Thursday, August 8, 2013

Accessing your 'Strawman' Account - Filing a UCC1 Financing Statement

Update 7.17.2017: Be sure to read this updated article about the strawman account here. It is a comprehensive overview of the lawful ramifications for trying to access these accounts, and some of the essential knowledge about law.

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Because all governments went bankrupt in 1933, there is no Lawful Money. You can go back to the UCC Connection - How the Uniform Commercial Code 'secretly took over' the world post to review this.

The strawman account is the account which is prepaid by you the creditor. The Banking system would have you believe we have nothing and have to earn our living, when in fact we have everything and we have a right to a living. This is accomplished via your strawman account. This post Brian Kelly's Blog: Proof ALL of Your Debt is PRE-PAID! describes the concepts.

Here is another post with more information on the Public Law for Remedy:

The Government MUST pay all your Debts! is another great post about this topic:

When you were born, your parents volunteered to the government that you were incompetent, and you are not capable of managing your Strawman Account; or your Estate. The government went in and declared you DEAD and lost at SEE (the sea of admiralty) and claimed your estate as their own. It is possible to using this method to re-declare yourself the executor of your estate. This is what is called a Roman Cult Trust or Roman Trust. It makes a broad calm, which when un-rebutted by you becomes cured and now to claim your strawman account. 

Tacitus Procuration is the legal term for this which means:

The legal basis is referred to as Tacit Procuration. Tacit means:
Understood or implied without being stated
and Procuration means:
The act by which one person gives power to another to act in his place, as he could do himself. A letter of attorney.
Procurations are either express or implied; an express procuration is one made by the express consent of the parties; the implied or tacit takes place when an individual sees another managing his affairs,and does not interfere to prevent it.
We have always had abundance on earth, but we have been deceived into thinking we are living in scarcity. Eventually the truth will be revealed and the sooner we begin to create our own abundance, beyond the false abundance pushed by our would-be masters, the sooner we will no longer need the tool of slaves; money.

- Justin  
WARNING - I have read these accounts can no longer be accessed because of the Filings of the OPPT which shut down the slavery systems in late 2012. This information is to bring awareness to this subject and not intended to be used as a 'how to' for accessing your strawman. 
UPDATED 8.25.2014 - Apparently, the Strawman Accounts are no longer in the possession of our would-be masters, the BIS or Vatican. Ostensibly as a result of the OPPT filings. Therefore, an attempt to access the accounts by making a claim against the BIS, is a contradiction of the of the OPPT filings and their disputation of the system's possession. One cannot use a document which notifies the former systems of their lack of possession (the OPPT filings), and then ask those same former systems to release the funds.
Since the Accounts are really just speculation on our true value, our living being and creative potential, the only TRUE way to access your "account" is to create abundance that no longer requires the old system. In other words, we must stop trying to seek money (unless we create a new form of exchange like bitcoin which is not a debt instrument) as the only tool for liberation and creation (for this mind set implies our incompetence). Instead we must begin to work together, creating abundance cooperatively, and in doing so, the old system used for Paupers and Wage slaves will no longer be needed. See this post for more on the presumption of incompetence one accepts by using money and 'social services' of government: The History of Voluntary Slavery: Birth (Settlement) Certificates

Filing a UCC1 Financing Statement

Filing a UCC1 Financing Statement is the filing of a legal document into the public as evidence of you regaining control over your Agent in commerce, your strawman. It had been abandoned on the sea (see) of admiralty where it was salvaged by Government and big corps to use for their own gain and benefit.

• By filing the document you are noticing the ‘state’, the public, that you are regaining rightful control over the strawman- birth certificate name for your benefit and not the states and that you are now no longer delinquent.

• By filing you also show that you are the secured party and Principal Creditor to the strawman – vessel – trust – cestue Qui Trust as the Trust was set up to benefit the living spirit within the body of a man and NOT for the benefit of anyone else, government, corporations or your strawman.

• You – the living man, are the beneficiary of the Trust, the Trust being made up of a number of parties including you, your vessel, the state and Commonwealth Governments.

• The strawman is YOUR debtor. Because the living man is NOT to own anything, we have use and possession, as ‘good stewards [this is because in 1933 lawful money ceased to exist as a result of the bankruptcy.] it is the job of your vessel – agent in commerce, acting as a Trustee to the Trust, and whatever assets are being accumulated by the Trust is controlled by the Trustee – your strawman, for YOU as the beneficiary. YOU are therefore the ‘Holder in Due Course’ (HIDC) of the real estate assets held in Trust because the Titles are held in the name of you agent in commerce but the Deed is in YOUR possession and that makes YOU HIDC. [It may seem like he is just mincing words here, but there is a BIG difference between possession and ownership in law and commerce. There was no way to truly pay for anything and take ownership of it, all we can do is have Title to it; within the context of Equity established as a result of the Bankruptcy in 1933.]

Upon filing a UCC1, you also produce several accompanying documents that are all PRIVATE documents and NOT to be issued into the public. All these documents are referenced on your UCC1 filing by a code number so there is evidence of there existence, BUT they are to remain PRIVATE.

1. The first is the Security Agreement which is a private document evidencing a contract between you and your dead at law legal fiction strawman – crown security interest name. It is an agreement that evidences that you have mutually agreed with the agent in commerce that the vessel – agent in commerce owes you $1B, yep, one billion smakeroos. It lists a whole range of securities and their values which YOU have the principal lien position over [just like when there is a lien on your house, when it sells that lien is paid off], the whole of the estate and is a principal mechanism of protection against outside predators in the world, particularly on the high seas of admiralty law where there are abundant pirates called Governments and big corporations [can't help but think of the Anime One Piece here]. Because YOU are the Principal Creditor, any other claimant against your vessel – agent in commerce, can only be a secondary creditor and can only get at your estate WHEN YOUR vessel – agent in commerce has been paid the $1Billion which you receive as beneficiary, then the predator may have access to the estate of the Trust [meaning when a corporate government wants to use your strawman account they have to pay you $1 billion first]. It is our most effective defense to protect real estate and other property from predators on the high seas.

2. Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement. To my knowledge this private agreement between you and your agent in commerce is effected to ensure that you indemnify the public against any damage you, as the living [being], make against any member of the public as they operate only under limited liability insurance and therefore are at risk to damage by your day to day activities. It is simply insurance to protect members of the public from any accidental or delinquent actions from us as private people.

3. Private Agreement - is a private agreement evidencing a contract between you and your dead at law legal fiction strawman – crown security interest name. It is an agreement that evidences that there is an agreement a set of tasks and objectives between the parties [an actual binding contract which can be enforced]. For example, it shows the strawman has agreed to accept all deposits for and on your behalf into his bank account (just look at your credit card or statement to identify whose account it is) because you cannot touch that filthy lucre. You in return, have agreed to fill out his tax return (he cannot because he is a piece of paper and is dead Fred!) and sign it John Henry Doe FOR JOHN HENRY DOE.


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  1. Can you direct me to how to fill a UCC1 doc out?

    1. Here is a quick result i got from a google search. David you will need to do your own personal research into where and how to file in your local state and county. The concepts are presented here, but you need to have your own key knowledge and understanding... If you discover the detials, please share with me, as these storys are very inspiring for all <3

  2. David Mills,
    The OPPT filings already underwrite our value to 5 billion units (at 1933 value - I think it is 1932 or 33 - so valued at much more than that now!) plus the 5 billion units for damages. So the OPPT trust filings already underwrites each and everyone of us to that value already as I understand it.

    Rgs Oliver
    The One People Sweden

    1. The OPPT was debunked many months back.

    2. Oh really, do you have a link? All the 'debunks' ive come across have no valid points.

    3. Ok , here it is the "OPPT" only filed the papers, not Recorded it so it's only a notice, nothing more. It's like if I gave you notice ,you owed me money. If you don't do anything it's up to me to prove it. Lol, Winston She put was asked heavily about it and he gave the best commercial answers I've ever heard on the OPPT. Look him up on YouTube and see his interviews about it.

  3. I do not think that even came close to addressing davids question.

    1. Matt,
      What I'm saying is that as to my understanding the former OPPT already filed the financial statement for each individual on earth thus taking our value back to prime.

      Have you read the filings? If so you should know this.

      Rgs Oliver

    2. Mary is on point IMO. the OPPT filings secured value in an other form. What matt and David are asking about is the Exemption account tied to your birth cert and social security #. The general concept can be found here

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  5. Aside from the UCC-1,where do i find the other 3 forms mentioned?

  6. This applies in the UK: The local Government Act 1888 S.79 ss2!Section 79 ss 2: All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the Council of such county.
    I believe that Subsection 1 and 3 has been repealed but according to legislation Subsection 2 is still valid. Council is liable for paying my council tax.

  7. I was wondering does this mean we are now unable to monetize our strawman acct as Kiri did?


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