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Personal Update: David Wilcock Marriage Announcement: A Happy Life!

(David WilcockWe are very pleased to announce the marriage of David and Elizabeth Wilcock for the first time on this site. 

David met Elizabeth five years ago and they got together in May 2016. They decided to keep their relationship private until now.

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Source - Divine Cosmos

by David Wilcock, March 4th, 2018

We are very pleased to announce the marriage of David and Elizabeth Wilcock for the first time on this site.
David met Elizabeth five years ago and they got together in May 2016. They decided to keep their relationship private until now.
In this article we present the full story of how they got together, a personal profile of Elizabeth, and an interesting analysis of the spiritual connections and synchronicities they share.
The wedding took place on October 14th, 2017 with about 80 family members and close friends.
The following debut interview was published with Spiritual Biz Magazine for the cover story. Kimberly Maska and Daniel Pape conducted the interview with David and Elizabeth by phone.
Elizabeth has been a very positive, strong and loving part of David’s life these last two years, and now you can read the story and see the pictures for yourself.

The first question you may be asking is “Why didn’t you guys say anything before?”
The simple answer is that we wanted to enjoy our relationship just between ourselves before making it public, since we have a very large audience.
For two years we have enjoyed trips out into the world with relatively little scrutiny. We wanted to give our love a safe and sacred space to grow.
And yes, we even carried it right through to the point of our wedding night, with a no-cameras, no smartphones, no-social-media policy for every attendee.
We were actually quite surprised that we were able to keep it all a secret despite 80 guests — but it worked!
Now we are happy and excited to share the good news with you.
We feel this interview sheds a much deeper light into our connection than you would have gotten with a shorter announcement.
This also felt like a great way to kick off our long-needed website upgrade and design improvement before delving back into other areas.
You may well find some inspiration and personal guidance from hearing our story. So here we go!

Daniel Pape: I am here with David Wilcock, and in just a few minutes I’ll be introducing a very special guest.
Before we get to that, I’d like to delve into some of David’s personal history, which up until now has been somewhat under wraps — at least in the years since he went public.
David, it’s good to have you here. I am sure our readers will appreciate what you have to share. From what I understand, you have been on an extraordinary journey for quite some time.
You’ve been mostly alone throughout this quest. No steady girlfriend, no wife, no helpmate, no soulmate. What was it like to take this profound journey primarily by yourself?

David Wilcock: I did have a few girlfriends over the years, and for whatever reason, my relationships quickly collapsed into mutual heartache and pain each time. I never felt comfortable publicizing them for this same reason.
The problems seemed to stem from the fact that I was always an extreme workaholic. For many years I would not watch television, I did not socialize, I did not want to go out to eat dinner, see a show or anything.
I was basically on the computer all day long, every day, for fourteen hours or more.
Obviously, that’s going to cause serious problems unless you have someone who is very attuned to the needs of a mission that requires that much work.
In general, having alone time doesn’t scare me. It’s not like I was miserable. The work part of my life has grown very steadily, and that was what kept me going.
Nonetheless, it was definitely sad for me to have no real sense of companionship. The personal side of my life was in a shambles, and the work became a definite escape from the depressing reality I was facing day after day.
I did have people I lived with at times, either girlfriends or housemates, but those situations invariably ended up becoming contentious. It seemed that I was always in trouble and always apologizing.

I could see that I was hurting people I cared about, but I also did not feel that I could abandon the mission either. I decided that the only way I could avoid hurting someone was to live alone.
Then I chose to give it one last chance — and the person I decided to reach out to was Elizabeth.
If it hadn’t worked with her, then that was going to be the end of it. I was planning to turn my back on relationships forever.
Living alone for the rest of my life would allow me to focus on my work without causing pain to anyone else.
Daniel: It sounds as if you made a conscious decision to be alone. And yet, clearly something changed and you ended up meeting Elizabeth. Can you tell us how that happened?

David and Elizabeth Wilcock after exchanging their wedding vows on October 14, 2017. Photos by Natalie Baidi.

David: Elizabeth and I actually met through a mutual friend. Five years ago, she showed up at my house as an invited guest, and I was home alone when she arrived.
Neither of us had planned it to be this way — it just ended up happening.
I was immediately impressed by her and thought she was extremely attractive, but when I started talking to her I quickly realized that she was also spiritually and intellectually attractive as well.
It was easy to see that she had something rare and precious. We connected on multiple levels, including the fact that we had both intensely studied Shaolin Kung Fu.
We had a lot of things in common, but at the time we met I was in no position to have a girlfriend or to be seeing someone. It had to wait, and it actually took three more years for any greater connection to develop.
One of the things that was so impressive about Elizabeth during those three years was that she never tried to chase me. She never manipulated the fact that she had access to me.
That was very important to me, because after all that I’d been through, people would have to go through a pretty intense vetting process before I could trust them.

Daniel: I think it’s great that you found each other. How did you and Elizabeth finally get together after three years’ time?
David: In May 2016, I went off to Banff, which is this beautiful area of Canada that I have visited every year since 2007. It’s a very spiritual experience for me to be out there.

David Wilcock standing in front of the epic Moraine Lake in Banff, Canada.

There are these huge, gorgeous mountains made of purple granite that remind many people of the Himalayas. The lakes are a beautiful turquoise color.
It’s the most spiritual place on earth that I’ve ever found up until now. I go there seeking wisdom and retreat.
While I was out there, I went through a very comprehensive life review. It was an extremely intensive process where I looked at every minute detail of how my life had been going up until then.
I realized that I needed to give relationships one last try before I abandoned the quest completely. I felt like if I was going to look for someone, it couldn’t be somebody who I just met.

I had already tried meeting people who didn’t know me before I got thrown into the public eye with things like Ancient Aliens on History Channel.
Like it or not, your life radically changes once you become a public figure. It can be difficult for somebody to connect to you as a human being and not as a celebrity.
I quickly decided that if I was ever going to get together with anyone, it would need to be someone who I had already met before it really got crazy.
It only took about 30 seconds for me to think through a list of names before I realized that I had to give Elizabeth a chance.

David and Elizabeth Wilcock next to the mountains of Moraine Lake, September 2016.

We had connected before and in fact, only a couple of months earlier, I had run into her at Conscious Life Expo.
I met many hundreds of people during that event, but now our brief conversation stood out like a shining light.
I decided to start texting her and invited her to one of my biggest events of the year, Contact In The Desert.

This event is very crowded, approximately 5,000 people, and many of them urgently want to talk to me alone. It is physically impossible to even try to honor that many requests.
I also have a very busy schedule with hardly any time to prepare the slides for my next show in between the events, while still having proper meals and getting enough sleep.
I figured that if she could handle that intense of an event with me and not completely freak out, we would have a great foundation to build on.
I invited her to the conference and she accepted almost immediately. We had a very nice conversation.
I found out that her father had just died. I was very sorry to hear that. She was still grieving.
I also felt that I would be able to help her with the grief process, because it sounded to me like she was feeling very alone at the time.
I knew that reconnecting with me as a friend would probably help her feel better, and I have always had the ability to empathize with people even in the most intense situations.
Trauma and sadness do not scare me in the least. Those are often some of the best times to be able to truly reach someone at the deepest soul level and help them make a positive change.
Daniel: I must say that your approach is a prime example of what it means to be patient; you took your time, David, and it certainly paid off.
David: No doubt.
Daniel: Well done.
David: Thank you.

David Wilcock wedding picture. Married to Elizabeth Wilcock Oct 14, 2017.

Daniel: Let’s introduce Elizabeth to our readers now and hear her perspective on the similarities that you both share. Thanks for joining us, Elizabeth; it’s good to have you here.
Elizabeth: It’s good to be here. Thanks, Daniel.
Daniel: From what I understand, you and David had both lost all hope in finding your soulmate or life partner before you met each other. What were some of the defining qualities and similarities that drew you together?
Elizabeth: David and I have known each other for five years in total. We knew each other for three years before we got together, and I’d like to share a little bit about how we united if that’s okay.
Daniel: Certainly.

Elizabeth: I do feel as if my father had a lot to do with it. As David said, my father had just died.
I had been in Las Vegas, navigating the last week of my father’s journey, and I was right there with him as he crossed over to the other side.
I was singing to him and it was a deeply profound journey for both of us, as well as my brother who was also there.
My father had emphysema, so it was a very traumatic death because he couldn’t breathe and he was gasping for air.
It was very difficult to be with him and to hold space for him as this was happening, as he was pleading to get out of the hospital. He was in no state to leave.
I held that space alone with him for five days, looking into his eyes, helping to get him to focus on the light and to navigate his death.

Three days after my father died, I was lying in bed at his house, in a completely darkened room. I opened my eyes to see this very bright, scintillating light to the left of the bed, and it felt like my father.
I’ve seen spirits my entire life, and so I felt very happy. I felt an extreme sense of joy.
I said, “I’m so glad, Dad, that you’re in a good space. I’m so glad that you’re connected to the angels.”
I felt like he was very grateful for my presence there at his death.
Then, I said to my father, “Dad, now that you’re on the other side, maybe you can help me with something. Maybe you can help me find my beloved.

David and Elizabeth Wilcock at a film premiere, 2016.

“Maybe you can see things better over there, and help me locate him.”
Shortly after I asked my father for help, I got a text from David, inviting me to Contact In The Desert.
I had never thought of David as boyfriend material and I had no idea that David and I were ever going to get together.
I always thought he was a great guy, and I loved the brief conversations that we would have when we ran into each other once or twice a year.
It never even crossed my mind that he would be my beloved, but I had always wished that we had more time to talk.
I definitely accepted the invitation, because I needed a break.
I had been in Las Vegas dealing with my father’s death for a while, and it had been very intense. I welcomed the opportunity to take a little vacation.
As I drove out to Contact In The Desert, I was not planning to go on a date at all. I was just planning to meet my friend David and hang out for a couple of days.
Once I got there, David and I were able to spend uninterrupted time together for more than hour, for the very first time.
It was so comfortable, it was so joyful, it was so happy, it was so lighthearted, and it was so easy.
After about twenty-four hours of being with him, it just dawned on me, like a recognition, that we were going to be together. I knew that he was the one.

Elizabeth Wilcock with her brother and father, being escorted to her wedding to David on October 14, 2017.

I will have to say that before then, I had lost all hope of finding my beloved. I had been on a conscious search for my soulmate for six years, and my entire family was praying that I find him.
In the months before my father passed, he kept telling me that I had to find a good man to marry. I think they were all worried about me.
Despite my intention and prayers, I was not finding him and losing hope.
On the Thanksgiving before David and I got together, I remember crying in my mother’s lap. At that Thanksgiving, all of the couples started sharing stories about how they met.
There I was, alone again at another holiday, with no beloved to share with my family. I started crying at the dinner table, and later that night lay my head on my mother’s lap.
She wiped my hair out of my eyes and told me everything would be okay. My family had been praying for me for a long time, and I have to tell you they are very happy that David and I have found each other.
My mother and step-father were already fans of his work. When my 96-year-old grandmother met David, her exact words were, “He’s a keeper. I really like him. I hope you marry him.”
She was at our wedding, and was very happy to receive David into our family.

Picture of David and Elizabeth soon after they got together in 2016.

Daniel: Your grandmother sounds lovely, and your date with David gives a whole new meaning to Contact In The Desert. You truly had a contact.
Elizabeth: That’s funny… and true!
Daniel: The experience you had with your father is sincerely touching as well, and I appreciate you sharing that with us.
Were there other experiences like this that surrounded you and David in the spiritual realm that you can share with us?

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