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Wielding The Weapon of Truth

(Sterling Nicole BennettBecoming the embodiment of bravery in a world shrouded by falsehoods and fear might sound like a glorified position to take. Far too often than not, when working to expose the truth, the bravery is transmuted into anarchy. Bravery, in this instance, is perceived by the world as the wrong thing to do.

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Source - Sterling Nicole Bennett

by Sterling Nicole Bennett, February 21st, 2018

Becoming the embodiment of bravery in a world shrouded by falsehoods and fear might sound like a glorified position to take. Far too often than not, when working to expose the truth, the bravery is transmuted into anarchy. Bravery, in this instance, is perceived by the world as the wrong thing to do.


Some choose to find pleasure in destruction. It can be enjoyable to live in perceived freedom and disregard consequences. But sooner or later, we all are held responsible for our actions.

When did this social construct change?

It seems the attitude toward the strong, courageous men and women that take the initiative to stand up for themselves has evolved. Such an act which was once considered admirable and inspiring to the world has now been transmuted into social labels that strip the recipient of respect, leaving our brave potential heroes labeled as untrustworthy.

Woah, wait, did I miss something? Since when is it considered wrong to stand up for yourself?

Through grade school, children are trained to speak out against bullies. Some schools have anti-bullying programs designed to teach children how to stand up for themselves in the right way. These programs are designed not only for the children’s safety, but as an attempt to teach the children the difference between right and wrong before they graduate into the real world.

We are taught telling the truth and standing up for what’s right is the honorable thing to do. Through the practice of remaining truthful and honest, we open ourselves to the world of limitless possibility. Applying this knowledge, we can avoid creating skeletons in the closet all together. Sounds easy right?

Finding yourself in a repetitive state of habitual emotional pain, distress, or annoyance, it is recommended to politely ask the person harassing you back off, all while remaining professional and never retaliating. Of course, the harasser rarely takes this a serious threat, and you are forced make the decision between taking action, or remain in a state of silent suffering.

We are taught if we keep our head down, and be polite, we will be safe.

The problem with this logic is by keeping our head down, we are inviting parasites to make us their host. We might as well be wearing a flashing LED light on our foreheads that reads, “Come walk on me! I’m a doormat!”

Turns out, the parasites are afraid of you.

Parasitic people know that if you realize your true power and stand up for yourself, they will be helpless. Parasites live from feeding off a host. If the parasite is removed, the host can return to living their life without the additional emotional weight.

“When everyone lies, telling the truth isn’t just rebellion. It’s an act of revolution. So think carefully when you speak it, because the truth is a weapon.” –Altered Carbon

The Truth is a Weapon

In a world so encompassed by lies and deceit, holding a truth card in your back pocket can be a terrifying threat to your opponent.

When you threaten someone’s right to cause chaos or harm, you become a target.

Seeing something happen before your eyes that you know intrinsically is wrong and choosing to keep it to yourself is not only a huge disservice to yourself, but to the world as well.

The entirety of what I believe in rests on the pursuit of truth. Everyday, I am learning just how much the offender can become triggered when you risk your reputation to save their victim. Standing up for the truth is not easy. Doing the right thing is not easy.

You have to stand up for yourself. No matter what anyone ever tells you, or threatens you with. In the end, you are alone. Not everyone is your friend, and not everyone needs to be your friend. Speak the truth, live the truth, and fight for the truth.

Going along with someone’s malicious actions in order to benefit in your own life is crude, distasteful, and a testament to the true nature of your own cowardice character.

The truth always comes out, one way or another.

Taking the initiative to speak out in defense or yourself or others is a brave and courageous act. You have the right to feel safe. You have the right to defend yourself. No one should ever feel like they are at fault for someone else’s inexcusable behavior.

Bring the revolution. The truth is a weapon, so use it.

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Sterling Nicole Bennett
is a millennial on a mission to bridge the gap between mainstream entertainment and the disclosure community. Sterling has spent her life thus far studying and experiencing all things paranormal and metaphysical. Sterling is dedicated to sharing her awakening journey with the world, always learning and constantly growing. Her mission on this planet is to serve others by teaching them how to serve themselves.

“It’s not about where you go, it’s how you get there."

Some of Sterling’s recent projects include: Youtube Channel Sterling Nicole Bennett, Appearances on Jimmy Church Radio Fade to Black, Interview about Psychic Connection and Astral Projection on Stillness in the Storm Show, working as a Conscious Agent for Stillness in the Storm, and Exclusive Interview about Blue Sphere Beings with Secret Space Program Insider Corey Goode.

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