Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Clif High on David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake

(American KabukiThis is a fascinating interview by Red Ice with Clif High on January 16th. He discusses at length his misgivings with the information coming from David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford and Drake. Many of the points he makes are very salient ones.

Source - Deus Nexus

by American Kabuki, January 18th, 2017

Clif’s take on Ben Fulford is interesting in the regard that he has a martial artist background for most of his life, he’s trained in Judo, Karate, and Akido at many dojos.

I had a banker compliance officer contact me a few years ago who had both martial arts and Yakuza connections tell me Ben didn’t know what he was talking about when it came to the martial arts societies and the Yakuza, and he even expressed those views directly to Ben in a telephone call. I learned from another source that one of the Yakuza sidelines is to laundry dodgy financial paper.

Clif goes into some details in his own personal history, such as his grandfather shooting himself with a shotgun when the bankers took the family farm in Missouri during the 1930s depression. His father was lifer in the military, eventually promoted to a White House Aide, and then when confronted with some covert details about the Chicago democratic convention riots in the Johnson administration volunteers to leave a cushy DC job and go to Vietnam. All this history I have not heard mentioned before.

I have always liked Clif’s work, he’s a linguist he picks up trends using AI tools in the language coming from social media and web sites. He’s really measuring “THE ALL” as it awakens on Earth.

In the early 90s I reverse engineering a human language translation system built in the 1960s that had no documentation, from IBM 370 assembly language into the C language which was ported to UNIX. That system was later used by Google until 2009 for its language translation system. Google has since developed their own. Its still in use by other search engines. I found working with linguists to very very fascinating. I never met a group of beings quite so unique. Clif’s work crosses the border from programming into linguistics in a way I did not, so I respect his skills in that regard immensely.

This video calls Clif the smartest man in the world, but I think he’d be a bit more modest about that.

I have a few disagreements which are minor in regards to how the banking systems work, and on the issues of karma and the Bardo, which were part of the soul/essence trap (now offline) which David Icke has mentioned, using implied consent really, of beings that were recycled back into the Earth sphere through various religious beliefs about the afterlife and the need to work off a perceived “debt” to a God.

Be that as it may its a very timely video well worth a listen as to Clif’s own perspective on these gentlemen (which are all well intentioned).

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