Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Whole Body Vibration Exercises Found to Increase Circulation, Providing Effects Similar to Physical Activity

(Isabelle Z.) Exercise and diet have been getting a lot of attention lately for their ability to help those with diabetes and metabolic syndrome as people grow increasingly wary of the dangerous drugs that are often prescribed for these conditions. However, there is one type of exercise in particular that is often overlooked that can reap significant benefits for those suffering from these ailments.

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Source - NaturalNews

by Isabelle Z., January 13th, 2018

Whole body vibration, which can be practiced with the aid of vibration platforms, belts and other accessories, could be an effective alternative or supplement to proper exercise, according to a study that was recently published by the journal Endocrinology. This method uses vibrations that are roughly the same frequency as those found in the lowest string on a double bass, and it has proven helpful for those suffering from illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cerebral palsy.

According to Augusta University cellular biologist Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence, their study was the first to illustrate that whole body vibration can be equally effective as exercise when it comes to fighting the negative effects of diabetes and obesity.

To reach these useful findings, the researchers studied how whole body vibration could affect mice. Over the course of 12 weeks, they had some mice do 20 minutes of whole body vibration per day, while others did 45 minutes on a treadmill each day and a third group was sedentary. They were also divided into groups depending on whether they were healthy, diabetic, or obese.

The researchers discovered that the action can bring about the same benefits as exercise to the bones and muscles. The healthy mice did not gain any significant benefits from vibration, and the diabetic and obese ones got the same metabolic benefits from using the treadmill as they did from the vibration.

Moreover, all of the non-sedentary mice in the study noted less weight gain, lower insulin resistance, stronger bones, and higher muscle mass.

It is believed that the repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles spurred by whole body vibration is responsible for this exercise-like effect by releasing healthy hormones like osteocalcin that boost bone health. In addition, the mice who used the treadmill or underwent vibration also had a third as much fat in their liver as the control rodents did.

It’s worth noting that the diabetic mice were not able to completely get rid of their condition through exercise or whole body vibration, but they did have better outcomes than the diabetic mice who were sedentary. The researchers cautioned that those who can exercise should make that their first choice given its superior cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, while whole body vibration should be reserved for those who are unable to exercise for some reason. Next, they plan to investigate how whole body vibration can benefit humans.
Don’t underestimate the power of exercise and a proper diet

One thing that can turn diabetes around in some cases is a low-calorie diet, as a recent study proved. The study, which was published in the Lancet, found that a diet of 850 calories per day led half of those with diabetes to get rid of the disease and no longer need medication, in addition to bringing about significant weight loss. It was effective in those who had been living with diabetes for as much as six years.

Both of these studies are good reminders that the drugs doctors often push on patients are not the only way to help certain conditions, and they also drive home the point that a healthy diet and regular exercise are extremely powerful tools when it comes to your health and well-being.

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