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Corey Goode Update: Haters Attacking, Sigmund Missing, UFO Community Assets Activated, CIA's Fake News Model Hugely Successful

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Corey Goode recently shared a post by Jimmy Church in which he discussed some of the tension that was felt during the Contact in the Desert event last week. Speaking as someone who attended the conference, I can tell you that the efforts of some to divide the community were palpable—there were clearly individuals trying to campaign against Goode, Wilcock, their fans, and anyone who didn't agree with this vocal group.

It appears there are some very triggered people within ufology that are fighting tooth and nail to maintain their belief systems and narratives.

In my observation, one of the temptations of truth seekers is to over emphasize the knowledge they've distilled through their past seeking, attempting to maintain old conclusions despite the emergence of new information.

But since the truth is infinite and eternal, we should strive to stay open and unbiased. Our knowledge is limited by experience, a limited point of view within time and space, and as such, no matter how complete our conclusions seem, they are always subject to change or improvement.

But facing the fact our knowledge is limited and incomplete can be unsettling. If we've created an identity around one belief system or another and we're promoting that as an expert, it can be almost impossible to let it go to embrace a more inclusive perspective.

Some presenters, authors, researchers, and so on, have built whole careers on a narrative that was not properly open to change. In science, a theory needs to be designed in such a way that it can handle the incorporation of new data. But when theories fail to do this, they will eventually crumble as more discoveries are made.

Similarly, when researchers or truth seekers fail to leave the door open for new information, they can become irrationally defensive, resorting to character assassination tactics against those with differing opinions.

But for those of us on the "outside" trying to understand the greater truth, it is far easier to determine when someone is genuiningly seeking a greater truth or is trying to supress information to maintain their own beliefs.

For example, one who is open to new data will be willing to discuss it honestly, reviewing it with care and objectivity. In the process, they will incorporate these new data points into their existing knowledge base, expanding or changing previous conclusions to more accurately represent the whole data set. This can be thought of as a heart-based truth-seeking process, one founded on the recognition we are always students of experience.

Conversely, when someone refuses to look at information, discuss it, or even acknowledge its existence, then this person isn't operating from a genuine desire to know the truth. They are acting from a state of close-mindedness.

We would do well to recognize when we slip into defensiveness or when our chosen truth revealers and researchers are doing the same.

The fact is, we're all human, and we're all doing the best we can with what we have to work with. So while we should strive for perfect truth seeking and discourse, it is understandable when we miss the mark. I think having compassion for those in a defensive state is helpful so that we don't feel attacked when our beliefs aren't reasonably considered.

I have a lot of respect for many in the truther movement, but I also recognize when some of my fellows, be they in the public eye or not, have fallen out of balance. It is a better service to truth and others to make light of these things because the power to influence others through speech, or writing, or videos, is great.

Thus, we must use our powers of articulation and influence wisely, with honor and respect for others. By this I mean, we should, strive for truth and the sharing of our truths with objectivity and humility, this way we don't misrepresent our conclusions as unquestionable facts, as some have clearly been tempted to do. 

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While this time of turbulation is unsettling, as we observe some of the most respected figures in the field bicker about who is more right, it is all part of the great work of cosmic evolution and initiation.

We, as truth seekers, would do well learn how to entertain many ideas at once and develop the ability to listen to others with a clear mind and open heart. This way we don't allow our consciousness to be lowered into a state of close-minded defensiveness.

While at CID, I had many interactions with people who seem to be discovering the benefit of this middle path of objectivity and balance. Many were able to quickly recognize attempts by some speakers to divide the community. And, in general, people seem to be developing an immunity against drama, seeing the truth underneath the wild accusations and obvious attempts to discredit credible individuals.

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In this sense, I think we're progressing along quite well. We just need to stay clear headed when dealing with those who are trying to persuade us with anything but the whole truth.

- Justin

Source - Sphere Being Alliance Facebook

by Corey Goode, May 29th, 2017

There are a number of operatives that have been activated in this community. Every since the disclosure of the "Antarctic Area 51", we have seen more push back from TPTB than from any other info I have released.

Since then "Sigmund" has gone missing and I was questioned by his two airmen about any info I may have on the disappearance.

I was also told that nearly every asset in the UFO Community has been activated.  They are mostly self-identifying currently.

Keep an eye out for more false and vicious attacks. I was told the CIA's "Fake News" model has been so successful, they are now using the "big lie" method to divide this community more than it already was.

These people are out of control...

They are now attacking fans who make video's supporting my information, Board Games, Tee- Shirts or "Fan Films" (All 100% done by fans) viciously. They behave exactly like Troll's and then give the "One mans freedom fighter is another man's Terrorist" line.

These energetic changes are causing many to self-identify their negative vibration. They cannot have unity!

I hope each of us will flood YouTube and Blogs/Forums with videos and articles on why you want unity, (Do or don't believe/support me but support unity, etc...) how we can achieve it and what we can achieve with it Keeping it all positive, of course.



Original Post by Jimmy Church

#f2b @jchurchradio, we get back from CITD and it appears that while we were out of town...and leading up to the event...and through today (Sunday, Memorial Day)... a few people (a small number) have been very negative towards individuals, conferences, groups, events and 'information'... some are connected, some not... you have MUFON, 'whistleblowers', researchers, authors...whatever... suddenly we have this negativity being brought from a very select few... and it's just stupid.

All of it.

First, with MUFON, we have one guy who ran his mouth and in 24 hours raised so much craziness that I still can't wrap my head around it... friends have been really very uncool.
Second, the disinfo about CITD and what it represents...I was there, everywhere, all weekend...and anyone who attended...ANYONE...will tell you that the entire weekend was nothing but coolness, happiness and knowledge...period.

I haven't paid too much attention to the CITD negativity...why? Because everything that I have seen or read is from someone who WASN'T there! How crazy is that? You be the judge.

Third, the attacks on different authors, researchers and 'whistleblowers'...totally uncool...spreading hate and negativity does nothing...although this is coming from just a few people...I see it as: 1. They are screaming for ego attention and: 2. They are upset because others are happy and 3. They think that if they try and break up the community or cause problems that they will have more 'clicks', 'likes', 'views', 'friends', 'subs' or comments on some forum validate their own existence or ego.
Again, very, very uncool.

Over the last week I have been approached, email, texts...saying "have you seen this? have you read this? so and so is saying this, that, about him, her..."...from all directions all at the same's nuts.

So, am I bothered by it??? NO. I don't care.

I don't let negativity bother me and don't let it effect YOU.

I don't read it...I delete it. I don't watch it...I don't listen to it.


I will never be part of, take part in or be exposed to negative thoughts...or spread them. It's bad for the soul.

Anyone who does is probably rotten to the core...nasty inside...not fun to be around and, seriously, didn't get enough Cap'n Crunch as a kid.

Let me be very clear: If anyone out there thinks I've paid ANY attention to it you are dead wrong...I don't have any time...or give any of it consideration. It's NOT important to me.

Our community has a way of flushing out what they want or don't will happen naturally. Always has and always will.

Our community is a beautiful, organic group that represents every part of society...and the greatest part about us is that we listen to everyone...all views, experience, ideas and theories are on the table...they have to's up to you to figure it out.

Do not listen to anyone spreading hate, negativity, racism or personal attacks.

It will only drag you down...stop your progress in your quest for a better you, community and planet.

Think about it...and...most importantly...

Have a GREAT day and go have some fun!


Additional Comments by Goode

May 27th, 2017, from Corey Goode Responds to Claims Made by Bill Ryan

I just looked at all of the new posts since the time of this article (On this forum). I can't help but to point out that all of the people on this particular Forum have proved my point about them and their motives.

The amount of hate and negativity coming from them is almost tangible. They are now attacking anyone that supports me or my information. It really is sad to see, what was once a respected researcher, become triggered to a point that they are behaving like an Internet Troll (& openly encouraging others to do so!). Now we see why no serious researcher in this field wants to be tied to this individual. He has and is further isolating himself and those associated with him in this field. 

A close group of supporters on a Forum is his only platform now, other than a few of the Forum's fans who have Podcasts. These people are so caught up in this negative energy that they cannot argue their points without ridiculing anyone that has a different opinion and are openly lying and spinning stories (Once again, what they are accusing me of). Each time someone tries to have a rational discussion with them it devolves into personal attacks or bullying. 

Another sad point is that Christine Anderson is the ONLY one of these people that has attempted to be truthful in Forums or Podcasts on YouTube. Even though some of her perceptions are a bit skewed and filtered through her own belief systems... 

It was the closest one yet to giving the history behind Bill Ryan's bizarre behavior over the last few years. It seems that nearly all of my points in the above article have been proven by this groups own behavior. There is now a small army of Troll's working to discredit this information. These people are blowing a lot of smoke desperately hoping everyone believes their cries of fire. 

A coordinated disinformation campaign screaming from the top of their lungs that "Corey is a disinfo campaign"... This group is behaving more like a government/agency coordinated operation. Follow the bread crumbs yourself. These people do NOT want unity in this community. Divide and control is their method. We can recognize those pushing their agenda quite easily. 

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