only by consent.

    2. Maybe the 'bullshit' is actually not knowing which laws. Our natural ability to trust those in our society and country is one of the most difficult things to come to terms with, especially when we realise that their intentions are self-serving, and we, the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, are just fodder. I did not come into this world to serve the self-appointed masters. Let those words vibrate and be heard by all the insidious lawmakers' who's days are numbered. Laws! Are not the 10 Commandments enough? All arbitrary laws are there to control, intimidate and collect revenue for the fat cats! MOST humans have created this situation by being part of the mass mentality - comfort in numbers; no ability to stop and think, and no belief that they do not have to comply with what others think.

    3. You are correct, the question is, WHICH LAW ARE YOU STANDING UNDER? See: and SEDM for the answer[s]...

  3. WHEN A POLICEMAN ASKS YOU “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” = STAND UNDER do you stand under the LAW Make marriage certificate


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