Monday, November 27, 2017

Rumor: Mass Arrests -- 4,289 Sealed Indictments in All 94 Federal Districts -- UPDATED

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Apparently, the list of sealed indictments has grown to a staggering 4,289. But it should be noted that no one knows for sure what these indictments are for or who will be named.

They could be for Pedogate related mass arrests or they could be nothing more than gang prosecutions. The other point to consider is that the indictment count number is drawn county by county, across the entire United States.

The figure from last week was about 1,200. The following compilation claims to have found over 4,000. This might lead you to believe that the number has gone up in a week's time. But this might not be the case.

The discrepancy could be related to the method used to identify indictments—possibly the first series of lists did not catch all of the indictments in all the counties for 2017. Or, conversely, perhaps this new list is erroneously counting indictments that aren't for the current year. In any case, at this stage, there is nothing substantial that (I have seen) to confirm these indictments are indeed for Cabal members, like people within the criminal government or deep state.

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As always, do your own research and personally discern the meanings of what you find.

If anyone has any information as to how the indictment count was compiled or if this is an unprecedented issuance of indictments—and can substantiate that with evidence—please email me at

Update -- November 28th, 6:05pm EST: I received an email from one of the purported researchers who compiled this list. They stated the following:
As a member of the research team i can tell you
1) dates searched were 10/30/2017 through 11/22/2017
2) all results are criminal cases only
3) we do not know specifically what is behind the seals

Can be search or arrest warrants, indictments or anything else that they do not want to tip off the defendant or related persons before it can be acted on.
Update -- November 30th, 4:07pm EST: I received another communication with even more information as to how these sealed court documents are being compiled. 
I was also one of the researchers, and can share a little more info.

We used a federal website called to search cases. This is a site anyone in the public can use, and the registration is free. You do have to provide personal info as well as a payment method, but it's not something only lawyers have access to. (They do charge a small fee .10 cents per page of results) Our searches were limited to criminal only, so as to weed out anything of the civil/bankruptcy/divorce nature.

The previous totals (in the 1100 range) were a result of people pulling totals from various districts of interest, amounting to about 50 districts. A lot of work went into that for a few weeks, until a focused effort was coordinated to pull ALL 94 districts over the long weekend while courts were closed. This was to have an updated total that included everything we could find nationwide up to last Wednesday's close of business. So the number increased dramatically mainly because this now covers all the districts that were never counted before. ....Although if you looked through the previous tallies, it's clear certain districts did jump up a bit in numbers. For example, CA-C doubled their already high amount of 172 on 11/11 to 375 by 11/22 (<~~HI Los Angeles!)

Some people on Twitter have made a really good point that we don't know if they're technically indictments, meaning they could be search warrants, subpoenas, or whatever else (I'm not a lawyer)... So in that light, "Sealed Court Proceedings" or something to that effect would be better terminology, since those numbers really could be multiple items related to the same pending indictment. I still hope, pray AND believe there will be mass arrests in much greater than the 4000+ number we found, and feel these are very encouraging findings to show people that important work is in fact being done behind the scenes. Some of us could certainly use the encouragement ;)

I would love to go deeper into the by year comparisons, but the amount I did do is encouraging to me. This was the same time period (Oct 30 - 11/22) in 2017 vs 2016:

       2017 2016
DC    76   36
VA-E 95 12

- Justin

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