Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aha! Typhoon Yolanda was a False Flag; Australia Said “NO!” to the Climate Change Tax

Source - 2012 The Big Picture

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So THIS is what it was all about. This is the MOTIVE. Does anyone else see this? The cabal created that storm, blamed it on ‘climate change’ and played on the emotions of people so the UN could convince us to agree to yet another tax—this one to address Climate Change! Not that they WILL address climate change. The money will go in their coffers with all the rest.

Published on 13 Nov 2013

U.N. Climate Panel Blames Philippines Typhoon On Climate Change

Just as they did with all their other false flags—their tried-and-true Problem-Reaction-Solution MO—and since it worked SO well, SO many times before, they did it yet AGAIN!!!

How much longer is this going to continue?! The people of Earth do not deserve this. We have suffered for eons longer than it should ever have been allowed to continue…

…and now it goes on while we negotiate with terrorists and murdering psychopaths for their surrender. Who will be next? Which lambs will be led to the slaughter—and when?

Could we have their GPS coordinates and a date, please, so they could at least evacuate if they chose?

Enough is enough. End the insanity. THE ILLUMINATI IS NOT GOING TO SURRENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, they continue to pare down the population of this planet, just as they always intended.

Let’s see… 7 Billion inhabitants with a goal of 500 Million… this typhoon eliminated what—another 10,000? And the wounded and starving will bolster that statistic in short order. You do the math.

Yet if we try to round them up they threaten to take out 100,000 or more. Quite the quandary we’re in, eh? And so… we wait; praying and meditating for a peaceful transition. We need a miracle.


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  1. The weather disruptions have more than one agenda. Disaster Capitalism, amassing of huge amounts of money that barely make it to the disaster zone, i.e., they end up in banks and then are used in trading in the open market for reconstruction projects, redistribution of populations, depopulation, land grabs, resources, disruptions of protests, etc. During Occupy Wall street, the skies were peppered with aircraft spraying toxins. I watch the skies all the time, and I have noticed that when things calm down where I live, they are re-directed to another area on the earth. To me, the Nature part of it, is that they think they can F****K with Mother Nature, change the ecosystems around the world and there will be no blow back, but that happens as well. Mother is not gonna take this manipulation without a fight, i.e., fukushima daiichi, now they have radiated the entire planet, again, since Hiroshima!!! Do they care?? Heck no, psychopaths have no conscience. They will make sure they are safe and secure. All hail to the 500 million drones left to keep the elite cared for after this is all over. They are sinking the ship and don't realize that they are in the same boat as the rest of us. Their hubris is so pervasive they are blind to that one fact! We all share this planet. Now, they could have an alternate means of escape... but who will take them in??? It's Cosmic history, destroy your planet and become the outcast of the Cosmos. Silly Elitists!


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