Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dark Journalist & Bill Ryan vs Corey Goode: Who is telling the Truth?

by Sabrina,

Dark Journalist has been posting videos about Corey Goode on YouTube claiming that he is a disinformation agent. This attack needs to be addressed.

For those of you who do not know who Corey Goode is he is a whistleblower who claims to be in contact with extraterrestrials who he calls, Blue Avians.

To many people, Corey Goode’s story seems far fetched and understandably so. He says that there are bases on the moon and Mars and that we have a Secret Space Program. The problem is that he has little to no proof of his personal experiences. There is, however, plenty of proof that there is a SSP. There are many other whistleblowers who speak of a SSP and of course there’s Gary McKinnon, the Edward Snowden of UFOs, who hacked into NASA and found evidence of a SSP.

Corey Goode is relatively new on the UFO scene, but he has been quickly gaining attention with his SSP adventures. Recently, this attention has not all been positive. Daniel M. Robillard a YouTuber that goes by the pseudonym of Daniel Lizst on his show, Dark Journalist has been attacking Corey Goode, Roger Richards (aka: Roger Richards Ramsaur or Emma Gold), Justin Deschamps, Jordan Sather, Teresa Yanaros, David Wilcock, Gaia TV, and Dr. Michael Salla.

Dark Journalist, as he is most often addressed, has produced a series of videos claiming that Goode is a disinformation agent and is deceiving his followers with a corporation-like marketing campaign. This is causing division in the UFO, SSP and spiritual community that has been blooming and expanding dramatically in recent years.

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The first three and a half videos on the Corey Goode topic contain a forum owner and researcher, Bill Ryan. Bill Ryan is one of the founders of Project Camelot and Project Avalon. Corey Goode first appeared as a whistleblower on Ryan’s forum under a pseudonym. At this time Goode worked in the IT industry and did not want anyone to know his real name. Unfortunately for him, he became close with the wrong people and his real name was announced to the public. During this time he was also in contact with two other reporters who were a part of the forum, Christine Anderson, and Kerry Cassidy.

When presenting his case, Bill Ryan made many claims that he has not verified and it is apparent that Dark Journalist did not care to verify them either, which is interesting since they claim that is exactly what Corey Goode and those who interview him are doing.

The first claim that Bill Ryan made is that Goode was lying about his six-figure income and that he had a job in the IT industry. This became a theme throughout Dark Journalists three-part video series with Bill Ryan. Ryan claimed that Goode was on disability and medications and didn't seem to have a lot of money. This was Ryan’s first “red flag” that Goode is a liar. For in Ryan’s mind if Goode lied about his IT profession how can he be trusted to tell the truth about any of his experiences? This is sound logic and we completely agree, it would be hard to trust a person who was lying about their claims.

However, the only evidence that Ryan offers to prove that Goode was lying about his IT credentials is two forum members who “know a lot of technical, geeky stuff about computers and the net” who looked at Corey’s statements and concluded that there was “absolutely NO WAY he is an IT expert as he claimed.”

What is interesting is that it appears Dark Journalist took absolutely no time to research this extremely unsupported claim that veers into the realm of he said/she said. If he took only a few minutes to research, he could have found Goode’s LinkedIn account with all of his jobs posted there. ( Now, granted they could be made up. However, there are awards and comments from supervisors and colleagues posted on the Exopolitics website that confirm Goode’s IT career. One of the awards was signed by Robert Triplett who is currently the Senior Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Based on the only evidence, as Ryan has presented none, for now the only conclusion that we can make is that Bill Ryan’s argument to discredit Goode based on him lying about his IT career is invalid.

When speaking of Goode, Bill Ryan said that “As responsible researchers, we have to reject his testimony because it is not reliable and it cannot be counted on.” Ryan himself is making claims that he has no proof of, therefore, making them unreliable and making it hard for us to count on any of his testimony. What’s worse is that with diligent research, Ryan could have called the offices on Goode’s LinkedIn account and confirmed whether or not Goode was ever actually contracted there—which Dr. Salla did and was able to verify Goode's background. It is a lot harder for Goode to get a picture of an advanced race of aliens as his proof. Unfortunately for Dark Journalist, him relying on Bill Ryan as a source also puts his journalistic integrity into question. In listening to Ryan’s opinions (for at this point that’s what they are, opinions), Dark Journalist has become exactly what he is accusing other journalists of being.

Now, if Dark Journalist was keeping an open mind and exploring all possibilities there would be nothing wrong with him reporting on Ryan’s opinions, just as there is nothing wrong with David Wilcock, Gaia TV, Dr. Michael Salla, and more, reporting on Corey Good’s information. However, Dark Journalist has taken Ryan’s testimony as fact without verification and this is causing division in the alternative news community.

Bill Ryan’s second claim that Corey Goode is not trustworthy is based on recorded interviews that Christine Anderson made of Goode at a time when he was on disability and medication, which Ryan is fully aware of and talks about during his interviews with Dark Journalist. However, in a double think-like fashion, Ryan completely ignores the effect medications can have on a person.

Ryan claims he spent 12 to 15 hours editing Christine Anderson’s interview to make Goode sound good. Ryan says Goode was hesitant, fumbling, unclear, and apologized for being on meds and Ryan said that he edited the recordings to make Goode seem smarter. Instead of understanding the pain that Goode must have been going through, Dark Journalist called this Version 1 of Goode, implying that it was a false persona.

Dark Journalist says that Version 2 of Goode approached David Wilcock with a, “tighter, more polished and different” story. This is one of the many times that Dark Journalist attempted to lead his guests and put words in their mouths. Ryan corrected Dark Journalist by saying, “It wasn’t that he made it different, it's that he amplified and magnified [his story] 100 fold.” Ryan claims that there are things that Goode told Wilcock and Gaia TV that he never told Ryan and Christine Anderson. The implication being that Goode changed his story to "sell it" to other researchers

Ryan admits that it could be possible that Goode had more recovered memories, but claims that it is unlikely because Goode has never been subjected to regression therapy. Instead, Ryan goes on to provide circumstantial evidence that he was told by someone claiming to be in the intelligence community. Supposedly, someone remotely activated Goode’s webcam microphone and recorded a conversation between Corey Goode and his wife, Stacey Goode. The unnamed intelligence person claimed that the Goodes were talking about what they were planning on presenting to David Wilcock.

At this point, I think we should all let out a collective sigh. Ryan admits he does not have any evidence of this conversation between Goode and his wife. No recording. No vetting that the unnamed person is who he says he is. And more importantly to this community, we have no proof of whose side the unnamed person is on! Dark Journalist and Bill Ryan’s entire issue with Goode is that he has no evidence to back up his claims and yet here they are doing the same exact thing!

In addition, they also seem to be ignoring several possibilities. The terms Version 1 and Version 2 of Corey Goode, used only to sensationalize the topic, can be easily explained without ill intent. In Version 1, Goode was on medications. In Version 2, he was slowly getting off medications as his body began to heal. Goode himself has talked about this and you can still see it in the early Gaia TV interviews. As someone who has studied medications professionally, and as someone who has taken them after surgeries, I understand exactly what Goode went through—as I am sure anyone who has ever taken medications can . They put your brain in an altered state which makes it incredibly hard to concentrate and form coherent thoughts.

The simplest explanation is often the most accurate one. In this case, this expression holds true. Goode seemed to have two different versions of himself because Version 1 was heavily medicated, in pain, and it was the first time he had ever told anyone his story. In Version 2, Goode was coming off the medications and going through a spiritual enlightenment. In addition, of course, Goode has told Wilcock and Gaia TV more. Ryan said he edited 12 to 15 hours of video where there is obviously a lot of material as Goode is “hesitant” and “didn’t have it all together.” Whereas, there are now 7 seasons of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV. Goode would have had to hold the Guinness Book of Records place for fastest talker in the world in order to put seven seasons of information in a 12- to 15-hour recording.

Dark Journalist and Bill Ryan’s third claim is that Corey Goode might be a disinformation agent. Dark Journalist shows a screenshot of a Skype text between Corey Goode and another unknown person and presents this as proof that Goode is on the payroll of the Deep State. (At this point, at the risk of looking unprofessional, I am trying very hard not to let out another big sigh.) Once again they are presenting evidence without proof. However, this time, I have to seriously question not only their journalistic integrity, but their journalistic skills. In just a few moments anyone can find questionable qualities of this text. First, as others have pointed out, there is a strange edit icon to the right of Goode’s payroll text.

However, the most interesting part appears when one looks at the service provider name and the time on the phone. TELUS is a service provider in Canada which would mean that the unknown person at the other end of the text is in the North American time zone. Assuming that Goode is at home because he is going to “get the kid to bed” that would place him in the Dallas, TX area which is in the Central Standard Time Zone. All we know about the unknown person is that they are in Canada, which means that the person could be anywhere from Eastern Standard Time to Pacific Standard Time. The time on the phone is 12:58pm. If it is 12:58pm EST then this converts to 11:58am CST. If it is 12:58pm PST then this converts to 2:58am CST. This would mean that Corey Goode would have been putting his kid to bed in the early morning. Do these seem like a reasonable times to put a child to bed?

It is possible that the screenshot was taken at a later time of day? But then again, why is there not the time and day stamp in the Skype chat itself? It could be that the message was too long and the time was not able to be included in the screenshot, but if that is the case, then there should have been another screenshot to show the time stamp to ensure authenticity.

In addition, as you can see anyone can start a Skype chat using whatever name they type in the field. As you can see, I created one myself. Although, mine does include the time stamp. The point is that the “evidence” provided by some unknown person, which appears to be fabricated, is hardly what one would call proof.

In fact, this evidence leads me to believe that either Dark Journalist and/or Bill Ryan are disinformation agents or they are passing along information from disinformation agents without taking even the smallest amount of time to research the information. In either case, we are faced with a situation where we cannot trust these two gentlemen’s information.

This is especially true when you look into the type of person that Bill Ryan seems to be. He mentions Christine Anderson as another person who does not believe Goode’s story, but what he does not mention is Anderson’s feelings about Bill Ryan himself. She claims that Goode was trying to prove that Ryan was a paid disinformation agent. According to Anderson, this caused Ryan to go on the warpath to discredit Goode. Ryan, “belittled him publicly, condemned him in Skype chats, and expressed emotions of rage.” She goes on to say Ryan was “actively attacking and triggering Corey.” To be clear, it does not appear that Anderson is a supporter of Goode, but she clearly believes that Ryan did not behave in a professional manner towards Goode.

Another name Bill Ryan likes to mention as someone not believing Goode is Kerry Cassidy who is the co-founder (along with Ryan) of Project Camelot that was created as a safe place for whistleblowers to come forward. Like Ryan does with Anderson, he downplays his split with Cassidy as well. For a time Cassidy was silent about her spilt with Ryan, but when Ryan started making untrue public statements she felt she could no longer remain silent. According to Kerry Cassidy, Ryan decided to publicly “debunk and out" two of the Project Camelot whistleblowers. Cassidy writes, “The statements of Bill Ryan with regard to Illuminati takeover of Camelot are not only completely unfounded but a subterfuge to cover gross errors in judgement that led him to cast 2 whistleblowers to the dogs … in severe disregard of his pledge to uphold the mission of Camelot and in violation of all that Project Camelot claims to stand for.” Cassidy continues to say Ryan will, “go to great lengths to show the world that one was an unbalanced hoaxer and the other is, he believes, acting as an agent of the Illuminati in a dark plot to take down Camelot, neither is true.”

To be clear, neither Anderson nor Cassidy discuss whether or not they believe Goode’s story in these articles. The point of these articles is to show what two close associates of Ryan are saying now that they are out of touch.

With the evidence that is presented in this article it is clear that we cannot trust Bill Ryan as a source of information. It is also clear that Dark Journalist did not do research regarding Ryan’s claims. Unfortunately, based upon Dark Journalists other videos, which we will discuss in the next article in this series, it would seem that Dark Journalist does not want to look into the facts and wants to make Goode and anyone associated with him look like money-hungry liars.

At this point we must start to question the motives of Dark Journalist. Why is he set on attacking Corey Goode and anyone associated with him? What does he have to gain? Why does he want to create division in the SSP/UFO and spiritual community?

Is he a disinformation agent or does he just want attention? If it is the latter, then to Dark Journalist we invite you to come back to the light and the side of truth. We invite you to look at issues from a perspective of love. If you do not believe Goode, that is fine. If you want to question his story, that is fine and in fact, you should question it, as you should question everything. However, we invite you to do so in a way that does not cause unproductive conflict and controversy.

In the alternative community, we have to stick together in order to become mainstream, we have to act with integrity and let the truth guide us to show the world what truth seekers can do.

Dark Journalist, you already have a following, you already have interviews with top researchers in the UFO community. Please realize that at this point, all you are doing is creating confusion and eventually the people of this community will no longer want to listen to you. In addition, if you continue to provide the type of research, or lack thereof, that you did for this interview, you will discredit yourself.

If it is the former, please know that we love you as a being, we respect you, we wish you well, and we consciously move your negative energy to the side.

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