Monday, April 17, 2017

Did Facebook Just Sentence a Man to Death? -- Social Media as Political Informant and Government Agent

by Conscious Optimist

According to Mussolini, "fascism" can be defined as a complete merger of corporate and state power. By now, readers of "alt" media are certainly aware of Facebook's prominent role in the war against free speech, largely spearheaded, interestingly enough, by modern day universities in the West, and their seemingly pro-Islam faculty and students. Facebook's mounting censorship policies and campaigns fit perfectly within the larger framework of radical leftist campaigns to eradicate viewpoints that don't tow the fascist liberal line.

(As an aside: need I point out that you can't be 'pro' anything if, at first, you cannot describe it? Many alleged pro Islam types have no idea what Islam even is. So be careful not to automatically assume that leftist ideologues that say they are "defending Islam" have the slightest clue what they're doing. But I digress...)

Today, Facebook is engaging in the crackdown against dissent of opinion in multiple countries. The video below shares the story of Facebook being used to enforce blasphemy laws in Pakistan—laws that can carry the penalty of death.

As Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change puts bluntly, "if they're doing this in Pakistan, just imagine what they're doing in your country."

Personally, I find it alternately infuriating and hilarious how "progressives" today would simultaneously support the censorship of right-wing viewpoints while also defending a "religion" that calls for the killing of atheists. I suppose we can thank Facebook, in some small part, for the mass idiocy that comprises much of today's youth culture?

Why is it that some many young people today—who should be the most free thinking of us all—can be so easily duped into the mindlessness of popular movements, ones usually founded on a dogmatic and often incorrect ideology?

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