Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Video YouTube Keeps Scrubbing: Parkland Survivor Says There Were 2 Shooters

(The Daily SheepleCensorship is here. If you’ve ever wondered what it might have been like to not support the Nazi movement while living in Germany in 1942, it’s exactly what it looks like questioning the mainstream media’s “official narrative” in 2018.

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Source - The Daily Sheeple

by Staff Writer, February 26th, 2018

It is now common to associate Hitler’s dictatorship with many forms of repression, including the broad use of censorship. Indeed, long before his appointment in January 1933, he and his comrades promised that they would cleanse the nation of the decadence they saw in all the arts and sciences. Although the democratic Weimar Republic had abolished censorship in its constitution, on 25 March 1930 its parliament revised the law for the protection of the republic. Henceforth the government had the right to dissolve organisations and limit speech, and this was easily abused. Decrees soon followed that allowed banning books for up to eight months, and another decree could stop publications deemed to be “untrue” or to have used “distorted facts” [“fake news”] that slandered leading state officials. Thus, Germany was already losing its liberal self-confidence in the last days of Weimar, and these measures opened the door for the clampdown the Nazis had in mind. –Times Higher Education

Have you ever seen YouTube scrub a video about the flat earth movement? No. And can you guess why? Because they don’t need to, everyone can see that all the other planets, the moon, and the sun are globes. Earth is too; why would it be the only disc in a solar system of globes? Basically, there’s no need to take down those fake videos because people know the truth and the “powers that be” don’t care if we fight about the shape of the Earth. But YouTube does remove real eyewitness accounts if it doesn’t match the mainstream media’s official narrative. And they do care a great deal about hiding the truth from viewers.

Earlier today, SHTFPlan uploaded a YouTube video that has since been scrubbed, with a warning in the article that the videos embedded are likely to be censored by YouTube. This was that video:

Watch it while you can.

In case this video gets taken down, we uploaded directly to this article.

The video was in an article about the mainstream media’s desperate attempt to manipulate public opinion to gather support for gun control. This all simply censorship designed to manipulate. Anyone who simply asks a question or provides evidence that the media is not telling the truth is mocked as a “conspiracy theorist.” But the questions are still real, and the media still hasn’t provided adequate answers.

Oddly enough, the “conspiracy theorists” are being proven correct on every front with regards to this story. Especially if YouTube continues to scrub videos.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

If there’s nothing to hide, why censor those who simply have questions? After all, its natural rights of human beings that are on the line because of this manipulation.

This censorship of ideas that don’t fall in line with the mainstream media and the government’s official story has been going on for a long time. It’s just becoming more clear now that the end goal is to prevent the public from using their own logic to see the truth. We are being manipulated by the media and the government. Censorship is already here.

“The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake stories.The things that are going to be blocked an censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” -Melissa Dykes

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