Thursday, October 26, 2017

Benjamin Fulford -- October 26th 2017: Another Letter to the Editor About the Jews

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Hopefully this goes without saying, given all the disclaimers on this site, but the following opinions shared by a reader of Fulford regarding the Jews are not shared by Stillnesss in the Storm. This information is for your consideration. 

The theory that all our worldly problems can be blamed on one religious organization, race, or social class is shortsighted. If one performs a forensic assessment of history, particularly regarding Khazarian influences and strategies (sometimes referred to as the Cult of the Black Sun), it becomes clear that these criminals took on the guise of many groups to further their agenda. By this I mean, the dark occultists, the insidious illuminati or controllers, specifically the Sabbateans cult, converted to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, as well as many other groups, in order to infiltrate and take over these organizations. The Zionist plot and resulting marxist communist socialist agenda is a front organization for the Cult of the Black Sun and the Khazarian parasites. Thus, for those who think the Jews can be blamed for everything, you're being tricked. The conspiracy is much deeper than this, reaching back thousands of years into history. 

To better understand these aspects of history and how they influence current events, read To Eliminate the Opiate, which deals with the Sabbatean infiltration of Judiasm in the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as exaltation of false jews during the 20th century. And the book Fire in the Minds of Men, which exposes communism and socialism as a front for globalist groups seeking to realize their New World Order. 

- Justin

Source - Benjamin Fulford

Hello, Benjamin,

It is funny reading how the JEWS do not like being criticized for being JEWS.

No, it’s not the Khazarians, it’s the F-ing JEWS that are destroying the world.

I don’t buy into the “good Jews” and “bad Jews” argument. Those that do not wish to go along with the JEWISH SH#T SCUM in the world should act accordingly and stop calling themselves JEWISH.

Of course you will not have the guts to print this because you are part of the system.

JEWS are a cancer upon this world. Any group that has been shunned from every country on Earth for over 2,000 years should by now realise that they are doing something wrong.


What are you going to do, Benjamin? Are you going to tell the truth, or are you going to continue to hide behind this Khazarian lie?

Even if you do not print this, I would like you to reply. What I have said is the truth! Are you going to run and hide, or are you going to tell the truth?


Fulford's Response:


First of all, I do not consider myself to be Jewish. I am a human being from the planet earth—that is all. I simply point out that according to their definition, I am one of them.

I think the Jews are like the matador’s red cape used in bullfights. They distract us from the real enemy who is, as you point out, the Satanists. A lot of Satanists pretend to be Jews, but most Jews are not Satanists.

Related The Sabbatean-Frankist Cult -- The Satanic Infiltration of the Western World

I have and continue to risk my life to fight against the Satanists, but at the same time, so as not to become like them, I refuse to attack innocent people, whatever ethnic group they identify with.

However, the Jews do need to join the fight against the Satanists. They also need to renounce many of the horrific things written in the Talmud such as this: “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

Benjamin Fulford

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