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Rumor: Possible Reptilian Photo Allegedly Brings Down 4chan

(Paul Seaburn
Psst. Wanna see a selfie of a reptilian? Oops, it’s gone, along with the website where it was posted. And I suddenly don’t feel too good. Do you?
Before we get started, write down on a piece of paper your prediction of how many times this post will use forms of caveat words like “allegedly,” “possibly” and “reputedly.”

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Source - Mysterious Universe

by Paul Seaburn, February 24th, 2017

Where should we begin on this story? According to a number of reports, a photograph reputedly of a reptilian alien taken outside of Luke Air Force Base was posted to 4chan on Thursday. Within minutes, the entire website was allegedly taken offline and all copies of the photograph mysteriously disappeared, except for one.

For the uninitiated, 4chan is the highly controversial imageboard site associated with a wide variety of equally controversial and nefarious groups and famous for its pranks, like Rickrolling. Luke Air Force Base is an active USAF base located 15 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. Reptilians are alleged shape-shifting humanoid aliens who reputedly control the world from underground bases and are said to be related to most of the world’s leaders. Caught up?

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According to various accounts, an anonymous thread titled “24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C” was begun between on 4chan’s /pol/ board between 12am and 2am on February 23rd. It included a picture of an alien which was said to have yellow scales, black eyes and small pursed lips and was looking directly at the camera in a classic selfie pose. Reports say the thread was only up for a few minutes before the 4chan channel went offline. When it returned, all traces of the photo and thread were gone.

Fortunately, someone allegedly captured a screen shot. Actually, some reports allege that a number of people claimed to have saved the picture but it was mysteriously wiped from their hard drives. Other reports claimed that those who looked at the photo got sick, vomited, shook and suffered severe psychological trauma. While the original was reportedly “super high quality,” the only saved copy of the reptilian selfie is pretty shabby and doesn’t seem to be making anyone except real photographers sick.

While waiting for UFO Researcher of the Year Tom DeLonge to weigh in on this, most who see the sole picture and hear the alleged accounts let out a loud “Really?” After all, this is 4chan, home of pranks, porn, threats, conspiracies, hoaxes and other things that will melt your brain. Was this a case of mass pranking or mass hysteria – an attempt to see how many people would actually fall for a crappy picture and a story about a reptilian photograph that brings down a website and makes those who see it ill?

All will be revealed soon.

Or are the Reptilians trying to distract humans from paying attention to real issues? Are they attempting to get people so fed up with outlandish alien claims that they won’t believe any of them, allowing the Reptilians to do their work without suspicion?

Whoa. See how easy it is? Is the picture still up at the top? Did you allegedly guess the number of purported caveats?

What do you think? Which made you feel sicker … the picture or the idea of people believing that Reptilians take selfies?
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