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Why Brain Hacking with Smart Drugs May Not Be So Genius

(Christina SarichWhen you talk to brain-hackers from Silicon Valley, they talk of creating the perfect stack – a combination of natural and pharmaceutical nootropics that can help make them into a super-powered genius that can go hours without sleep while maintaining massive focus. It sounds like a cool way to hack the brain, but this practice can come at a price.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 30, 2017 (Video)

(Dane WigingtonHas Hurricane Maria dealt Puerto Rico a death blow from which it will never recover? The global climate engineering Manhattan project includes the manipulation and steering of hurricanes which historical data confirms the US military has been engaged in for over 70 years (since Project Cirrus in 1947). Anyone who still doubts that the power structure would use such covert weather weapons to suit their own agenda, needs to recheck their reality. The accelerating climate and biosphere implosion is forcing the hand of governments around the globe, their desperation will increase on countless fronts. Anyone who still believes the paradigm we have known will somehow continue indefinitely in spite of it all, is in for a stark awakening soon. The current conditions in Puerto Rico serve as an example of what the whole of humanity is facing on the near term horizon if we remain on the current course. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Mysterious Metal Towers Popping Up Over New York City And No-One’s Talking

(AnonymousNew York’s public transportation system has come under fire for spending a whopping $100 million on mysterious metal towers that have popped up at the entrances of tunnel as many New Yorkers remain baffled over how they work.

Vatican Bank Fraud and Corruption -- Brief History, Current Events, and Commentary by Joseph Farrell

(Joseph P. FarrellIf you've been following the Vatican and related affairs (pun intended) over the past few decades, you'll know that the Vatican Bank (officially: The Institute for Religious Works) lies at the heart of much of it, though just exactly how no one really knows. Its beginnings are murky as well. In the early 1920s, Benito Mussolini's government recognized the Vatican as a sovereign state, and paid it some 90,000,000 gold lira in recompense for the 19th century loss of the papal states during the unification of Italy under the House of Savoy/Kingdom of Sardinia. That money, according to some, was parlayed by the Vatican through shrewd investments in Italian chemical industries and other combines into a vast fortune. If one is to believe the plotline of the late Fr. Malachi Martin's novel, Vatican, a "bargain" was struck between the Vatican and the "high masonic powers" of Europe to allow it entre into the game of international finance. In return for this "Bargain," someone - Martin never really clarifies - was given the right to exercise a secret "veto" during papal conclaves should a candidate secure election that the "powers that were" found unacceptable. For a period, some have argued that the Habsburg "Emperors Apostolical" of Austria exercised this power.

BREAKING: Incredible UFO Shot today, Sep 29, 2017 at ECETI Ranch (Video)

Netflix Crosses The Line With SICK Adult Cartoon "Big Mouth" - Promotes Child Sexualization & More

How to Not Crumble Under the Weight of the World (Video)

Deadly Solar Radiation at Mars | S0 News Sept.30.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

EMF Pollution and Chronic Disease - the Untold Truth Exposed

(Jonathan LandsmanWith the national rollout of smart meters and the advent of 5G wireless technology, healthcare professionals like Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat posed by EMF pollution. But, in my opinion, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are still one of the most overlooked health issues of our time – even by integrative healthcare providers.

Humanity Alert: Sperm Count Plunges 59% Due to Mass Chemical Feminization of Men

(Mike AdamsA rigorous new study conducted at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and published in the science journal Human Reproduction Update finds that human sperm production has declined 59.3% from 1973 to 2011, trending toward a collapse of human population.

Revelations of the Ruby Crystal - With: Barbara Hand Clow

(Jeremy McDonald) Barbara Hand Clow is an Internationally acclaimed teacher, author & Mayan Calendar researcher, Her numerous books include the Pleidian Agenda, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, Awakening the Planetary Mind, and The Mayan Code. She has taught at sacred sites throughout the world and maintains an astrological web site.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Elon Musk Just Made Secret Space Program Disclosure Inevitable

(Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.Today at the International Astronautical Congress in Australia, Elon Musk unveiled his plans for the “Big F*cking Rocket” (BFR) which will be the means of turning humanity into a spacefaring civilization. He aims to cannibalize his fleet of Space X rockets and reentry capsules to create a fleet of BFR rockets capable of cutting the travel time between major cities on earth to less than an hour, and making possible the establishment of human colonies on the Moon and Mars.

None of it Matters To Me, Things Seem To Be Happening That Matter to Other people.” – More Words of Wisdom From Jim Carrey

(Arjun WaliaWhat we normally see from mainstream media, and the entire entertainment industry in general (which is owned by the “1 percent”) often contains many agendas, falsehoods, and perspectives that often reflect human ego vs truly expanding the way we think.

Soft Disclosure: Russia and Us Agree to Co-operate on Building First Space Station to Orbit the Moon

(TelegraphRussia and the United States have agreed to co-operate on a NASA-led project to build the first lunar space station, part of a long-term project to explore deep space and send humans to Mars.

Alien Hunters Discover 'UFO Highway' Across America

(Emma ParryA brother and sister alien hunting team have discovered a “UFO highway” across America along which hundreds of unexplained events have taken place - from cattle mutilations to alien abductions.

Latest Face-reading AI Will Detect Your IQ, Sexual Orientation and Political Beliefs

(Isabelle Z.At the recent unveiling of their newest iPhone models, Apple bragged about their use of face-reading artificial intelligence (AI). The phones will use the technology in place of fingerprint readers and numeric passcodes to unlock them, and Apple claims the Face ID system is so smart that it can even identify people when they are wearing masks. However, the approach is drawing a lot of scrutiny from those who feel it infringes too much on their privacy. Some experts are pointing out just how far face-reading AI can go – and it’s a very scary prospect.

COBRA | Short Situation Update: Black Stone Removed, Wormlike Entity from Congo Portal, Plasmoid Parasites, Disclosure

(CobraAnomaly associated with the Black Stone is removed.

How Do We Become a Good Person? -- Shadow Work, Self-Knowledge, Healing, and Morality -- Dr. Jordan B Peterson (Video)

Record-Breaking Comet, Solar Storm Effects & Space Weather & Human Health | The Casey Example| S0 News Sep.29.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

IRONY: CNN Calls Trump Racist While They’re Getting Sued By 175 Black Employees For Discrimination

(Ryan SaavedraNews personalities and writers at CNN repeatedly try to paint President Donald Trump as a racist, which is ironic considering that they’re being sued by 175 African-American former and current employees for racial discrimination.

Giant Humanoid Footprint Discovered In South Africa

(Arjun WaliaBelow is a video of Michael Tellinger showing the world closeup video footage of what appears to be a giant footprint that’s been etched into granite rock in South Africa. This video has been circling the web for a few years now, and despite all of the efforts to debunk it, continues to hold strong. It’s simply too difficult to believe that the granite would take on this shape through simple erosion.

Another Court Rules Against the Surveillance State in Landmark Ruling (Video)

(The Daily SheepleDon’t think for a second that the police aren’t still going to use these Stingray devices…they will, and they won’t get a warrant. They’ll still violate you at every turn. Very little will change in the short run.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

9.28 - Podesta & Stone Twitter Exchange | US/Russia Moon Station | Mars Missions & Soft Disclosure (Video)

Managing Stress While Learning All The Things! (Video)

New Study: “Unusual Structures” on Far Side of the Moon Could Have Been Made by Extraterrestrials

(Arjun WaliaMembers of the Society For Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) have recently published a paper in the Journal of Space Exploration about certain features on the far side of the moon that appear in the crater Paracelsus C. Titled “Image Analysis of Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon in the Crater Paracelsus C,” it argues that these features might be artificial in origin, meaning someone other than a human being built them and put them there.

Gov’t Ruined 653,249 Lives Over Cannabis in 2016 Because 5 Corrupt Industries Paid Them To

(Matt AgoristEvery 48 seconds, the government ruins someone's life for possessing cannabis. These five industries are the ones responsible for this policy.

Ron Paul Issues Dire Warning: ‘Somebody’s Going to Use a False Flag to Start War’

(Matt Agorist"Somebody's going to use a false flag and someone is going to shoot down an airplane, just so this war gets started," said the former Congressman.

Eric Raines Energy Update: "The Dark forces have been in survival mode for almost a year now ..."

(Eric RainesMajor movements towards the complete control of the surface population by the negative agenda were halted and reverse engineered back into a major push forward towards positive polarity/timelines.

The Benefits of Hardship – Exploring the Positive Side of Misfortune and the Limitless Worth of Our Collective Life Experience

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 27, 2017
“As we become more enlightened, as we know ourselves more, truly anything is possible. When you connect to your true self, then life is limitless and anything you can possibly imagine can be your reality.” - Yut
* * * * *
When we have the courage to explore—when we truly learn the value of stillness and of unconditional gratitude for every situation we endure—only then can we truly appreciate life as it was intended to be appreciated. Within this appreciation, we have the discipline of self-responsibility as we endure the difficulties and enjoy the pleasures of our life experience.
* * * * *

The Hidden Advantages of Having An Addictive Personality That No One Talks About

(The Mind UnleashedThe term “addictive personality” gets tossed around a lot these days, often with very little consideration for what it actually means. The reality of the situation is if you ask any doctor, most would tell you it’s a pretty serious psychological setback.

Miraculous Healing Using the Power of the Mind is Possible

(Humans Are FreeDr. Joe Dispenza has an impressive background — studying biochemistry at Rutgers University with a focus on neuroscience, graduating magna cum laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Georgia, and postgraduate education spanning neuroscience, memory formation, cellular biology, and aging and longevity.

Full Update | Benjamin Fulford -- September 25th 2017: U.S. President Donald Trump becomes Obump with Zionist Meltdown at UN

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford's report from September 25th, 2017 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. 

This post serves as a notice that the original has been updated. In the above link, scroll down to where it says:

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford's update this week]

So what is really going on here? The answer, of course, can be found using the old adage, “Follow the money.”

The background story remains the de facto bankruptcy of the U.S. corporate government and the Khazarian mobsters who own it. This is nothing to do with the Republic of the United States of America they usurped. It also needs to be pointed out that as far as the American people are concerned, bankrupting the Satanic entity in Washington DC will liberate them.

Level 3 Solar Storm, Alerts, Announcement | S0 News Sept.28.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

Neuroscientist Explains How Orgasms Can Be Used To Reach An ‘Altered State of Consciousness’

(Amanda MonteiroWhen it comes to sex and sexual pleasure, it seems like there is always something new to be learned. The realm of sex has perplexed humans for many decades, probably due to the growing evidence of a deeper connection being made with ourselves and our partner.

Sacred Acoustics with Eben Alexander, MD & Karen Newell (video)

(Jeremy McDonald) We discuss binaural beats and how they can help us with awakening and expanding our consciousness. Also, talk about NDE's and how we can have the same experience with meditation as well as binaural beats.

How The ‘Spiritual’ Community Has Made A ‘Demon’ Out of the Human Mind

(Joe MartinoWhat does it look like to live from your heart? What is the mind’s role in our experience? In my 10 years of studying and practicing living from the heart, I’ve discovered an emerging trend: The spiritual community has made a demon out of the mind.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ain't No ET Gonna Tell Me How To Live My Life! (video)

(Teresa Yanaros) Note from Teresa: I am not saying that channeling is "bad," I am saying that you take a risk- you don't really know what you are channeling. SO that being said- just be careful when using this method as a way to gain access to information. You'll want to understand it's not the most credible way to obtain insights, as you don't really know what is coming through/who is coming through. That's all I am sayin'!

Can The NSA Use Telepathy To Read Your Mind & Invade Your Privacy? A Tweet From Edward Snowden Begs The Question

(Arjun WaliaAs most of you know, Edward Snowden is the former intelligence contractor who leaked the NSA’s mass surveillance program and discovered some of the most solid evidence for the existence of clandestine black budget operations. But did we really need the leak in order to believe this? Prior to his leaks, the issue was still considered a conspiracy theory by many, despite the fact that there was still good evidence for these programs prior to Snowden’s revelations.

The Importance of the Vagus Nerve in Health and Well-Being

(Anna HuntAt the center of our bodies resides a long, wiry nerve called the vagus nerve. It extends all the way from the brain down through the chest and beyond the stomach. In addition, it connects to all major organs, including ears, eyes, tongue, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, and the colon. Scientists believe that vagus nerve stimulation can affect anxiety and depression, blood pressure and heart rate, as well as the function of digestive organs including the stomach, pancreas and the gall bladder.

(MKULTRA Disclosure) Ex-Cop Arrested with Guns Outside White House Alleges CIA Mind Control Plot

(SputnikA former US police officer with nine guns stashed in his car, including a Colt AR-15 and a loaded Kalashnikov assault rifle, was arrested outside the White House Sunday after telling the Secret Service he was en route to see the NSA director and secretary of defense for advice about removing a chip that he alleged was planted in his head.

(MKULTRA Disclosure) Ex-Cop Arrested with Guns Outside White House Alleges CIA Mind Control Plot (WRONG LINK)

(SputnikA former US police officer with nine guns stashed in his car, including a Colt AR-15 and a loaded Kalashnikov assault rifle, was arrested outside the White House Sunday after telling the Secret Service he was en route to see the NSA director and secretary of defense for advice about removing a chip that he alleged was planted in his head.

BREAKING: Another Portal/Stargate in the Sky? Glowing Spiral Appears in the Sky Over Russia -- Looks Just like the Norway Spiral

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Spiral appeared in the sky over Russia yesterday, according to the site VK, a Russian social medial service. The spiral was captured in dozens of photographs, and strongly resembles the spiral that appeared in Norway in 2009. 

Prince Philip’s Uncle Claims An Alien Spaceship Landed On His Estate (Drawings Included)

(Arjun WaliaYou might be surprised to learn that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of the queen of England, is fascinated by the UFO phenomenon. It’s not surprising to me, however, because his family is most likely comprised of people involved with Deep State institutions and the Black Budget programs (Special Access Programs) that these oversee.

Vaccines Are Covertly Injecting Everyone with Disease-Causing Viruses, Warns Scientist Author of "Plague"

(Vicki BattsJudy A. Mikovits, Ph.D., is a research scientist, as well as the co-author of the recently released ground-breaking book, Plague. Mikovits has spent a lifetime studying autoimmune and neuroimmune diseases, cancer, and other conditions caused by chronic inflammation. Specifically, she’s been studying retroviruses and how they contribute to the onset of these life-altering conditions. And in a recent article, Mikovits sheds some light one of the most concerning aspects of retroviruses: their unsuspecting place in vaccines.

Personal and Global Attacks Become Lethal: Is the Disclosure War Reaching a Climax? [Part I] - Links and Commentary Included

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, September 27, 2017

It has been very interesting to see the escalation of the battle for disclosure progress. A number of months ago, we received predictions from whistleblower and experiencer, Corey Goode, that an effort to squelch the full-disclosure narrative was soon to be initiated. Not long after this prediction was made, we see the initiation of one of the most bazaar, over-the-top, and desperate smear campaigns most of us have ever seen.

Geomagnetic Storm, Mexico Quake Review & Bali Volcano (Agung) on Red Alert | w/LINK TO DATA | S0 News Sept.27.2017 -- Suspicious0bservers

The Unified Field Theory as Explained by Nassim Haramein

(Nathaniel MaukaNassim Haramein is a rogue physicist who thinks way outside the box. In fact, when he was just nine years old, traveling on a long bus ride to get home from school, when he realized that the Universe was just a bunch of “dots.” What came from an experience of astral projection in a small boy’s mind turned into the Theory of Everything, or what is commonly known as the Unified Field Theory.

Advice on How to Quit Watching Porn | Jordan B Peterson

The Sun/Natural Disaster Connection | Space News

In this episode, Thunderbolts Project colleague Ben Davidson, the founder of, discusses the possible connection between intense solar activity and natural disasters on Earth, including the recent Mexico quakes, powerful hurricanes, and other dramatic natural events.

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