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David WIlcock Contact in the Desert Notes (by Joan) “Weaponized Food, High-Vibrational Diet, and the Mechanism of Cancer”

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here is a second set of notes posted by Kauilapele and written by Joan.

- Justin

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Source - Kauilapele's Blog

by Kauilapele, May 25th 2017

Just saw this. This covers the “food portion” of DWs talk. More excellent notes. Please go to her FB posting to see her photos.

Once again, thank you Joan Wheaton for your marvelous notes!!

“Weaponized Food, High-Vibrational Diet, and the Mechanism of Cancer”

HIGHLIGHTS from my Notes from DAVID WILCOCK’S INTENSIVE at ‘Contact in the Desert’…this post focuses on the part of this talk concerning health and healing…

…our food has been intentionally ‘weaponized” since the 1970’s…a protein called Gliadin had been added to wheat to weaponize it…Gliadin mimics the hormone that your thyroid needs to pull in. Gliadin locks into your thyroid so that you always feel hungry.

Grain is compromised.

“Fed Up” is a movie with Katie Curric [sic] that David recommends.

David recommends the diet put forth by Weston Price. It involves small amounts of animal protein, which is high is ‘Activator X’

Activator X is a fat-soluble substance similar in structure to vitamin A. – from

(my note)…

…my note…The Weston Price diet is similar to Dr. D’Adamo’s Blood Type O Diet and the currently popular Paleo diet, but the animals must be raised in such a way that they produce Activator X…

Vegetarians can get lots of Activator X from ghee (clarified butter from cows that graze on grass) and from free-range eggs.

David had very little good to say about veganism, except to explain that he was a vegan for seven years and that it is the ultimate ethical diet. He wished it would have worked for him, but his energy collapsed after years of being a strict vegan.

A clean diet assists the pineal gland. Ancient cultures had a clear pineal gland.

The pineal is full of piezochromic crystals. As the crystals expand and contract they produce light.

The ‘silver cord’ that connects the physical body to the energy body is a stargate. Photons go through the cord and into the pineal gland, and the pineal is flooded with DMT.

Carcinogens vibrate at a frequency of 280 nanometers. Photons are stored in the DNA and also vibrate at 280 nanometers. This prevents the DNA from absorbing light. The DNA needs this light to tell the cells when to stop multiplying.

The energetic body stores photons.

Cancer is caused by lack of light in the cells.

Fresh fruits and vegetables increase the light in the cells.

Your skin has 100 photons per square foot coming off of it, but fruits and vegetables have thousands of photons per square inch emitting from them.


(my note) I had a very interesting dream-vision many years ago. It occurred inside of an image that portrayed the energy fields that permeate the physical body.

At the top left of this image there appeared the frequency of animals foods as they manifest in the body…this frequency was very strengthening and in harmony with the fields that surrounded it…below it, also on the left side of the image, appeared the frequency of plant foods…I was shown how they both work together to integrate the body…

I’ll always remember this unique vision/picture…currently I eat a plant-based diet and when I tune into this I feel that that is right for me for the time being…it is highly cleansing and that form of cleansing is something I need right now…because of seeing how these energies actually work in the body/energy fields I am not at all attached to a plant based diet and could move into adding some animal foods if/when it seemed appropriate…for now, I am happy with my plants-only!
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