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A World Without Money | What If You Could Trade Your Skills With Others For Goods & Services Without The Use Of Money?

(Alanna KetlerBack in the day, not even that long ago really, people would trade services with each other. Maybe Jim Bob was an excellent mechanic and Mary Lou could make nice warm quilts. If they both needed the service that the other was able to offer, they would do a trade. This way, no money was needed and both parties got what they wanted. When exactly did we stop working for each other, and for corporations?

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Source - Collective Evolution

by Alanna Ketler, March 9th, 2017

Everyone has something to offer, but not everyone has the same skillset. What if we could trade our skills for services or things that we need, without the use or need for money? We could certainly start to do this right now with our neighbours, friends and family members. Now, thanks to technology, this idea is easier than ever and you can become a part of this new amazing network known as Simbi.
What Is Simbi?

Simbi is a new platform also known as the “Symbiotic Community.” This serves as a place where you can sign up and receive 100 Simbi credits right off the bat. From here, you can list your skills or what you have to offer and set a price. Others do the same. When you are in need of a service, you can just search for it on the website and see if anyone is offering it. You will have to spend some Simbi credits to use the service, but as long as you have something to offer as well then you will continue to make back credits to be used again.

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According to the Simbi website:
“Keep your money, it’s no good here. The economy isn’t working for 99% of us, so we’re building a new one. By joining Simbi you’re accepting a new lifestyle, one of symbiotic exchange, abundance, and human capital. Together our talents are limitless.”

This Is The Kind Of Change We Like To See

This is a revolutionary idea. We have more than enough of what we need, but not everyone has the funds to obtain it. This can help those in need, but also promote the idea of community and keep money away from those big corporations that so obviously do not have our best interests at heart.

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We all have something that we are good at, that we can offer to others. Maybe we don’t have a degree, so we don’t feel comfortable charging money for it. You can even offer physical things that you make, like paintings, knitted slippers, jewelry – you name it! Whatever you have to offer is welcome on Simbi, because chances are, there is someone out there who needs it.

Below is the Simbi Manifesto:

With Simbi You Have Access To Anything

There are probably many things that you would like to experience but you wouldn’t actually spend money on them. Maybe a tarot card reading? A massage? Something you’ve always wanted to experience but maybe didn’t think was worth the money that you needed just for survival. This platform gives everyone the opportunity to share their knowledge, gain new skills, and help others, all without the use of money. Check out this short video below.

What Are Your Thoughts?

This takes the concept of voting with your dollar to a whole new level, because you can vote by not spending it on services that you would rather not support, but feel that you have no other option. Is this the way of the future? The world truly is abundant, and Simbi can help us to see that. Would you use this platform? What services/skills do you have to offer? Please share with us in the comments section below!

If this interests you, join Simbi and its growing community of over 60,000 users!

Much Love

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