Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dream Time Validation of Some of Corey Goode’s Information

(Jonathan Carty) I have some information I’d like to share that I feel is extremely pertinent to this big distraction taking place right now involving Corey and other players in the community.

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Source - Truth Earth

by Jonathan Carty, June 29th, 2017

Some of you may remember Corey and David releasing a conversation they both had where they were told that people would begin seeing them in dreams as avatars for experiences in underground bases and spaceships. I would like to share this dream I had where this exact thing happened. The dream occurred November 18th, 2016 and David and Corey released this information on their websites December 11th, 2016.
(Sphere Being Alliance) December 11th, 2016

C: I just remembered that Ka’ Aree told me many people are having dreams of me teaching them in small classes in underground bases and in spaceships.

This is because several different “groups” are using me as an avatar in dream contact now as well as the people putting me in that place subconsciously.

That is just freaky stuff and I don’t like it. An avatar could be used of me to do anything in most dream states.

Here is my dream from one month earlier:
(My Dream Journal) November 18th, 2016

“…Then I found myself in an underground facility. It was large inside and I was with Corey Goode and someone else I don’t know now. We were watching something happen below us; there was a lower deck where several people were sitting and watching these beings go through a transformation.

I don’t know if they were E.T.s or tiny humans but they were small and lying on their backs wrapped in a blanket. I asked Corey a question, which I don’t recall now and he said something about a Pleiadian. So I knew I was in an underground secret facility somewhere. I asked him another question and he answered it and then said I am going to be selfish and sped down to see what the being were going to do.

I went down with them and sat next to this one being wrapped in a blanket with its head showing. He was Caucasian. There was a lady that was upset that we were there but then just let us be. We weren’t supposed to be down there I guess but it obviously wasn’t strictly enforced. I looked down at the being and said it’s okay i’m gay I understand, the being smiled really big and then I looked up randomly and thought of how high the ceiling was.

The whole room was like a metallic grey color and I didn’t see any light fixtures. I woke up after that. This dream felt significant because I was about to watch a being going though an extraordinary change.”
Here is the proof that it was documented on my iPad after I woke up:

I hope this gives some credit to Corey’s information. Ultimately I feel like this whole campaign is a distraction from us working together. I hope this dream helps some people want to put down their sharpened keyboards and decide to use them for something productive! Thank you for reading and much love!
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