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Jimmy Carter Just Destroyed Russian Conspiracy While Calling Out US War Propaganda & Imperialism

(Jay SyrmopoulosFormer President Jimmy Carter pulled no punches in a recent interview with The New York Times, clearly stating that he does not believe the widespread propaganda campaign accusing Russia of stealing the 2016 presidential election from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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Source - The Free Thought Project 

by Jay Syrmopoulos, October 23rd, 2017

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes,” Carter told The New York Times in an interview published on Saturday.

The damning comments from the former president, who said he voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, comes as the flailing anti-Russia propaganda campaign, while ongoing, has seemingly stalled out.

As has been widely reported, a Clinton staffer wrote a book called Shattered that revealed the “Russia did it” narrative was concocted by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign manager Robby Mook within the first 24 hours of Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential election in an effort to deflect attention away from the dismal campaign of Clinton.

The narrative forwarded by the Clinton loyalists had the intent of creating a paradigm that would handicap the incoming Trump administration from achieving their foreign policy goal of creating a new, less adversarial, relationship with the Russia and the Putin administration.

Although a congressional investigation and special prosecutor continue to investigate the claims of Russia collusion with the Trump campaign, there has been no evidence presented that intimates any type of improper relationship between Trump and Russia.

In fact, the Russophobes have become so desperate that they recently attempted to claim that “Russia linked accounts,” which is extremely nebulous terminology, purchased $100,000 in Facebook ads in an effort to propel Trump to the presidency. The problem with this line of thinking is that the ludicrous idea that Russia influenced the election with $100,000 in ads, when over a billion dollars was spent between the candidates in an effort to influence voters, is utter lunacy.

Moreover, the Senate Judiciary Committee is now engaged in a “full-scale corruption probe” of uranium sales to Russia during the Obama administration, overseen by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, there were multi-million dollar donations made to the Clinton Foundation by a few key players in the uranium deal, which likely implicates Hillary Clinton in this burgeoning pay-for-play scheme, which was highlighted in the documentary Clinton Cash, as revealed below:
• State Dept. Approves Russian Purchase of 20% of U.S. Uranium Assets in Return for $145 million in Contributions to the Clinton Foundation – Bill and Hillary Clinton assisted Canadian financier, Frank Giustra, and his company, Uranium One, in the acquisition of uranium mining concessions in Kazakhstan and the United States. Subsequently, the Russian government sought to purchase Uranium One but required approval from the Obama administration given the strategic importance of the uranium assets. In the run-up to the approval of the deal by the State Department, nine shareholders of Uranium One just happened to make $145mm in donations to the Clinton Foundation. Moreover, the New Yorker confirmed that Bill Clinton received $500,000 in speaking fees from a Russian investment bank, with ties to the Kremlin, around the same time. Needless to say, the State Department approved the deal giving Russia ownership of 20% of U.S. uranium assets.
In addition to stating that Russia didn’t hack the election, the 93-year-old former president established a number of other painful realities for the establishment and their mainstream media propagandists.

Here are some major highlights from the Times interview:

1. The Russians didn’t steal the 2016 election.

Carter was asked “Did the Russians purloin the election from Hillary?”

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes — or any votes,”Carter said.

2. Obama’s failures
Carter told the Times that he did not think “there’s much hope now that Israelis will ever permit a two-state solution,” and called Obama out for his actions in the Middle East: “He made some very wonderful statements, in my opinion, when he first got in office, and then he reneged on that.”

The former president opined, “we have 22 votes in our family and Obama got all 22 of them,”complaining that Obama had “refused” to engage in diplomacy with North Korea, and lamented the fact that Obama joined in the bombing of Yemen – which has resulted in massive humanitarian crisis.

3. Media “harder on Trump than any president.”

“I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about,” Carter said. “I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.”

While Trump’s bombastic nature surely plays a part in the negative coverage, a recent Harvard study proved Carter’s comment to be quite accurate, as it revealed that 93% of news coverage about President Trump is negative.

In spite of the constant attacks on Trump for Russia and other hyperbolic and largely irrelevant issues, the media remains entirely, and predictably, silent on Trump’s dealings with Saudi Arabian terrorists, slaughtering innocent children in Yemen, and perpetuating and maintaining the murderous mission of the military-industrial complex.

4. Negative global opinion of the U.S. predates Trump

When Carter was asked about Trump souring the image of the U.S globally, he defended his successor and laid blame on American imperialism and its continual drive for hegemony.

“Well, he might be escalating it but I think that precedes Trump,” he said. “The United States has been the dominant character in the whole world and now we’re not anymore. And we’re not going to be. Russia’s coming back and India and China are coming forward.”

5. Carter on U.S. Presidents cashing in after they leave office

The famously ethical Carter was asked by the Times what he made of Obama’s post-presidential string of $400,000 speeches. He replied:

“I don’t care if he gets rich or Clinton gets rich or whatever,” he said. “I don’t want to get into a bragging position; I’m not trying to do that. But I announced when I was defeated I was not going to be on corporate boards, I was not going to try to enrich myself with speeches. I was patterning my policy after Harry Truman.”

When the Times journalist offered a comparison of the Clinton Foundation and the Carter Center, Carter was quick to point out: “Rosie and I put money in the Carter Center. We never take any out.”

And there you have it.

About the Author

Jay Syrmopoulos is a geopolitical analyst, freethinker, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs and holds a BA in International Relations. Jay's writing has been featured on both mainstream and independent media - and has been viewed tens of millions of times. You can follow him on Twitter @SirMetropolis and on Facebook at SirMetropolis.

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