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Here’s the Time-lapse Video of SpaceX’s ‘UFO’ Rocket Launch That Sent the Internet into a Frenzy

Image credit: Jesse Watson Photography

(IvanIt was around 5:30 pm local time last Friday when the residents of the city of Los Angeles were surprised by a strange and disturbing phenomenon.

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Source - Ancient Code

by Ivan, December 27th, 2017

An unusual beam of light illuminated the California sunset sky.

Many wondered if they were actually witnessing a real UFO sighting or even a nuclear attack by North Korea.

But it was not about that.

The streets were filled with people looking at the sky amazed by what they were seeing.

Many drivers stopped their cars and left them to watch the show, whatever the cause was.

And in social networks, many Internet users showed their perplexity and curiosity.

One of them was, the singer of the popular group Black Eyed Peas, who published a video with the mysterious lights and asked his thousands of followers: “What is that in the sky?”

Many joked about the strange lights and recounted seeing them before on TV, as it’s not the first time that something like it has been seen in the sky.

However, what millions of people that witnessed the strange sights did not know is that it wasn’t a UFO. In fact, what they were seeing was a rocket from SpaceX, launched from the Vandenberg Air Base, in Santa Barbara.

The Falcon 9 rocket was carrying ten satellites into orbit, bound for the Iridium constellation, a belt of communications satellites orbiting Earth.

People started getting nervous about what they had seen.

It was the Fire Department of the city that, in the face of increasing alarm and stupefaction, reassured the population with a communiqué.

“It has been reported that the mysterious lights in the sky are the result of the launch of a rocket from the Vandenberg base to put a satellite in space.”

The luminous strokes could be seen even in places of the state of Arizona.

Musk joked on Twitter while the residents of LA remained stunned.

Musk Tweeted: ” Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea.”
Oh, here’s the video, enjoy:

Actually, a launch like Friday’s is nothing exceptional.

This year SpaceX has already carried out similar ones with different purposes.

The latest sighting was spectacular because of the time in the day it took place, as the lightning conditions turned the rocket launch into a spectacular sighting.

However, while we are aware of the fact that Angelenos were fooled into a UFO sighing, similar ‘sightings’ have been recorded and photographed in the past.

This image for example was photographed during the launch of the Kosmos-1188 spacecraft on June 14, 1980.

Similar to Musk’s rocket, right?

The following image, photographed by Leonard Lamoureux in 1937 shows what is officially categorized as a UFO over Vancouver, British Columbia.

According to UFO Digest, “…the craft moved diagonally from the courthouse to the city hall and hovered momentarily in front of Leonard. It sat in the air suspended above a flag pole…”

Now if we are to delve into conspiracy waters and take a quick peek at the Ancient Astronaut theory we find how the above images and videos of rocket launches resemble a UFO depicted in a painting from the year 1350, dubbed “The Crucification,” which is located above the altar at the Visoki Decani monastery in Kosovo.

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