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How to Effectively Stop ANTIFA (No Petition) -- Enforce Anti-Mask Laws and Grassroots Efforts to Help Oppressed People

by Justin Deschamps,

The violent radical group ANTIFA, which claims to be working for the end of fascism, is a decidedly fascist group. It advocates mass violence against anyone that doesn't support their agenda. It appears to be supported by George Soros, and is unquestionably working with the globalists to divide and conquer the people. Everywhere they go, violence, oppression, and freedom of thought suffer. Those who love truth and decry violence would do well to help the cause of stopping this insidious organization. With that in mind, consider the following video by Tree of Logic, which accurately asserts that if the police would enforce the anti-mask laws, then the anti-love, anti-free speech, and anti-harmony group ANTIFA could be stopped.

In some municipalities there are anti-mask laws in effect (where it’s against the law to protest while wearing a mask). But the police choose to not enforce this law, usually at the behest of a public official, when dealing with unruly protestors, particularly those that support a globalist agenda. This can justifiably result in injury lawsuits against the municipality if anyone gets hurt because the police were negligent in enforcing the law.

Petitions can be an effective way of spreading awareness. But they also tend to derail more effective efforts because people can be led to believe that their work is done by signing a document. And if we lived in a nation ruled by honor and respect of the citizen—which is what a democratic republic is supposed to be—the people in power would address the concerns of the petitioners. But we don't live in that lawful society. We live in a society ruled by the color of law, where tyrants and criminals can summarily dismiss the lawful petitions of the people.

Given this reality, those who recognize the anti-social nature of ANTIFA, and related groups, can use grassroots movements that are capable of activating large populations of individuals.

A mayor of a city is duty bound to honor the legal policies of their respective regions of jurisdiction. If anti-mask statutes are in place, law enforcement is required to honor them. If they don't, and someone is injured or property is damaged—like often happens when ANTIFA descends on the scene—the people can sue the city and those officials beholden to enforce the laws. The same premise holds true for any elected official.

Consider that in almost every major altercation where ANTIFA appeared, the police were ordered to stand down. The resulting violence and damages suffered by the locals is due to the negligence of public officials. As a result, the people can, and should, rally together to file the required lawsuits against these absent derelicts who have forsaken their official duties in favor of some globalist plot to divide the people.

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Some might say that to use civil suits against others, in any capacity, is wrong. And while it is true we shouldn't have to go to such lengths, it is not wrong, it is one of the only avenue of justice available, one that can effectively stop the harmful actions of these insidious groups.

Make no mistake, we are living in a time of war. I wish this wasn't the case but the battle is against decency, truth, justice, and law.

The powers that should not be war against life itself, and conscript well-intentioned people into the ranks of the anti-life legion. We shouldn't sit idly by and let young people—that are more accepting of groupthink cult-like movements—be swept up into these anti-social groups.

History tells the story of countless atrocities, fomented by hidden powers, using well-intentioned people as pawns.

The Bolshevik revolution pitted liberal-leaning younger and income-deprived people against the conservative-leaning farmers and workers. Between 1919 and 1959, after the socialist insanity was over, millions people were killed and countless families displaced. People were rounded up and placed in concentration camps—the ones who didn't adhere to the increasingly radical rhetoric of the reforms of the early Soviets. This isn't some wild alternative view of history; it is a well-accepted and acknowledged fact, as Dr. Jordan B Peterson describes in the below video.

The Jewish Holocaust of the second world war is cited as a reason to rage against Nazism. And yet, many of the so-called social justice groups, like ANTIFA, seem to forget or ignore the fact that Marxist socialism, and the populist movements that adhered to this ideology, were responsible for ten times the number of deaths, some 60 million people in the Soviet Republic. And in Maoist China, even more were killed, some estimates ranging as high as 100 million people.

While senseless fear won't help the situation, rational fear, or recognition of reality, most assuredly will.

The reality is that what is happening now in the United States, and Europe is nothing new. It's a formula instituted by long-standing social reform groups, likely managed by Sabbateans, which use divide and conquer tactics to remake society in their image. They employ methods of tyranny, oppression, silencing of dissenting speech, and promises of a utopic world, all of which tends to ensnare the economically and socially oppressed who merely want a fair chance at life. The graveness of this assault on freedom, morality, and true justice can't be overstated.

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We, as a people, shouldn't just sit idly by as our young—who are statistically more liberal-leaning, are deceived into becoming the forefathers of yet another mass genocide. We shouldn't let economically suppressed people, who are by and large the most incitable, and responsive to, globalist rhetoric, be swayed by the deceptions and false promises of tyrants.

We can rally together to implore mayor's and local police to enforce anti-mask laws. And when they don't, we can form coalitions that ensure these public figures are sued for damages and neglect.

In other words, this strategy is a tactic in a war-time situation, which could yield effective solutions. Additionally, we should explore other avenues of dealing with the continued assault on morality and ethics, by finding ways of addressing the problems of the people. That is, the long term solution is to undermine the recruitment strategy of the globalists, who intentionally create economically depressed populations, who in general, are also intellectually suppressed due to lack of access to quality education.


The powers that should not be learned long ago that if you keep a people economically suppressed, and educationally quarantined, the ignorant and desperate masses that emerge from such harsh conditions will be perfect fodder for their war against freedom. And historically speaking, this has been highly effective, a master stroke on their part.

Tree of Logic also asserts—drawing upon her experience as a police officer—that the economically depressed communities of inner-cities and the like, have a culture that doesn't foster personal success. She says, and rightly so if one reviews the statistical data on hand, the groupthink mentality of these areas of society consider hard work and personal education as a betrayal—if the ultimate goal is to escape economic hardship. What this means is that whole swaths of people have made it very difficult for their fellows to move up the economic ladder, particularly that ignorance and mob mentalities are now something to take pride in. Of course, the globalists who draw upon these masses are likely ecstatic to know that it's become popular to revel in your own oppression.

Tree describes more about this culture of oppression reverence in the following video entitled: What is the Democratic Plantation.

Also consider Tree of Logic's video about the Black Lives Matter movement.

If we, as a people, work to raise up the downtrodden and heal the divides between social groups, the ignorance that makes conscription into radicalism possible won't exist. We'll effectively destroy the soil from which anti-social radicalism is bred. Of course, there is much work to be done, as there are countless examples in the music industry and Hollywood, where a message of reverence is associated with economic disparity. And while no one should be made to feel ashamed of their economic conditions, they shouldn't also be made to think lack of progress is something to preserve.

This longer view approach requires that we set aside our personal differences so we can form effective humanitarian efforts that feed the hungry, educate the ignorant, and compassionately deal with the desperate and subjugated. The sacrifices we as a people need to make are great, but future generations will enjoy the benefits of growing up in a world were the love of truth and responsible freedom rule the day.

- Justin

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