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Corey Goode Town-Hall Style Discussion at Contact in the Desert -- Event Attracts a Conscious Crowd

by Teresa Yanaros

Contact in the Desert returned to Joshua Tree, CA last weekend, from May 19th-21st, 2017. Prominent figureheads including George Noory of Coast to Coast AM radio show, Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens, and Dr. Steven Greer discussed big issues such as extraterrestrials, the secret space program, and disclosure.

But the allure of hearing experts speak was not the only magnet that attracted over 2,500 people to the desert this summer. Contact in the Desert brought in crowds of conscious evolvers and evoked cosmic conversations that synthesized new waves of awakening within those who gathered there.

Roger Richards, speaking to the crowd during Corey 
Goode’s exclusive workshop at Contact in the Desert.
“There is this energy that is pushing forward for full disclosure. We are pushing against the fallout and there is tension there. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the epic battle of consciousness of our world were done in a way of creativity? What if every single artist, entrepreneur, and writer dove into that experience and fought with those tools?” 
— Roger Richards, Speaker. “The Ramifications of a Cosmic Duality” Corey Goode workshop at Contact in the Desert, May 21, 2017, Joshua Tree, CA.
Roger Richards, director of Full Disclosure Now, manages multiple projects with Corey Goode. He provided insights during Goode’s exclusive workshop on cosmic duality. The crowd was silently engaged as Richards flowed through an explanation of his vision for the future. He emphasized the impact that artists have had historically on periods of revolution and movement of consciousness.

“You can touch somebody, motivate somebody with an image, or from a sound,” articulated Richards. He described how many people wanted to help, to jump on board and spread evolution of consciousness. When Richards asked the crowd if anyone else felt as though an alarm clock went off in their head about two years ago, a swelling of agreement and inspiring conversation flowed through the room.

Author's comment: In order to move towards change as a society, we need to transform the system from within, use the assets of the opposition, and trust in the transformative process. All of the fear conditioning is used as a tool to make us feel helpless, but the truth is that we are divine creators of whatever it is that we want to manifest. Every second you make a choice to grow and expand, or you make a choice to stagnate. Excuses about needing money to grow, or feeling insignificant and insecure are mental anchors that prevent you from moving into a cosmic space of evoking change. All things are possible when you realize the power that resides within to manifest your dreams, and run with it.

Goode emphasized that we are all an equal part in this movement towards a future of disclosure and honesty, and Richards expressed gratitude to be a part of the experience with everyone aboard. You could feel the energetic pulse of the room enthusiastically focusing on what it meant to come together to brainstorm and co-create the future that we desire as a whole. The air became thick as the conversation deepened.

Justin Deschamps, of Stillness in the Storm, was one of the most eloquent speakers at Contact in the Desert. His thoughts flowed like water, and the audience hung on his words like music. He explained the importance of transmuting situations that you might see as bad into something positive, saying that this is an essential part of raising our vibration and steering the collective towards the optimal timeline. If you allowed an experience to poison your mind with negativity, creating trauma, this blocks the spiritual perspective from coming through, preventing transmutation. It is up to us to shine light on the experiences we’ve darkened through fear, in doing so we catapult forward in our soul growth. If we fail to use our consciousness to become aware of our fears and transmute them, we hold back the collective evolution of humanity.
“There are so many experiences in my life that at the time I did not want to experience. Now they’ve become my foundation for who I am. We try to make our temple perfect, which allows the spirit to come through us. We shine that out and become radiators, beacons [of light] for other people.” 
— Justin Deschamps, Speaker. “The Ramifications of a Cosmic Duality” Corey Goode workshop at Contact in the Desert, May 21, 2017, Joshua Tree, CA
(From Left to Right) Justin Deschamps, Corey Goode, and Jordan Sather sit on the panel together and speak about paving the way towards a holistic life.

Deschamps of the Stillness in the Storm site and Jordan Sather of the Destroying the Illusion YouTube channel were invited by Goode to add their thoughts on manifesting cosmic disclosure. The two public figures have worked hard to offer seeds of enlightenment to fellow seekers from all around the world.

Towards the end of the session, a young woman from the crowd stood up to ask a question. She specifically called on Sather, who started a YouTube channel in late 2016 in order to help spread the news of disclosure and other wisdom.

The woman in the crowd at the workshop wanted to know how she and her friends could start gathering and spreading truth as well. Jordan’s response was, “Literally, just do it.”

The crowd had a laugh and an outbreak of applause ensued. Then the tone turned thoughtful and informative as Goode, Sather and Deschamps encouraged onlookers to collaborate with others, grow the channel with production value, network on social media, and most importantly, to focus on truth, integrity, and the greater work of conscious evolution, not popularity and fame.

Sather emphatically advised her to dispel fear of speaking out—assuring that she would find her own process in time that would resonate with her. Through that process she would refine her vision on how to best connect to others in an authentic way.

Sather’s YouTube videos amassed a huge following over a short span of three months, as people flock to his message of breaking down constructs of the control system we interface with every single day. His genuine tone and honest presentation style appears to engender trust and good faith, which Sather actually embodies to a large degree.

Deschamps and Sather congregating with fans of the  
Stillness in the Storm site, and Destroying the Illusion YouTube channel.

Throughout the weekend, Sather and Deschamps explored the venue. Fans consistently stopped them to offer thanks for their service to truth, and to encourage them to keep sharing their vision and spreading the positive word. Those who came to speak with them consistently shared that humility and integrity were some of their most remarkable features, essential characteristics for the new wave of disclosure and awakening advocates emerging on the scene.

Author's comment: People are ready for the message that we are in the age of disclosure, and want to help bring about the change in consciousness. An undercurrent of potential energy on the verge of a kinetic switch reverberates through the connections around the venue and especially at the town-hall like discussion during Goode’s workshop.

The day before Goode’s workshop, David Wilcock said during his own speech, “Group success hinges on individual responsibility.”

This theme of lifting up the individual and building a foundation of change on an awake and aware population was consistent. And it seems more and more people are ready to do the personal work and participate in the global shift take place at this time. When the individuals take on the challenges of mastering themselves, the whole of humanity becomes a little wiser and brighter.

Author's comment:
Fusing this concept together with Richard’s vision of a bright future, we can all come together to build a better world. As long as you seek within yourself, and truly connect back to your own true soul purpose, you will be putting into the world what you are supposed to be creating for the benefit of all. If we all focus on driving that through, and stay focused on using our gifts for the better, we can trust that the person next to us is encouraged to do the same by our example. In order to build the world up to its highest point, we all need to take cosmic responsibility and not let the world pass us by.

The time is now. We are in the Age of Disclosure. We are the Disclosure. And it seems more and more people are waking up to this fact—cultivating a space of gratitude and responsibility to manifest the world in which we want to live.

- Teresa

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