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Eclipse of Disclosure – The Experience – Recounting Memories from Mt. Shasta

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, August 26, 2017

There have been a number of remarkable experiences in my life, but most of these pale in comparison to the experience I had at the Eclipse of Disclosure conference. This was the first conference I have ever been to, and yet I felt as though I had known many of the people there for many lifetimes.

This trip to McCloud, California was significant in more ways than I can count, but I will do my best to give a description of the various experiences I had.


I cannot tell you how many instances that occurred on the way to and from Mt. Shasta that seemed to defy logic and contrasted nearly every expectation I had. These occurrences each had a significant impact in my life and made my trip even more amazing.

This started with the fact that I was invited to the conference and had my way paid for. Initially, I did not even think I would be able to go, and was only planning on watching a few videos of the conference when they became available. Then, Roger Richard—one of the kindest and most generous guys I know—offered to give me a ticket and camp site even though I could not afford either of these.

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Up until this point, I had been avoiding airplanes altogether and staying close to home due to health issues. I did not know if my health and strength would hold up through the week and yet somehow, they did. Though I had to live on a steady diet of Extra Strength Tylenol, I was intent upon making the trip happen.

On top of the kindness and generosity of the Eclipse of Disclosure crew, I was able to rely on the kindness of my audience to help me get to McCloud and back. It was amazing to see, and I am extremely humbled by the generosity of so many people.

When I arrived at the camp site the first evening, I was exhausted. I am not used to being on my feet for any extended period and was anxious to get to sleep. I would find that the ground only consisted of hard gravel and the conditions were not the best for someone with pain issues. I endured one night, but after that, I couldn't handle it.

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It was only then that I found that Justin Deschamps and other members of the EoD panel were all staying in a cabin and had room on their couch for one extra person. These amazing souls let me stay with them and made my time in McCloud hundreds of times better. These remarkable people felt a lot like soul family and could relate to my life experience on many different levels.


The miracles just kept coming, one after another. I had ask for divine assistance before the trip ever began and there were constant signs that someone (or someones) were definitely helping me get to where I needed to go. The first demonstration of this was to see how I was able to book a flight to my destination even though the first three attempts to book my trip failed and had to be canceled.

I was working with a travel agency that turned out to be based out of India. They were kind and all, but they could not make transactions fast enough to keep any reservation for the trip. So after three attempts fell through, I decided to make my own. Also, throughout the whole process of booking the trip, I was actually guided by random a YouTube video to pay close attention to my travel details and to double check flight times and destinations. (This video was actually about the exact city my flight was destined for.) If I had not, I would have been stranded in a different city altogether.

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To add, there were so many people that were surprisingly kind on my journey. Most of these people weren't even paid to help me. They were just common people and they were as kind as can be. Sure there were a couple of exceptions, but the majority of people were amazing. From gas station attendants to random people at the airport, and locals in small-town McCloud, it was as though I was already living in new Earth. It was a remarkable thing to behold.

There was opposition throughout this trip, but all of the opposition was largely mitigated. I was protected from any extremely negative consequence. For instance, the airport checking register at Chicago O'Hare ended up malfunctioning and I was allowed to check two bags for the price of one. On another occasion after the conference, I was basically stood up by my Airbnb host who never showed and never communicated with me.

I was left without a place to stay for the night in the middle of Oakland. I had to book a motel overnight to make my flight back home in the morning. Fortunately the corporate office of Airbnb reimbursed me completely and even paid for my hotel and food expenses. The whole situation turned out to be a blessing in disguise and ended up saving me money.

Perhaps one of the most amazing occurrences was how the Avis car rental check-in attendant gave me a break. I had a terrible time trying to make my way through the rough neighborhoods of Oakland and did not know my way around. I needed to get to San Francisco and find a gas station, but was mentally and physically exhausted to do so efficiently. I could not find a gas station anywhere and time was running out. Finally, I found a gas station and waited in line for a long time for my turn at the pump. However, when I got to the pump, my credit card didn't work. I swiped and swiped—sometimes slowly and sometimes more quickly, but nothing worked.

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This has never happened before with this card. I simply could not understand what was going on. The card had plenty of money on it and did not appear damaged in any way, but still nothing worked. Finally, I surrendered to the notion of paying the full price of $10 per gallon for not filling my tank after agreeing to prior to the rental. Then I met a compassionate car checker who heard my situation and gave me a huge break. He did not require me to pay for gas and didn't charge me any penalty for failing to fill it. I was beside myself, and could not believe how fortunate I was to have had this man check my car. (He most definitely has some good karma coming his way.)

I was beside myself, I couldn't believe what was happening. This guy saved me hundreds of dollars, and even though my ankles were killing me and my head was spinning from exhaustion and lack of nourishment, I felt much better about my situation in Oakland. I was able to find a cab to get me everywhere I needed to go before my flight the next day.


Since I first decided to go on this trip to EoD, I had experienced numerous instances of palpable opposition. The most tangible of these was a consistence pain or pressure in my chest every time I tried to make plans for my journey. If I chatted about my trip online or attempted to make reservations, I immediately began to have chest pains as though someone was squeezing my heart. This was a normal occurrence and in combination with other issues, this convinced me that this trip was very significant for myself and many others.

There were times when flights were delayed, key transportation was almost missed, and plans were almost ruined, but there was always some higher benefit to these difficulties. There were even instances where I was etherically attacked, but these attacks were used for the sake of a positive outcome. It turned out that throughout my trip, I was so heavily bogged down with these attacks that I could barely keep myself together. I was left vulnerable to massive onslaught on an energetic level and this even caused physical difficulty in my interactions at times. However, even this difficulty was able to benefit all of those involved in so many ways.

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