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Square the Circle with Earth and Moon -- Mysterious Numerical Connections Reveal an Intelligent Universe

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Within science, when a phenomenon has been observed with some degree of regularity, underscored by statistically significant measurements that cannot be explained by normal means, there is a basis to support an investigation to determine if there is a principle at work. For example, the fact that the Sun regularly rises in the East and sets in the West provides enough statistical certainty of observation to lead one to conclude something is happening above the heavens—namely—that the Earth rotates around the Sun. 

The following article details numerical connections between the Earth, Moon, and Sun, which are statistically significant enough to suggest some kind of organizational principle is at work. Which is to say, the accepted version of history explaining the Moon's creation via "normal" means may not be true. What that principle is remains a mystery. But given there are no other celestial satellites that so perfectly match to the planet to which it orbits suggest the Moon could be an artificial or intelligent object of some kind. 

Researchers have suggested that it could be some kind of space ark toed into orbit. Others have said it   completely fabricated, filled with endless facilities. 

In short, don't let the seeming certainty of mainstream science obscure the profound mysteries regarding our closest celestial neighbor. 

- Justin

( When we compare the size of Earth and Moon strange geometric synchronicities appear. The most fascinating of all is the ancient philosophical concept of ‘squaring the circle‘, that is drawing a square with the same area as that of the circle. You can also ‘square the circle’ with equal perimeters, which is what the Earth-Moon system do, to a very high degree of accuracy (99.97%).

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Source - Omnithought

by, February 14th, 2015

The Earth and Moon’s diameters can be described as a simple ratio, 11:3, when comparing one to another. It turns out that this ratio is the solution to ‘squaring the circle’ (of equal perimeter). The Moon describes a circle that has the same circumference as the square’s perimeter that surrounds Earth. This fact was discovered or rediscovered by the late and great John Michell.
The magic number found in these geometries is 273, or more specifically 2732. I believe this is an overlooked constant in our matrix of reality. Here are some findings on this number.
  • The ratio of Earth’s diameter to Moon’s diameter is 0.273. (The moon is 27.3 % the size of the Earth).
  • Comparing a square’s perimeter to a circle having an equal circumference, the circle’s diameter is 27.3% longer than the edge of the square. (easier to visualize in the illustration).
  • Inscribe a circle inside a square. The four corners make up 27.32% of the total area.
  • This is reached through the formula: (4 – pi) / pi = 0.2732
  • The relationship of the Great Pyramid’s height to half its base is 1.273:1 (or 4:π) and thus ‘squares the circle’.
  • -273.2 degrees Celsius is the temperature of Absolute Zero.
  • 27.32 is the freezing point of water on Kelvin scale (K). [Note: The author may have made a mistake about the freezing point of water. When rounded up, the freezing point of water on the Kelvin scale is 273.2.]
  • Absolute zero of water is 273.2% colder than the temperature it takes to boil.
  • 273 days = average length of pregnancy (10 sidereal months).
  • 27.3 days = human menstrual cycle.
  • 27.32 earth days is the sidereal period of the moon (moon completes one full rotation, one ‘moonth’).
  • 1/273.2 per C is the expansion/reduction of gas (Gasses expand by 1/273 of their volume with every degree on the Celsius/centigrade scale).
  • Sunspots  revolve  about the Sun’s surface in 27.3 days.
  • Water changes phase at 273°K.
  • 273 days from the summer solstice to the vernal equinox.
  • 2,730,000 is the circumference of the Sun in miles.
  • The triple point of water is defined to take place at 273.16 K.
  • The Cosmic Background Radiation is 2.73 K.
  • The Earth and Moon orbital periods are reciprocals. 1/27.32 = 0.0366 (366 days in a sidereal year) (1/366 =.002732) 27.32 days in one ‘moonth’.
  • 273 m/s2 = acceleration of the Sun.
  • .273 cm/s2 = acceleration of the moon along its path around the Earth.
The square and circle, or in 3-d, the cube and sphere, are key concepts in the teachings of Walter Russell, whom Walter Cronkite declared to be “The Leonardo Da Vinci of our time”. I encourage others to contact me if they find any other correlations with these basic geometries.
It’s also interesting to note that 2732 – 2372 (its palindrome) = 360 which is a superior highly composite number, meaning it has a ton of divisors. 360 is also the number of degrees in a circle.
We have Scott Onstott to thank for many of these findings. His website is a mind bender and is highly recommended.
Fred Cameron and Adri de Groot also reveal cracks in the matrix of our holofractal reality, using this overlooked constant.
This article was found on and republished on this website for educational purposes.
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