Friday, March 31, 2017

An Islamic Woman Debunks Social Justice Warrior Narratives about Muslims (Video)

by Conscious Optimist

If you've been reading a sufficient dosage of alternative media — almost regardless of what "genre" — you'll encounter the charge that the "mainstream media lies." This is indeed true. One would have to be extremely naive to trust CNN or Fox News or many similar news organizations.

What is less obvious is the effect that such lies may have from time to time.

Human beings behave the way they do largely because of the narratives that they believe. In this sense, "belief" itself may be regarded as a legitimate force of nature; for although we may exist in multiple dimensions and have a spirit that transcends matter, we still, at the very least, have a part of ourselves in the visceral and material world. Therefore, when a belief system effects our behavior, it is similar to the idea of a force of physics causing a change in matter.

It is not an inconsequential game that social engineers play—they are indeed interested in creating mass mental/physical environments that tend towards division, slavery, war, and pollution. But before the chains are set and the bombs are deployed, the narratives must first be engineered. This is the pre-condition necessary to fulfill the parasitic elite's agenda. They need us to reduce each other to mere images and labels only—they need whites to become the "evil oppressor," then blacks are targeted, then fishermen or what have you, and so on and so on.

They need us to be socially handicapped and incapable of seeing beyond reductionist narratives—beyond the shallow stereotypical views pushed by the media.

Many youths are getting militantly perturbed by the notion of "racism," and in their ignorant zeal for "justice" are amongst the most incorrigible racists I've ever met—hapless dupes of social engineers.

Indeed, Social Justice Warriors should be regarded a case study in mass arrested development—I say that not to be insulting but to be honest. Humanity needs to grow up, and the onus is on each of us to help make that happen for those who want to remain emotional and intellectual children.

On that note, wouldn't it be great to hear a Pakistani woman's notion of racism and Islamophobia?

You might be surprised when you hear her perspective. And you'll never get anything like it on CNN!


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