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Endogenous Light Network Theory of Consciousness by Karl Simanonok

(Karl SimanonokEvidence is presented for existing and hypothetical structures and functions which ‘bridge the explanatory gap’ to mechanistically explain how individual consciousnesses could be derived from a higher (God) consciousness through an interface created in the brain by endogenous (emitted from within) light.

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Source - Aetherforce

by Karl Simanonok

It is hypothesized that photons emitted from cells in the brain are guided to the surfaces of the brain’s fluid-filled ventricular spaces, where the photons interact with beating cilia lining those ventricles and are guided by the beat timing to form interference patterns in the ventricular spaces, creating an interface (a nexus) through which a tiny portion of the “light of God” is able to animate the corpus. Some of the necessary mechanisms such as light emissions from cells are known; others are hypothetical. Fortunately some of the hypothesized mechanisms of this model of consciousness are readily testable.


Endogenous light refers to cell photon emissions that in this model are physiologically functional. Not to be confused with macroscopic bioluminescence, cell photon emissions occur at low intensities (‘weak’ or ‘ultraweak’ they may be called) not detectable by the eye. They span the visible spectrum and may extend into the near ultraviolet and infrared; although emissions outside the visible spectrum may only loosely be termed ‘light’, they are included in that term in this context. For a system of physiologically functional endogenous light to exist, at least four capabilities are required (though others beyond these minimal four may also exist):
Light signals must be generated and emitted from cells.
Emitted light signals must be transmitted to adjacent and/or distant cells.
Cells must be capable of receiving light signals.
Cells must be capable of transducing received light signals into information they can further process.

The first criterion, cell photon emission, is well documented but has not yet been shown to carry information except for some examples of macroscopic bioluminescence, fireflies being perhaps the best known. The second criterion may be met by collagen fibers functioning as fiber optics, since almost all nonmotile cells are interconnected by a network of collagen fibers, a network which makes up approximately half of the total protein content of a human body. Other fiber types such as elastin and intracellular matrixes of microtubules (especially those running the length of neural axons) are also possible candidates for functional roles in a biophotic communication network. Collagen fibers have been shown to exhibit fiber optic properties in preferentially conducting light along their fiber axes, and collagen fibers will even modulate a light signal passing through them when stretched at physiologic force levels. It is well known that retinal photoreceptors are capable of meeting criterion 3 (receiving light) and 4 (processing light into information); it is proposed that retinal photoreception represents a functional specialization for reception of light in an evolutionary sense in the same way that macroscopic bioluminescence is a functional specialization for light emission: both specializations must be built upon more rudimentary capabilities of relatively primitive cells. In that context two facts are significant: the first is that the complex lamellar structures of retinal photoreceptors are highly specialized cilia, and the second is that ciliated cells are abundant in the brain and configured in such a way that they could dynamically exchange endogenous photons across the ventricular spaces. Do cilia possess rudimentary photoreceptive (and possibly waveguide) capabilities, which evolution has built upon to create photoreceptors? 

This is a key question because much of the innermost ependymal lining of the cerebral ventricles is ciliated (with the cilia having no known function). It is proposed that ventricular ciliary beating is influenced by and becomes coordinated with the timing of neural activity so that endogenous light emissions are stimulated and guided out of ventricular cilia into dynamically resonant patterns in the ventricles and possibly some surrounding tissues in a process termed neurophotic resonance. Reception of endogenous photons by cilia and other structures such as the pineal organ would in turn influence neural events as part of the feedback process needed to maintain neurophotic resonance. These dynamically resonant patterns of interacting light would involve energy loci where photon fluxes could influence each other and thereby gain feedback capability on neural events. The dynamic photonic structure so formed in the brain’s spaces therefore becomes a nexus able to connect consciousness to the body. That nexus of endogenous light occupies a certain volume, up to about 150 ml ventricular space in a human brain although it may not all be used. It is generated by the mechanisms for neurophotic resonance but is not itself conscious, it is a receiver for consciousness. That’s because the volume of the nexus is permeated by another source of light which is able to interact with the endogenous light of the nexus and influence it, thus affecting the entire neurophotic resonance.

The other source of light available to interact with endogenous photons is the larger population of virtual photons filling space outside our normal frame of reference. Conventional wisdom has virtual photons popping in and out of existence even within our own frame of reference, but has little to say about the vast network of interconnected light that virtual photons must inhabit outside of our normal frame of reference because light experiences no time. The endogenous light nexus thus brings a tiny volume of that virtual photon network into contact with and control of a brain and body, and it is in that virtual network that the self-awareness of consciousness actually resides. Only a small portion of it, a ‘bleb’ is able to be expressed within the relatively tiny volume of a nexus though, in the same way that a very large hologram when cut into small portions retains a rough image of the original on each portion but lacks a lot of detail. The whole is out there as a vast network of interconnected light simultaneously traversing all of space and time, where resides the unity of intelligent consciousness underlying the universe which in simplistic historical terminology many would term ‘God’. It is not an external God though, if God is even the right term, because we are ourselves occupied by tiny portions at a time which we experience as personal consciousness, that elusive self-awareness. We can think of our individual conscsciousnesses as blebs of God in the plainest sense, like drops from an ocean of consciousness much greater than we can ever hope to fathom. Those blebs are supported in our brains by the endogenous light nexus creating a pathway for a small part of the intelligent consciousness underlying the universe to interact with and influence the dynamic patterning of the nexus, which in turn influences neural events, which in turn influence perception, thought, and behavior in resonant feedback loops.


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