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Was Trump's Syria Airstrike Kabuki Theartre to Undermine the Deep State Globalists? Black Pigeon Speaks

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) A researcher going by the name of Black Pigeon Speaks, has a rather compelling perspective on Trump's airstrike on Syria last week. He asserts that Trump made a gesture to appease the globalists, but in reality, no major damage against Russia or Syria took place. And in doing so, Trump undermined the Deep State's agenda.

Briefly, it appears that the Cabal-run Deep State is working tirelessly to discredit Trump. Whether the 45th President of the United States is another globalist puppet or a true patriot is immaterial—Trump represents an organically elected president by the people, one not selected by the powers that be (and therefore the Deep State's position is that he must be crushed underfoot).

In considering the notion that Trump is working with some kind of alliance to end the Deep State, this move could have been a decisive blow.

The media is painting Trump as an incompetent leader who lacks experience and acts irrationally—calling him paranoid for claiming Trump Tower was wiretapped, as one example.

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Given that, by all accounts, the alleged Syria gas attacks on children were another false flag (confirmed by Putin himself); the motivation for doing so on the part of the globalists was likely to put Trump in a difficult position. The masses who bought into the gas attack, reeling from seeing photos of gassed children, expect Trump—who has previously taken a hard position against terrorism—to take action. And yet, if he is as aware as some claim of the Deep State and its machinations, he or those supporting him likely realize that the attack is an attempt to bait him into starting a proxy war with Russia.

Taking this into account, consider that apparently most of the 59 missiles dropped in Syria didn't hit major targets, and made no significant damage to Russian assets.
‘Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield, Russian MoD says

The Russian Defense Ministry says the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield wasn't very effective, with only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles reaching their target. The locations of the remaining 36 missiles’ impact is now unknown, the ministry added.

The strike on the Shayrat airfield in Syria’s Homs Province destroyed a material storage depot, a training facility, a canteen, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station.

The runway, taxiways and the Syrian aircraft on the parking apron remained undamaged, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman said in a statement.

The ministry described the combat efficiency of the strike as “quite poor.” (source)
As Black Pigeon points out, 23 out of 59 targets hit is a shockingly low number and didn't appear to be effective. Given the precision of previous US military operations, this suggests that the attack was—in and of itself—a kind of false flag. But more clearly stated, a counter-strike against the Deep State.

By overtly attacking Syria, Trump appears to appease the bloodthirsty globalists—who were beating the drums of war. Trump appears to be a strong decisive president. The strike discredits the Trump-Russia influence theory in the minds of the masses—who believe it was a major blow against Assad.

Finally, it has been claimed by some sources that there is a global alliance, of which Putin is allegedly a member, working against Cabal-run groups. If this is true, the lack of damage on Russian assets leaves the door open for working with the Eastern nation when and if coordinated moves against the Deep State finally materialize. Furthermore, there is an alleged alliance within the US intelligence apparatus keenly trying to purge Washington of pedophile politicians and power players.

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What appears to be a certainty is that the Syrian attack is more complex than some are suggesting. And while Trump did seem to have a financial interest in the attack, there were also definitive blows against the globalist agenda.

The mere fact that Putin is publicly calling the Syrian gas attack a false flag is in and of itself a groundbreaking development.

As always, we would do well to avoid black-and-white thinking. 
- Justin

Source - Black Pigeon Speaks

by Black Pigeon Speaks, April 8th, 2017

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Syrian War Footage 7
Published on 16 Dec 2015
War footage from December 14 2015 in Syria.
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On April 3rd, 2017, an anti-Assad journalist tweeted that the next day he would be launching a media campaign to cover airstrikes on the Hama countryside, including the use of chemical weapons. It is not clear how the reporter was able to know that chemical weapons would be used an entire day before the attacks occurred.

I can show you the evidence again and again but the world doesn’t care plea from British doctor treating Syria ‘gas’ victims – Mirror Online

UK-trained doctor hailed a hero for treating gas attack victims in Syria stood trial on terror offences ‘and belonged to the group that kidnapped British reporter John Cantlie’
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