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Suspicious Cloud Formation Over Washington Ranch Famous for UFO Sightings

(Teresa L Yanaros) (Trout Lake, Washington) On the evening of December 24th, 2017, a caretaker of ECETI Ranch witnessed a strange cloud formation in the sky.

by Teresa L Yanaros, December 26th, 2017

In 1986, James Gilliland founded ECETI, which stands for Enlightened Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence, a ranch in Trout Lake, Washington. He had visions of the ranch while in Santa Cruz, California, and then divined on a map where he needed to go.

Since settling on this plot of land in Trout Lake, Washington, Gilliland has built a community of individuals devoted to connecting to extraterrestrial races and bringing truth to the masses.

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He has his own radio show.
Listen to the most recent episode here: As You Wish Radio
The ranch sits at the base of Mt. Adams, and Gilliland has taken and compiled countless photos and videos of unidentified objects and ships near the mountain.

A UFO appears with bright energy orbs above Mount Adams at ECETI Ranch.

ECETI Ranch is home to campgrounds, a conference center, medicine wheel, and boasts of sacred ground that allegedly enables contact with inter-dimensional beings.

In July of 2017, I went to ECETI Ranch for the ECETI Conference and to see it for myself and had some amazing experiences. After participating in a meditation at the medicine wheel, I learned that Fade to Black Radio show host Jimmy Church had a transformative soul-travel experience during the event, and then his wife Rita took a picture that appeared to have captured a fold in dimensional space on camera!

I documented this experience. Watch it here:

ECETI Medicine Wheel - Portal to Another Dimension?

The group of us saw countless ships, unidentified objects and orbs sailing through the sky each night, some of which appeared to come out of Mount Adams, and some of which actually sat on the mountain and blinked all kinds of colors. (For the haters out there who think it was drugs that caused us to see ships in the sky, I can personally assure you that wasn't the case. ECETI Ranch has a strict no alcohol/drug policy, in order to increase the potential for a collective connection that would lead to higher states of expanded consciousness. This improves the ability to actually draw down craft, according to seasoned residents at the ranch.)

Jimmy Church shared interesting experiences after the fact on his radio show, and even discussed a picture taken that appeared to show a hole that opened up on the side of the mountain that was not there before.

Listen to the Fade to Black Episode Here:

Our guest tonight is James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch and we discuss the recent discovery of an opening at the top of Mt. Adams...is this the hangar door that has been rumored to exist on the mountain? The discovery was made on June 30, 2017 during their conference by John Esch, one of the attendees and was videoed and photographed over the next five days...what is going on?

I know, it's a lot to take in.

Inter-dimensional astral travel, unidentified ships sailing through American skies, and hangar doors opening up on the side of Mount Adams?

Well get used to the charm of ECETI Ranch, because the evidence of something MORE than what meets the eye being ever-present in the world around us continues to expand and present itself every moment.

After all that we witnessed over the summer, it was only a matter of time before some other intriguing sighting occurred and someone was able to actually capture it on camera.

During Christmas time this year, the ranch received a cheery and festive dose of snow.

How fun that the magic of the holidays took to the skies with this amazing and curious cloud formation over the ranch?

When I asked Gilliland what he thought about the cloud formations, he responded:
Some cloud formations are lenticular clouds, and some are not. The answer is internal, not external. -James Gilliland
Lenticular clouds are stationary clouds that form in the troposphere, typically in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction. They are often comparable in appearance to a lens or saucer.

(Read More about Lenticular Clouds on Wikipedia)

Here are some images that I pulled off of the internet so you can see some examples of what people call lenticular clouds.

Source - Interesting Facts

A special type of cloud is often mistaken for a UFO.

These clouds, known as ‘lenticular clouds’ form above a mountain when a breeze creates a number of ‘standing’ waves on the downwind side of the mountain.

If the temperature is right the moisture will condense to produce a lens or saucer shaped cloud. These clouds can be dangerous for pilots of large planes who avoid flying over these planes due to the turbulence above them.

According to Wikipedia, pilots of powered aircraft tend to avoid flying near lenticular clouds because of the turbulence of the rotor systems that accompany them, but glider pilots actively seek them out. The precise location of the rising air mass is fairly easy to predict from the orientation of the clouds. "Wave lift" of this kind is often very smooth and strong, and enables gliders to soar to remarkable altitudes and to great distances.

The debate between UFO enthusiasts and skeptics regarding lenticular clouds has been going on for a while.

Back in 2015, following severe weather conditions in Texas and Oklahoma, 56 sightings of lenticular clouds, sparked a debate on social media about what these "clouds" were.

A Texas citizen filed a report with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a non-profit organization that investigates UFO sightings, in an attempt to understand what they were seeing in the sky.

You can read the MUFON report here.

The person who filed the report described what his friends saw:
It looked like a cloud at first, but its appearance was circular and disappeared before their [sic] eyes.
MUFON sent an investigator out to see what was going on.

Spoiler Alert: the MUFON chief investigator for Texas said he was sure the sighting was a cloud and not a UFO.
"It will be cleared out as a lenticular cloud," -Fletcher Gray, MUFON Investigator
It seems as though the UFO hopefuls received a Hard NO on that one.


I find it interesting that this "cloud" disappeared before the onlookers' eyes. I wonder, given what James Gilliland of the ECETI Ranch said, if some of these formations are more extraordinary than mere clouds.

Giorgio Piacenza, writer for Exonews.org, is passionate about the concept of looking deeper into at least SOME of these cases of unidentified cloud-looking objects in the sky.
Structured objects flying in ways that challenge Newtonian physics while sometimes producing strange electromagnetic interference near airplanes when seen by experienced observers under the sunlight cannot be seriously explained away as reflections, lenticular clouds or the planet Venus. -Giorgio Piacenza, Exonews
Read the full article here.

He explains that we must consider the robust evidence that confirms an extraterrestrial existence, which suggests that some of these cases of lenticular clouds are actually evidence of something much more interesting.

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My question is: why do these particular clouds cause turbulence in the air around them, and why are these types of clouds in particular causing a disruption in the air current that seems to discourage approach from other air craft?

Food for thought, but I digress.

Final Thoughts

James Gilliland said, "the answer is internal not external."

What I think he means by that is: we must assess the information that enters our field of existence every day.

We choose what has meaning to us and we assign purpose to pieces of data every moment of our lives.

What could be the implications of these craft masking themselves in the skies above our planet?

For one, it means that we must consider the possibility that we are not alone on this planet. On the other hand, it means that we must consider the possibility that our own military and government has technology which has not been disclosed to us.

Evidence and Proof - Case for a Secret Space Program

This brings up questions about how technologically advanced we ACTUALLY might be inside our own civilization; we can start to ponder why the general public is being kept in the dark about it.

We could be missing out on life-changing advancements that would catapult humanity to the next level of evolution.

We must start considering these possibilities and remain vigilant about discerning the data that enters our field of consciousness.

What are your thoughts?

Is the cloud formation that appeared over ECETI Ranch on December 24th a lenticular cloud? Or are we seeing evidence of something spectacular in our Earthly skies?
All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let's attune to its Frequency.
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