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Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed

The question isn't whether the planet is heating up, it's the CAUSE of the increase in temperature that is in question, the Sun being the most likely.

- Julian

The Daily Caller
1:27 PM 09/29/2013

Not all scientists are panicking about global warming — one of them finds the alarmism “hilarious.”

A top climate scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology lambasted a new report by the UN’s climate bureaucracy that blamed mankind as the main cause of global warming and whitewashed the fact that there has been a hiatus in warming for the last 15 years.

Mind Control: In U.S., Political Trust in "American People" at New Low

The puppet masters weaving their powers of perception.

- Julian
Remains higher than trust in politicians
September 27, 2013
by Jeffrey M. Jones


PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' trust in "the American people" to make judgments about political issues facing the country has declined each year since 2009 and, at 61%, is down nearly 20 percentage points from its recent peak in 2005. Still, that exceeds the 46% of Americans who trust the "men and women … who either hold or are running for public office," which is one point above the historical low from 2011.

The results are based on Gallup's annual Governance survey, conducted Sept. 5-8. The same poll found that Americans' trust in the federal government to handle domestic and international problems, their trust in the news media, and their trust in the three branches of the federal government, and in state and local governments are all at or near historical lows.

Americans' trust in political officeholders and candidates has also generally trended downward in recent years, apart from a spike in September 2008, during the fall presidential campaign. That year, Americans viewed the major-party candidates -- Barack Obama and John McCain -- more positively than any other recent pair of presidential candidates.

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Pope Francis to 'rip up and rewrite' Vatican constitution

Another great find from

As a group of eight Catholic cardinals handpicked by the Pope to shake up the Vatican’s murky and autocratic bureaucracy prepares to meet, the group’s leader has said they plan to rip up and rewrite the apostolic constitution which apportions power at the Holy See.

The cardinals, who were appointed in April by Pope Francis and will confer with him for the first time at the Vatican on Oct. 1-3, were briefed to revise the constitution, known as Pastor Bonus, drawn up in 1988 by Pope John Paul, in a bid to give a great voice to bishops around the world.

But Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the group’s leader, said as the meeting loomed they were planning to go much further that just changing “this and that.”

"No, that constitution is over," he said in a TV interview. "Now it is something different. We need to write something different,” he added.

Cobra 2012: Planetary Situation Update: The New Financial System 9.29.2013

This Cobra Update from the 29th of September 2013 has a lot of Data worth hearing. I don't agree completely with Cobra, but its not about agreement. Its about what the Data reveals about ourselves. Ultimately the most complex deception or illusion is just the truth rearranged such that you think it is something it is not. Cobra lends interesting perspectives to theses events. 

- Justin

There is a lot of confusion about the collateral accounts, even among people working behind the scenes. Let us clear that confusion.

Collateral accounts were a creation of the Cabal after WW1 when they persuaded many nations to give up their gold into their custody with an excuse that a gold-backed financial system with strong independent national banks creates geopolitical instability and can lead into wars like WW1. Bank of International Settlements (BIS) was created for that reason in 1930. After the creation of BIS, the Cabal went to China and persuaded the Chinese (sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently) to give up their gold in exchange for phony bonds.The Cabal never had any intention to repay these bonds back. The next phase of their operations was to steal the rest of the Eastern gold through the operation Golden Lily and then bury their lot in Philippines (Yamashita gold) and in Indonesia.

This gold was used to underwrite the western financial system under Bretton Woods agreement. The Cabal controlled the apparently fiat financial system which was visible and hid the shadow banking system which was created by putting large sums of money into central banking trading programs, using the hidden gold to back up their investment. Those programs soon generated astronomical sums of virtual money which could not be taken out of the banks as it was part of the shadow banking system (for example White Spiritual Boy account with all its virtual quadrillions of dollars) and only very small part of it was taken out through money laundering operations. Nobody who was not tied to Cabal was ever allowed close to those prosperity programs and even a small fraction of the programs that tried to include non-Cabal oriented people were soon seized or shot down by the Cabal.

I UV: Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body


The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera.

The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force(which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.

How to identify and remove parasites from your body

I want to add to this is that Urine Fasting can remove parasites as-well, and this requires nothing but will power and water. I have also heard Andrew Norton Webber talk about aged urine will remove parasites due to the higher ammonia content. 
- Justin


(NaturalNews) As ugly it sounds, at least 90% of people will have a problem with parasites at some point in their lifetime. The cause of parasites is well known and is rooted in many of our day-to-day habits. Understanding the symptoms as well as how to remove them could very well save your life.

Where and how you can pick up a parasite

Parasites can linger unseen in many places, but the most common reason for their infestation is poor hygienic practices. This can start and be spread through:

• Poorly sanitized food and water

• Poor personal hygiene

• Foreign travel (food, water, and environment)

• Pets (not properly dewormed on a regular basis)

• Insects

• Sexual intercourse

The likelihood of a parasitic infection will increase with a weakened immune system, which will be compromised from sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, heavy metals (e.g., vaccines, dental fillings), stress and various other toxins. Coffee, wheat, dairy and tap water will also make you a better host for parasites.

Science Conspiracy: The IPCC Climate "Science" Exposed - James Corbett


The IPCC has released its latest assessment of the state of climate science, and this time it's even more dire than their 2007 assessment. Global warming is "unequivocal" and humans are the "dominant cause" to a certainty of 95%. But how are these uncertainties calculated? And how does the IPCC process work anyway?

In recent days, you’ve probably heard ad nauseum that the UN’s new IPCC report claims that it is “95% certain” that humans are causing climate change.

95% is a very specific number. So where does it come from?

The IPCC uses a “likelihood scale” that assigns percentages to various phrases, ranging from “exceptionally unlikely” (0-1% probability) to “virtually certain” (99-100% probability). This sounds like it is based on a precise scientific measurement or well-defined statistical process, but when it comes to deciding how likely it is that climate change is manmade, this is in fact a subjective decision that is made by the report’s authors.

Greenwald, Scahill vow to Unmask NSA’s ‘US Assassination Program’

US journalists Jeremy Scahill (L) and Glenn Greenwald.
Its not enough to visualize the change we want to see. Eventually we need to standup and BE the change we want to see in the world.  
- Justin


US journalists Jeremy Scahill (L) and Glenn Greenwald.

American investigative journalists Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald say they have teamed up to prepare a report on the National Security Agency's role in what one of them described as the "US assassination program."

“The connections between war and surveillance are clear. I don't want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how the National Security Agency plays a significant, central role in the US assassination program,” Scahill said in Rio de Janeiro, as cited by Associated Press.

Speaking to moviegoers at the Rio Film Festival, where an award-winning documentary based on his book was shown, Scahill said he will be working on the project with another journalist - Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story on the NSA leaker Edward Snowden in June.

The journalists – who were both present at the festival’s Q&A panel – were short on details for their new project and gave no evidence of the alleged US program.

Navy Research Blimp Hovering Over Maryland - 'Homeland' Surveillance

Eye In The Sky: Navy Research Blimp Hovering Over Maryland
September 27, 2013 11:57 PM

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — You may have noticed an unusual sight over the Baltimore area in the last few days—a Navy balloon hovering in the sky.

Jonathan George Interview: Dan Brown's the Lost Symbol - Inspiration and Story 8th October 1030pm EST

Stillness in the Storm will be doing an Exclusive interview with Jonathan George, who claims to be the hidden inspiration for Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

Listen to this show here:

During the Interview we will discuss:
- Jonathan's journey into sacred knowledge;
- How Jonathan came to inspire The Davinci Code and The Lost Symbol;
- Unveiling of the magic square (copyrighted 2009 Jonathan George).
- Esoteric and Exoteric Occult symbolism and mechanisms
- and much more!

Interview will be Conducted Live on Tuesday 8th of October 2013 at 10:30pm EST, and will be replayed during our normal show time, Wednesday 9th of October 2013 at 10:00am EST.

The Stillness in the Storm Show is an ongoing conversation about world events, and their implications in our local lives; how our attitudes and perspectives mold our reality. A different perspective on MSM(mainstream news), updates on debt contesting processes, news on health & wellness, alternative history, how these all relate and much more!

Coming False Flag Attacks? - Economic Shutdown and Power Grid Shut down Imminent (video)

Lots of points covered in this discussion. Grid shut down, alternative media could be shut down, Economy terrorism running strong, and our looming economic collapse. Our would-be masters are desperate to push their NWO threw, but more data coming out supporting their efforts will fail. 

- Justin


Published on Sep 29, 2013
This is a MUST HEAR interview with Dave Hodges, College Professor, Journalist and Truth Teller from We discuss the multiple possible false flag scenarios and near-term government exercises taking shape, including the Grid Ex exercise which will simulate the implosion of the US electrical grid. "The DHS and FEMA have at least 8 drills planned between now and November," Dave says.,"I don't think we're going to wait long to see some dramatic shifts in our country."

Brian Kelly's blog: FBI Running Out of Funding


Notice to All Department of Justice Contractors Potential Lapse of Funding


Funding for the Department of Justice (Department) under its current appropriations act expires on September 30, 2013. As of this date, no new appropriations act or continuing resolution has been passed. Unless such legislation is enacted before the end of FY2013, there will be no annual appropriations available to fund activities of the Department for Fiscal Year 2014 (FY 2014) on October 1, 2013.

The effect of a lapse of funding on a particular contract, order, and other procurement commitment (hereafter, Contract) is dependent on the source of funding and terms of the particular Contract and the activities the Contract supports. It is therefore not possible to provide comprehensive guidance covering all circumstances and situations.

The purpose of this Notice is to (1) notify Department contractors of the potential lapse of funding; (2) assist contractors in their contingency planning; (3) provide general substantive guidance regarding when performance on a contract continues during a funding lapse; and (4) provide contractors the procedures the Department will follow to notify contractors whether performance will continue should there be a lapse of funding for FY 2014.

General Substantive Guidance

Cop's Futile Attempts to Threaten Pedestrian Who Knows His Rights

Know your rights and how to use them, or you'll loose them by your own actions. This world and its slavery systems work by CONSENT. Every horror the world over functions by consent at some level. If your reading that statement and feeling offended, its probably because you have justified to yourself some external thing you deem beyond your control. 

Each of us, by our collective apathy, helps enable these things in our world. If your house was on fire and you did nothing to stop it, would we blame someone else for your failure to act? Yet every day we maintain a feeling of helplessness in relation to the things in our lives and on earth that we do not want to continue. Knowledge married with Caring will create the Actions needed to solve problems the world over. True freedom means total personal responsibility for all things we maintain, whether we are aware of it or not. 

- Justin

"Sir, I'm only going to ask you one more time." Lather. Rinse. Repeat indefinitely.

A man was hassled by a cop for walking his dog at night. A cop-blocking pedestrian came to offer some accountability by simply walking up with his camera. What happens next would be truly funny if it weren't for the fact that the bullying tactic often works to harm many Americans.

This infuriated the cop who demanded to know the man's name. "Am I being detained?" was all the man repeated in a respectful manner, also emphasizing that he does not consent to answer questions.

The cop lied when he said he didn't have the right to refuse to tell him who he was. Then he threatened to lock him up and said he would find out who he is.

But this citizen knew his rights. That he doesn't have to answer questions unless he is being detained or suspected of a crime.

The One People 30 Sept/1 Oct 2013 8pm EST

Tolec - 9.29.13 - Comet ISON - NOT Nibiru NOT going to hit earth, Andromedan Council Mother Ship

Discernment as always.

If your looking for an external event to save you from your horrible life, your probably missing the bigger picture. Your 'horrible life' is the product of your personal rejection of catalyst which you chose to experience on earth. You life here is no accident, and you are not a victim. If you feel different, socially awkward, and like the masses at large do not accept you, its probably because they are heavily controlled by egocentric thought programs, and you are more intuitively connected to the 'real' experience. 

Regardless, your experience of feeling like you want to escape it all, is a absolutely a result of YOUR choice to turn away from your experience at some level. That statement can offend some because they feel like they are 'justified' in feeling the way they do, and I do not doubt that. Here on earth we 'justify' all sorts of horrors because we feel like there is no choice, but the hard truth that will truly set us free if we are brave enough to accept it is that we are all empowered to create the experience we want, to feel happy, all the time, if we are willing to take up our full responsibility, and address thought systems and programs that no longer serve us.

Tolec has a lot of good data to share, ensure inner discernment is used to process the data fully within. 

- Justin


]Published on Sep 29, 2013

This Andromeda Council - Preliminary - Visitation Report is based on recent information provided by my Andromeda Council contacts within the last couple of days regarding
the incoming biosphere Xanterexx, a trailing asteroid behind it... as a result, the possibility of severe earth changes;

and what to expect when the visitation of the "good will & liaison team"... and immediately following them the people of the four (4), highly diverse, aligned Andromeda Council member planets... begin their visitation with the people of
Earth, and how long it will last...


Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior


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Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior
Published on Sep 26, 2013
What you are about to hear is not science fiction or conspiracy theory but a glimpse of what is going on behind the closed doors of the United States Pentagon.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

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News Updates - 09/21/13 - 09/29/13

U.S., Russia agree on Syria U.N. chemical arms measureCredit: Reuters/Eric Thayer
By John Irish and Michelle Nichols

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to the media after a meeting of the foreign ministers representing the permanent five member countries of the United Nations Security Council, including Germany, at the U.N. Headquarters in New York September 26, 2013.

UNITED NATIONS | Thu Sep 26, 2013 7:46pm EDT

(Reuters) - Ending weeks of diplomatic deadlock, the United States and Russia reached an agreement on Thursday on a draft U.N. Security Council resolution aimed at ridding Syria of its chemical weapons arsenal...

...A U.S. State Department official hailed the deal as a "breakthrough..."

"...The Russians have agreed to support a strong, binding and enforceable resolution that unites the pressure and focus of the international community on the Syrian regime to ensure the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons," the official said....

....A senior U.S. official said earlier that the United States and China - another permanent Security Council member - strongly agreed on the need for the council to quickly adopt a binding resolution on eradicating Syria's chemical arsenal, a remark that appeared aimed at putting pressure on Russia to accept the measure....

"...China follows Russia on Syria," a Western diplomat said on condition of anonymity....

URL to full article:

If Republicans Want To Shut Down Washington, They’ll Have To Ask China’s Permission First
by Eamonn Fingleton

Sept. 29, 2013

In their never-say-die efforts to defeat Obamacare, Tea Party Republicans brought the federal government a giant step closer to shutdown last night. What they seem not to have considered is how America’s foreign creditors will react.

The Dick Act of 1902 - Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654: Gun Control Forbidden

Saw this on our friend, Ron Van Dykes wall and did a little snooping into it, more unlawful practices. Had to share.

"Bing it, Google it, snoop it, or look it up at the library, it's there, there for US. WE THE PEOPLE!

Dick Act of 1902 – Gun Control “FORBIDDEN!!!!!!!!!!!”

Were you aware of this law?


Obviously the current administration wants to ignore this, because it doesn't fit their political agenda. By law, they can't ignore this. Wake up America... 



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Scientists blend thousands of faces together to reveal what the typical woman's face looks like in 41 different countries from around the globe

This article is fascinating because it reveals how our physical bodies are linked with where we live and the environment we inhabit. These influences take a very long time to express, but I have personally always been able to see the genetic traits of people's lineage in their physical features. 

- Justin

Meet the world's Mrs Averages: Scientists blend thousands of faces together to reveal what the typical woman's face looks like in 41 different countries from around the globe

• Pictures of hundreds of women were used to create an average
• Images of women from 41 different ethnicities were laid over one another before a computer programme deduced the common look
• Study by experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow

If you were described as average-looking, you probably wouldn't see it as a compliment.

But perhaps you would be happy if you looked like any of these computer-generated depictions of the 'average woman'.

With flawless skin, youthful faces and bright eyes - these average faces of women from around the world are nothing short of beautiful.
The face of the average woman from a variety of countries including England, China and Central Africa has been deduced by scientists

Hyperdimensional Reality and Synchromysticism - 'Know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods'

This is an an absolutely breath taking video covering interconnectedness proven by physics, the nature of cyclic time, synchronicity and our powers for resonance which we all have at our disposal, yet rarely use. 

Our reality is much more tactile then previously thought and we often dismiss our body and its manifold sensations as just distraction or an obstacle. Our modern world has totally moved away from harmonic knowledge or positive knowledge and accumulated whole cultural systems for imparting negative knowledge to the masses. Our first task is to remove negative knowledge systems from our foundations, then to create, via inner discernment and pro active data processing, positive knowledge foundations. Eventually a critical mass will be reached with mystical and ascended powers coming to the fore. Unification with Nature: The Way of the Tao is a wonderful post discussing methods and modalities available to rebuild our positive knowledge base. 

The entire creation seems to be a hologram and with ourselves as whole aspects of it, in individuated form. All that we are is a reflection of the infinite contained within us, and it is this basic principle that allows us to gain deep and powerful knowledge to effect our outward reality in a positive way. 

- Justin
"I warn you, whoever you are... 

Oh, you who wish to probe the arcanes of nature, if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither shall you be able to find it outside

If you ignore the excellencies of your own house, how do you intend to find other excellencies?
In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. 

Oh, man, know thyself and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods!"

Distilled Liquids: Vegetables: Raw and juicing to a healthier life


(NaturalNews) A great way to improve one's health is to ensure that one eats a lot of fresh vegetables that have been minimally processed and are raw, organic and locally-grown. The problem is that not everybody can eat raw vegetables. To solve this problem, dieticians recommend juicing fresh vegetables. Patients who are improving or restoring their health and cannot eat food directly can instead drink juiced vegetables.

It is recommended to consume organic vegetables rather than those which are conventionally grown for health reasons. This is because conventionally grown veggies are usually sprayed with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They have also undergone ionizing radiation and are considered genetically modified organisms. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, says that sixty percent of herbicides, ninety percent of fungicides and thirty percent of insecticides are carcinogenic. They destroy the nervous system and lead to many health problems due to their potent and harmful chemicals.

Juicing is a great way to obtain sufficient quantity of fresh vegetables in one's diet. It is less time-consuming, especially if one uses a good juicer. Those who have tried it the first time realized that it is not difficult and is very simple to do. People should juice vegetables because of the absorption of more nutrients in their bodies, better consumption of these health foods and a large variety of veggies incorporated into their diet. Those who try it the first time should juice the veggies they enjoy eating to have a delicious meal.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unification with Nature: The Way of the Tao

Natural Law and harmonizing with it will have the power to completely solve not only all your problems, but the worlds problems as well. Why? Because it acknowledges the full breadth of natural processes such that the things you DO will always be a reflection of the mind in harmony with nature. Its not that natural law is some arbitrary set of rules mandated by an egocentric creator. Natural Law is the best way made actual, or the path of least resistance of the entire universe. These fundamental aspects of existence are the teachings of the mystery schools of the ages. It is these teachings which our would-be masters spend so much time hiding from us and obfuscating with sophistry. 

This post highlights many of the fundamental concepts and processes we can use to re-attune ourselves with the divine and perfect harmonies of nature. See Self Mastery and Actualization - Hidden Techniques of the Elite - Alchemy and Freemasonry for more information on this. 

Reconnecting with the body is such an important aspect of our existence on earth, and something we are often severely lacking in. For many of us the body is an obstacle instead of a tool for connecting with life on earth. I have been thinking lately that there is a primal and tactile aspect to our existence which most of us have failed to fully develop. Like Anastasia, perhaps we are all capable of great harmonious creative works, with our biological tech. The Tao seems to offer techniques for reconnecting with nature and our physical existence. 
- Justin

Taoists Have Trained In Nature throughout the Ages

Human beings, with all our complexity and potential, have diversified, populated and thrived around the globe. Since the breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution, we have spent 200 years becoming specialists in manipulating our environment and making radical changes to the way in which we experience the material world. The wonders that have resulted from man’s triumph over nature will only be surpassed by those of the Information Age, capable of producing yet more dramatic and astounding changes than witnessed in its infantile 30 years, such as the ability to decode the human genome and influence the genetics of various life forms—science that seeks to uncover the mysteries of our very existence.

The Way of Reconnecting

Yet amongst our awe-inspiring discoveries and extraordinary accomplishments, we find ourselves driven by mass consumption—greed and fear cycles so powerful that they are ingrained into our subconscious with little awareness. Our focus is bordering on becoming totally external, which is illustrated by people taking better care of their material possessions than their body, energy or emotional well-being. Quantity has become more important than quality, keeping many on a treadmill chasing after more, more, more without pause to relish in even a moment of satisfaction from that which they have already acquired.

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