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What Is a Wordsmith? Allegory Reveals the Truth to the Novice and the Master

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Is the skill of articulation important? It seems so, as it is the art and science of transmitting information from one mind to another. This is critical because each person has a unique perspective on the universe, and thus, has a unique store of knowledge. But that knowledge cannot improve our lives or help others unless it is shared and used wisely. Furthermore, if the knowledge is also hidden or obscured, even marginalized, it can be even more difficult to share. As such, learning how to wield our truths in many different ways is arguably one of the most important things we can do. 

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Many people who come across the occult and cabalistic teachings find phrases like this: "a wordsmith is an expert writer who uses words to conceal hidden truths and perform cabalistic word magic to tell stories or history," which can be viewed as disturbing. To the profane—the uninitiated, unaware, or ignorant—this can be quite unsettling and much like a "truth" to one who lacks the capacity to understand it.

But consider the concept of magic as a technology working with consciousness itself (which is—at present—beyond our comprehension). A cell phone or camera to the unaware can seem like magic, and has been described as a capturing of one's soul in a photograph. But once the truth of what seems "magical" is known, it ceases to be magic and becomes technology—understanding how it works dispels its seemingly mystical qualities.

What is cabalistic magic then? As we discussed in the post Black & White Magic: How do you Manifest your Desires? - Understanding the 2 Modes of Manifestation, magic can be defined as a change in consciousness as a result of an individual or group's interactions with it. When the magic works, the change we intended becomes manifest. And insofar as wordsmithing, it is the magic of changing a person's consciousness so they can make contact with ideas in harmony with truth. 

Therefore, in this sense, a wordsmith is someone who has gained true knowledge—gnosis—and seeks to share it with the world.

In alchemy, this is known as the Great Work. And because the truth is a singular, infinite and eternal reality, we will forever be gaining greater comprehension of it, so long as we seek wholeheartedly. The more we can accept the truth and work with it to expand our consciousness, the greater our ability to receive and understand it.

But, for one who has chosen a path of egoism, where they attempt to garner happiness via ignorance—the truth is poison. As Isis shared in the article The Real ISIS has something to say - A Message to those Seeking the Truth the truth will break and destroy us, it will shatter and transform us, it will bring death to who we are now, so that who we are becoming can be born. And this can be difficult when we haven't learned the skill of accepting truth.

The power of allegory in this sense, helps to transmit truth to those lost in egoism, close-mindedness, and fear. Because our ability to understand and see the truth is limited by how much knowledge we've developed, allegory helps to open our eyes indirectly, the same way drama, story, and myth can.

For example, in the film Lucy, Scarlett Johansson is the personification of gnostic truth. The character begins her journey as a lost soul in life, adrift with no purpose other than to consume and survive (the walking dead). She then goes through a tragic initiation, accidently taking a drug that alters her brain so that she begins using more of its cognitive power. As a result, she begins to understand the world around her with increasing detail and depth—and each revelation profoundly changes her character. At the end of the film, she is so transformed that she sacrifices her physical body and temporal consciousness to give the gift of knowledge to humanity. This is an allegorical drama describing the positive Lucifer archetype—a being who becomes wise through personal transformation in truth, and then acts as a beacon of light for others. Lucifer is the light bearer, the positive version being one who can share truth in a way that helps others evolve, instead of wielding truth in a way that hinders evolution.

A wordsmith is one who has developed their consciousness, gained self-mastery, enough to share their truth in a unique way. They have the power to tailor their wisdom for a specific demographic, individual, or way of thinking. Such people are invaluable when properly motivated and supported. And we all have this potential—as a matter of fact, it can be argued that this is the destiny of all intelligent creatures, the reward for walking the narrow path of sovereignty. 

Thus, drama, parable, and allegory is a tool to help share knowledge and wisdom with those who may not be open to it or who cannot comprehend it due to lack of skill. The most effective way to share your truth with others is to learn the ways of articulation and describe your truth in many different ways. This will empower you with the skill to reach many minds, who in turn will re-articulate your information back to you—enhancing your knowledge in the process.

In an age of hidden truth, the ability to share and receive knowledge so as to facilitate growth and evolution is arguably one of the most important things we can learn to do. 

- Justin

Source - Gnostic Warrior

A wordsmith is an expert writer who uses words to conceal hidden truths and perform cabalistic word magic to tell stories or history. For example, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church who helped interpret the Old Testament (Old Law) into the New Testament (New Law), were excellent wordsmiths, who concealed the true meaning of many bible passages, in what is called allegory.

To write allegorically, is to write in a fashion that conceals the true spiritual meaning of the words behind a sort of veil, that unless you are initiated into the secret mysteries, you will simply not understand this hidden meaning, which then truly makes the words written, magical.

The great Doctors of the Church were given the task to change and conceal the content or appearance of the original writings they had in their possession. Their job was to tell the true story about history and the Universal Brotherhood, but to also hide the divine truth behind allegorical words and parables. A system of writing, that had originated in Greece and was perfected in Rome under the watchful eye of the Catholic Church.

This same system of writing, was then carried on by various secret societies of the world such as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians. These once underground Gnostics and Alchemists had to hide their work from both the people and the church who had at one time deemed their teachings heretical. Words, that were punishable by death. Like the Doctors of the Church had done, they would also use allegorical words and parables to conceal their secret teachings in their own writings.

It is these same mysterious words and passages that we find in the bible and various Freemasonic or Rosicrucian literature that keeps many of us in search of the truth, that seems to be buried right underneath our noses in a few letters and dusty books.

The wordsmiths have created this magical world that we live in, where we are ruled by words, magic, and if that doesn’t work, they have a real sword that they have used many times to back up their words. In the end, only those unselfish human beings, who are worthy souls with a pure heart, will be able to penetrate the truth of many of these wonderful secret mysteries. While others will continue to search in vain, because they have simply not earned the right to comprehend these secrets to life and the world we live in.
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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." – Aristotle 

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