Sunday, December 24, 2017

MegaAnon Updates -- About the Public Reveal That McCabe was Fired from FBI Weeks Ago

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Source - Rumor Mill News

Anonymous ID:TOQf9L6J Sat 23 Dec 2017 15:08:02 No.154291451

True y'all. This is one of those "good leaks" we like. It's a poke at IG to get everyone talking so they'll move faster cause McCabe is already technically gone, so there's no reason to keep the IG and FBI investigating.

Trump tweeted this for Wray/Sessions/IG so you'll y'all ablut this and put the public hammer down to stop swamp from delaying and omitting, what they all know is the inevitable. This is an
Example of why I say let things bake for 24 hrs, so you can watch them progress in news the cycles. It's only foreshadowing what's coming sooner than later. The swamp makes it look like he's waiting to resign hoping people just think that's that and nothing else matters, like he's gone either way. They want y'all to stop focusing on him, Priestap and Strzok.

Except they and y'all, already know he's gone because he's guilty and that's what makes the strategy fun to watch as they play out! The big names you want to go down are squirming and their networks have been drying up as the lower-level hanging fruit has been indicted already.

I try really try to lay out the strategies well and give a lot of detail behind them so you'll recognize the "gets" and will hopefully just enjoy the ride. You waited a really long time in the line for your turn, so be excited!! I just don't want y'all to keep your eyes closed because your scared, only to open them towards the end when you hit the slower parts and wished you hadn't because you realize it wasn't that bad. Does this make sense? Try not to miss what's happening or the ride will be over. ENJOY THE RIDE... and your holidays, k?!

Anonymous ID:TOQf9L6J Sat 23 Dec 2017 15:27:35 No.154293197


To clarify, I meant Trump tweeted this "for" Wray/Sessions/IG. "For" as in, to "help them" more because while they have been efficiently expediting the investigations, the swamp just keeps trying to distract and delay. On a dude note, what's interesting and what you have probably noticed over the last several weeks is that "their" tactics are more muted and desperate now and that's increasingly been the case. It's pretty much been every man for themselves since the week after Thanksgiving. As of the last 1.5 weeks though, the majority of their efforts have been nothing more than just smoke and mirrors, hoping to stall and delay.

In terms of timeframes, I can't confirm whether any indictments from the DOJ will be unsealed and served before the New Year and my guess is no (which is good BTW, because we don't want anyone distracted or missing anything. I personally like when news like this breaks on Tuesdays through Thursdays when everyone has caught up from their breaks and is back to their routines). You do need to know a lot of what you still see as sealed and pending, technically is NOT. Again, a lot of the lower-level, less public swamp, has/is being dealt with and once you realize this and start seeing it being confirmed, the posts I made months ago about WHY all of those sealed indictments weren't necessarily related to Mueller directly and why you needed to pay attention to the states/federal district courts, would be important.

Just try to keep your eyes peeled and mind open. I'm not wrong. ;o)

Anonymous ID:TOQf9L6J Sat 23 Dec 2017 15:37:59 No.154294129

The same day that I said I'd never use that stupid nickname everyone gave and wanted me to use with a trip, or use in my posts to find, I told "y'all", I'd keep my posting style consistent and would make myself obvious enough, so anyone looking for me could find me, without using a nickname or trip code.

I do say y'all (can't help it, it's habit) and yes, I can't deny I like a well-placed wink face, but I do not say "y'all" or run around winking at people like I have some kind of tick, in real life as much as I use it here. It's purposeful, which is why it's also funny that people who claim to "know" and "follow" my posts so well, seemed to have skipped or missed the one, where I said I was done with the stupid nickname and I'd make myself obvious, if that was all any of them were worried about. If they'd gone to those nice archives and read the posts, they'd realize I'm still just me, the same person since May, who hasn't changed, hasn't posted differently, I've only made efforts to make what I've posted since that day, more blatantly obvious.

But I can't deny it, even I'M TIRED of all the fucking y'all's. Haha!

Anonymous ID:TOQf9L6J Sat 23 Dec 2017 15:39:11 No.154294251

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Anonymous ID:TOQf9L6J Sat 23 Dec 2017 15:44:54 No.154294749

If you're going to bring the NYPD aspect back into this, that's a good thing but try to keep it in the back of your mind that a certain NYPD police chief is resigning. Then remember, people who REALLY want to talk about things they can't if their roles prohibit them from those things or take a back seat to larger investigations, like FBI jurisdictions over investigations/evidence, USUALLY CHOOSE TO RESIGN, right?! Keep your eyes on that.

Also, keep your eyes open for the LVMPD chief who is "missing"... he's got a good story he wants to tell, too!

Anonymous ID:TOQf9L6J Sat 23 Dec 2017 15:59:00 No.154296052

Why would he?! Only people talking about Mueller being fired, like they talked about Kelly being fired, Tillerson, Bannon (he resigned 8/7 as he negotiated before even taking the role), etc. is the swamp.

"They" are baiting the public to distract and make them question everything... if Trump ever fired Mueller it'd would be because he went against his deal and was doing illegal shit, like abusing his role/authority or superseding the DOJ. Think of it like this... why do you think Mueller cake put so fast to confirm publicly that he was NOT seeking Trump's financials?! That was a fake leak by "them", but Mueller knew it was one he had to correct and he did.

I realize his investigation seems painstakingly slow, and it is, but there's reasoning and rationale behind it and it's not just because the swamp keeps throwing their cards from the house to delay. All you need to know is that after the new year, the hype and ramp up will quiet itself. Everyone gets down to REAL business.



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