Thursday, August 29, 2013

UNDENIABLE TRUTH - Secrets in Plain Sight (Complete Video Series)

I suggest inviting a few friends over, and just starting the video. No long preamble is needed. The Data works the magic all by itself. If you have never seen the presentation it is still an amazing watch. I have seen sections at least a dozen times at this point, and I am still finding new connections. (Video is below)

Truth Seeker/Revealer 

I have been a truth seeker and revealer for a little over 3 years now. Before I 'woke up' I always had a passion for sharing my wisdom with others; I think its a natural instinct we humans have within this phase of the universe, for more on this see How Transparency and Reconciliation are RePurposing the World. In my many attempts to share my truth with others about the Powers that Were, the Hidden Financial Controllers and the World of Occult symbolism, there is always an degree of resistance. People are trained from birth to protect their world view of reality by dismissing information.

Secrets in Plain Sight is a long and detailed series revealing UNDENIABLE Truths. Some truths are personal, some are nebulous and hard to pin down, and some truths are just undeniable. These are Truths we can reveal to our sleeping brothers and sisters to help them realize just how much stranger Truth is then Fiction.

Personal Testimony

As I said, I have been sharing my truths with more and more people, on the street, in the work place or during social occasions. I would describe, in stark detail, how the Financial System is a Fraud, how Cures for Cancer have been suppressed, how science and real knowledge seeking has been corrupted for HOURS, till I am blue in the face; and many will still scoff at the Data presented.

Enter this video. I have had many experiences wherein, I simply hit the play button on this video and within 30min, I am having to beat back questions, and stunned looks. There is something precious about the truth, it sets you free! 

The truth, when divorced of the personal biases we assign to it, is pure and easily discernible to ALL. This is what Absolute Data is. Absolute Data is like a puzzle piece, no mental energy or work will be needed for it to fit into place within your BEing. 

This video is what I like to call a download of UNDENIABLE Truth. It is not harsh or negative at all. The presenter does an amazing job of just revealing the Data points, and not assigning any conclusions to the Data.

- Justin


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