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(Video) What’s Happening in Your Brain When You’re ‘Tripping’ on LSD

(Alanna KetlerHave you ever wondered what is actually going on in the brain whilst tripping on a psychedelic substance? Well, because these substances are generally illegal, it has been difficult for scientists to be able to study the “tripping” phenomena. But, these days as more and more positive benefits to psychedelic substances are becoming known, the laws that were once so tightly gripped are loosening, and scientists are actually receiving funding to study such substances.

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Source - Collective Evolution

by Alanna Ketler, Janurary 18th, 2018

In the video below, we have a look at what is actually happening to the brain whilst under the influence of Lysergic Acid, LSD or more commonly known as Acid. We can clearly see which parts of the brain are lighting up while on LSD, versus when the users are not. This is very interesting and provides very useful information into understanding how psychedelics effect our brains and potentially our conscious perspective of the world around us.

LSD can often make it’s users lose their sense of self, because the higher level networks that maintain order in the brain essentially disintegrate and unrelated parts of the brain suddenly start communicating. Users feel a mix of visuals, ideas and impressions all at the same time, this can basically explain what you would feel whilst tripping on LSD. It’s no wonder that so many people gain a lot of creative insight, or are able to solve problems that they weren’t able to before. It offers a new level of perspective and insight because it is using more than just one part of the brain to do so. Take a look at the video below.

The Results?

While under the influence the scientists found that various areas of the brain can actually communicate with each other, way more than they usually do. What they saw was a more “unified brain.”

The effects of LSD can even change your personality, a follow up study showed that participants were more open to new ideas and experiences. LSD can free people from their typical thought patterns, this means that it is certainly a promising method for those who suffer from depression, post traumatic stress disorder, addiction or other mental illness. Interestingly enough, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson strongly believed that LSD could help cure those struggling with alcoholism after crediting the substance with curing his often debilitating depression. Certainly, these claims are worth looking into in more depth.

Consider This

LSD is a potent psychedelic substance. It can provide amazing insight into one’s life, but it should be respected and used with intention under ideal and safe circumstances. Don’t forget it is still illegal and we caution to use at your own risk.

Please understand that many consider this to be a medicine, and if used, it should be used as such.

After seeing these amazing results, has it changed your perception of this psychedelic substance? Do you think we need to loosen the laws to allow more research to be done on this potentially breakthrough treatment method? Let us know!

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