Monday, February 20, 2017

NASA To Host Press Conference Regarding Discoveries Beyond Our Solar System

(Joe MartinoNASA announced today that they will be hosting a news conference providing updates about discoveries beyond our solar system. The question remains: what type of disclosure are we really going to hear?

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Source - Collective Evolution

by Joe Martino, February 20th, 2017

“NASA will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 22, to present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun, known as exoplanets. The event will air live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.” – NASA

Attending the press conference will be astronomers and planetary scientists from across the world.

As stated by NASA, the focus will be on planets beyond our solar system, although no further information has been given. Many people believe this will be major information that could affect our understanding of our solar system, things beyond it and also potentially life beyond our solar system.

It’s often thought exoplanets are the major hope for life elsewhere in the universe. Over the years, many have been found and information has been shared with the public about the existence of these planets, however, whistleblowers have come forward stating that NASA, intelligence agencies, our governments and others already know about intelligent life in our, as well as habitable planets, right here in our solar system as well as beyond.

For example, Canada’s former minister of defence Paul Hellyer came forward after his retirement and began blowing the whistle on UFOs and extraterrestrials. His testimony is backed up by hundreds of other high ranking military and political personnel all over the world. This includes official documents released by dozens of governments worldwide that have officially acknowledged the presence of UFOs.

” In one of the cases during the cold war, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying South from Russia across Europe. The supreme allied commander was very concerned and was about ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute certainty that four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. There’s been a lot more activity in the past two decades, especially since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that and if we will use it again, because the whole cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos. They’re very much afraid that we might start using atomic weapons again and this would be very bad for us, and them also.” – Paul Hellyer

Below is footage we shot at Contact In The Desert in 2016 at Joshua Tree National Park.

Want To Ask NASA Questions?

NASA stated that the public will be able to ask questions using the hashtag #AskNasa during the conference. The agency will then hold a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session straight after the briefing.

Not surprisingly, most people are highly interested in the one thing I think is the most important next step for humanity: integrating with ET’s on a mass scale.
My research over the years has led me to question the validity of what we hear in these public briefings due to the fact that NASA has lied many times in the past and many whistleblowers and declassified documents have made that clear to us.

Whether they believe they are keeping the public safe and out of chaos by withholding the reality of extraterrestrial life or not, I strongly believe it is time for all of humanity to know the truth. It’s not a matter of proof at this point, it’s a matter of looking at the evidence available and seeing the reality.

What type of disclosure will this be? Will we be given more drips of disclosure? Will it be the entire truth? Or will NASA release information that continues to keep the public in the dark on key issues regarding our solar system, life in it and what lies beyond? We shall find out on the 22nd.

Expect full coverage of this event by us on the date and after. You can join over 200,000 others and stay in the know by signing up to our daily brief here.

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