Thursday, March 8, 2018

Unexplained Mystery Booms Continue Across America

(Brett Tingley) Seriously though: what is causing all of these unexplained booms all across North America? From coast to coast, the sounds of thunderous explosions in the sky have rattled windows and shaken homes without any definitive official explanation. Is something strange going on overhead? Then again, when is something strange ever not going on overhead? 

Source - Mysterious Universe

by Brett Tingley, February 16th, 2018

Case in point.

The first of this week’s unexplained booms happened on February 6th in Midwest City just outside of Oklahoma City. Residents described what sounded like dynamite going off as their homes shook violently. One Midwest City woman, Donna Hood, described the ensuing vibration to local news as earthquake-like:

We thought we’d had an earthquake and we waited and looked on the news and everywhere else and nobody posted anything. So, we had no idea what it was.

Local meteorologists, meanwhile, say there’s nothing to worry about, just a case of the ol’ cryoseism, or frost quake. These rare seismic events occur when groundwater tables freeze rapidly and expand against one another underground, cracking under immense pressure.

Cryoseisms can sometimes be powerful enough to crack the earth.

Two days later, police in Wheat Ridge, Colorado received numerous calls after homeowners heard a loud boom in the night. Residents of the Denver suburb told police they in fact regularly feel and hear what sounds like an unexplained explosion at 3:00 a.m., mostly on weekends. According to CBS4 Denver, Wheat Ridge residents are left frightened and mystified by the lack of answers. Some believe the noise could be caused by something industrial like a malfunctioning electrical transformer, while others worry the noise is “something not so easily explained.”

Local news eats this stuff up. As do I, of course.

Wheat Ridge Police department spokesperson Sara Spaulding says police are likewise baffled:

We’ve had descriptions that are everything from a transformer blew, to a sonic boom that you might hear with an airplane passing overhead or a jet passing overhead, fireworks sometimes, those loud booms without the crackly noises associated. The challenge for us is that there isn’t any evidence of what this could be.

Are the Wheat Ridge or Oklahoma City booms related to the other booms heard and felt around the country? What is behind this phenomenon? I’m going with secret military activity. The world sure seems to be getting weird and dangerous again.

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