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Rethinking Dr. Greer’s False Flag Alien Invasion Scenario

(David Nova) While the article below makes many good points to suggest that the internet age of social networks and the Alt-media is too savvy to fall for a false-flag alien invasion, allow me to point out the possibility that such a false-flag alien invasion would likely not come from the White House, or the Pentagon, or Project Bluebeam, or even Area 51, but rather from a Breakaway Civilization, one of the secret space programs that currently possess technology hundreds of years in advance of anything seen on Earth.

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Source - Deus Nexus

by David Nova, June 19th, 2017

In such a case, this would be an actual invasion from an interplanetary Breakaway Civilization, a false flag in pretense only. And following the Problem-Reaction-Solution formula, another faction of this breakaway civilization could come down to Earth and pretend to be our New Age saviors from outer space, thus setting up a new galactic global order.

This is pure speculation on my part, yet this is the broader scenario completely ignored by Dr. Greer and the Alt-Media who are hesitant to admit such Breakaway Civilizations exist beyond the terrestrial-bound Deep State.

The origin of the false-flag alien invasion scenario came from Dr. Wernher von Braun, a Nazi rocket scientist America brought into the fold of NASA via Operation Paperclip after WWII. His longtime assistant, Carol Rosin, made public von Braun’s warning of five false-flag cards that would be played by the PTB. Though the 4th Card, an asteriod strike, was used as a planetary boogeyman for a number of years, in films such as Armageddon (1998) and Deep Impact (1998). Though there have been plenty of predictions of asteroid strikes over the past few decades, the Earth still remains untouched, thankfully.

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I believe von Braun’s 5th Card, a false-flag alien invasion will likewise turn out to be a bust. Not because an internet savvy world will see through it, but because it simply will not be permitted to occur. Yet just the specter of such an event is enough to muddy the waters, to create more distraction and paranoia.

The purpose of all of this [dis]information is to throw us off balance, quite literally, so that we do not find our inner calm place of wisdom to achieve a peaceful and beneficial communion with the Greater Positive Universe, but instead to focus our minds upon fear and distrust, to attract the negative, be they real aliens or false-flag aliens.

- David Nova
Why is Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project still talking about a false flag alien invasion?

The Internet Has Changed Everything

Source: Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond | by Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Since the advent of the Internet in 1995, the entire approach toward anything having to do with ETs, EBEs and Extraterrestrial Civilizations has changed profoundly.

Where the government and corporate media once had almost complete control of the narrative, that is no longer the case.

UFO investigators and ET researchers alike now have access to a wealth of information and data that was once off-limits or not practically available.

The key point here is that we know so much more about what is true, and what is not, about the entire UFO phenomenon. And the body of knowledge is growing exponentially by the year with so many information superhighways traversing the World Wide Web.

False Flag Alien Invasion

With this understanding it ought to be clear that it is now virtually impossible for the U.S. government or the U.S. military to pull off a false flag alien invasion with any degree of credibility. The same goes for Deep State and their super-scientists at CERN.

In short, any attempt to execute even an isolated UFO attack on an American city or African village would be met with utter incredulity and derision. With the pervasiveness of Alt Media around the globe, virtually everyone can become a local reporter on demand. The end result is that any fake attack by alien spaceships would be quickly found out and revealed for what it really is—another government-coordinated false flag operation.

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Most Alt Media websites now function as full-time news dissemination platforms for the Fifth Estate. Wikileaks and other deep Fifth Estate organizations bring a tremendous amount of credibility to Alt Media reporting which often cannot be disputed. Therefore, whatever hard evidence the governments of the world do possess about ETs will eventually see the light of day. Then the process can begin to determine what proof is authentic, and which evidence has been fabricated.

The Bottom Line: With each passing year it will be more difficult (and implausible) for a fake alien invasion to be carried out by the FEDs. They can’t even implement simple false flags on their home turf anymore. Not only that, the Alt Media has gotten so good at reading the tea leaves that Deep State’s false flags are actually being predicted, and done so with greater accuracy.

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Unacknowledged (2017)

What follows is the IMDb description of the new film by Dr. Steven Greer & Company—“Unacknowledged”. Because this exposé concerns the multi-decade cover-up government, much of the material disclosed must be viewed with a high degree of scrutiny and even skepticism.
“Unacknowledged” focuses on the historic files of the Disclosure Project and how UFO secrecy has been ruthlessly enforced-and why. The best evidence for extraterrestrial contact, dating back decades, is presented with direct top-secret witness testimony, documents and UFO footage, 80% of which has never been revealed anywhere else. The behind-the-scenes research and high-level meetings convened by Dr. Steven Greer will expose the degree of illegal, covert operations at the core of UFO secrecy. From briefings with the CIA Director, top Pentagon Generals and Admirals, to the briefing of President Obama via senior advisor John Podesta, chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, we take the viewer behind the veil of secrecy and into the corridors of real power where the UFO secrets reside. The viewer will learn that a silent coup d’état has occurred dating back to the 1950s and that the Congress, the President and other world leaders have been sidelined by criminal elements within the military-industrial-financial complex.
(Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6400614/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl)

That names like Barack Obama, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are anywhere near this investigative documentary makes it immediately suspect. All of these characters were likely used to push “a conspiracy within a conspiracy within a conspiracy”, which ultimately makes it impossible to know anything for sure.

Therefore, the airing of this film is quite curious. Really, why now? What is Greer looking to accomplish with this ‘film exposé’?

The CCRG has reserved judgment on this particular piece of The Disclosure Projectuntil such time that we receive the necessary feedback/input from our informed members. Until then, the reader may want to watch the trailer linked below: “UNACKNOWLEDGED”: A New Documentary Film by Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project (Video)

CIA Black Operation & Government PsyOp

There’s no question that extraterrestrial civilizations do exist, that some UFOs are real ET spaceships, and that aliens walk among us. However, the US and UK governments, as well as their various co-conspirators, have systematically used this reality to advance their own nefarious agenda to control of humankind.

This totalitarian agenda is quite broad and deep. It also has numerous components, especially where it concerns generating and taking advantage of fear which the government deliberately manufactures. One of their more cynical and truly harmful initiatives is delineated here: There Are No Alien Abductions, Only Government Kidnappings

Given this highly offensive and ongoing scenario that Deep State perpetrates against an unsuspecting public, what won’t they do to deceive the people about UFOs, EBEs and threatening ‘Alien Invasions’?

Let’s face it, with the exception of World War III or a global economic collapse, nothing else of epic proportions looms on the horizon like First Contact. Because of this reality, TPTB can easily spin the whole narrative as an imminent alien invasion whether First Contact happens or not.

By constantly creating such a negative context, transparent false flag operations like Project Blue Beam or Operation Firesign can take on a life of their own. In this way humanity as a whole has been conditioned to see ETs as enemies to be feared. Consequently, many segments of the human population can now be easily manipulated to respond in a certain manner to any ET event that might occur, whether it be real or illusory.

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There’s no doubt that TPTB once planned to use the threat of an alien attack in order to further lock down the planetary civilization. The same World Shadow Government has used war unrelentingly over the past 5000 plus years to terrorize nations large and small. However, war between nations is likely to soon outlive its usefulness as the primary means to execute their Ordo ab chao strategy. See how both Russia and China refuse to be drawn into a hot phase of WW3.

Likewise, a staged war waged by extraterrestrial invaders has become so implausible that such an attempt would be seen as utterly ridiculous. None of their plans can come to fruition in this day of Twitter and Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit. People are too smart and too aware these days to be fooled by a CIA-directed Hollywood production like they ran on 9/11.

Nevertheless, that does not mean Deep State won’t try their shenanigans should they become really desperate, as they are right now. In which case we can all just sit back and enjoy the show! Perhaps Steven Greer’s new film is merely a ‘trailer’ tease for such a future fantastical production.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
June 19, 2017

Editor’s Note

The article below contains links with explicit financial data about the amount of money that is being raised by Greer’s fund-raising initiative. While there’s nothing wrong with soliciting donations for a worthy project, the question remains — why is yet another alien invasion ‘warning’ being used to do so?

Hoax or Scam: Steven Greer’s Attempt to ‘Warn’ the People of Planet Earth
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