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Inspirational: Desires Are A Path to Self-Mastery, If we Dare to Explore Them

by Justin Deschamps,

The following quoted text came to me during the Conscious Life Expo event in 2018. I received it while contemplating the nature of desire and how we tend to avoid thoughts and things we think of as personally or socially reprehensible.

Given that the form of the message could be misinterpreted to mean we should indulge in deleterious desires without care, I added some additional text that will hopefully make clear the intended meaning of the statement. Namely, that our desires are stepping stones to greater states of being if we can find the courage to express them in honor and trust with ourselves and others. 

Desires Are A Path to Self-Mastery, If we Dare to Explore Them
That which you desire must find expression.
If not, it will haunt you till the end of your days, twisting your mind and sealing your heart.

But if you can brave the battlements of your limited self, all can be healed, and the doorway to the mystery of being can be reopened.

Only you hold the key and no other.

Psychologically and spiritually, our desires are like gateways to undiscovered states of being and aspects of ourselves. A desire, unexplored, will prevent a deeper and more harmonious one from rising to the surface. 

Some desires should be imagined and not lived out, like exploring the desire for revenge. Imagining hurting another can remind us that we don't actually want to do this while releasing the energy associated with revenge if we can nest this exercise within the greater exploration of morality. In other cases, like with "bad habits," giving ourselves the freedom to explore a vice can liberate the consciousness energy associated with it.

Often, desires that we refuse to look at block our progress and growth, whether in the safety of imagination or in the domain of physical reality. Finding a way to explore all our desires is almost always beneficial, so long as we see that it is a step toward a greater state of being, a technique for personal transformation. 

The greatest thinkers from antiquity and in modern times recognized this technique of self-exploration. The masses who attempt to do the reverse, who attempt to hide the desires they fear under the shadows of their own mind, find such methods repugnant, and shame all who dare go against the social grain.

Our world is filled with traditions, dogma, religions, and cultural practices that shame us when we explore the taboo (socially unacceptable desires), seeking to quash this self-exploration. This is objectively fallacious because true morality is founded on the personal recognition of why something is "bad or good," not blind faith to a social creed or religious dogma.

When you find the courage to explore your own being, even while the world seeks to humiliate you for doing so, you become grounded deeper into the strength of who you truly are. You draw strength from your higher self or soul that acts as a shield against the shallow cowardice of the fearful masses. And this simple act of courage releases personal bonds while also helping others do the same, those who recognize the value of self-growth above social acceptance. This is a path to self-mastery, which is predicated on self-knowledge that can only give us power if we dare to do the shadow work that releases us from the shackles of shame.

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Author's Note: In my personal process of awakening, contemplating reality, and philosophizing about the universe, I often receive "downloads" in the form of poems, prayers, and inspirational messages. I often keep these to myself, because they are usually quite personal. But also because, due to their non-specific nature, they can be misinterpreted. However, I feel the time has come for me to begin sharing these things with the world when I feel appropriate. As always your feedback is appreciated, along with any other insights or commentary you care to offer.

Disclaimer: These inspirational messages are written in a conclusive tone but this does not mean that the merits of the premises, claims, and arguments made herein should be taken on blind faith. The tapestry of concepts is presented in a way to facilitate a dense and concise transmission to you, the reader, in the same way as I receive them. In this way, it is arguably easier to read and receive the information from a reader's standpoint. Discernment, via careful analyses, contemplation, and discussion is always encouraged. 

- Justin

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