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"Life After Disclosure" -- Analysis and Discussion | No, Corey Goode and David Wilcock have not Endorsed Partial Disclosure

by Justin Deschamps

In December 2016, the series Cosmic Disclosure aired an episode entitled Life After Disclosure on the streaming site Gaia, hosted David Wilcock and Corey Goode. The episode was a discussion of several different scenarios about how disclosure might unfold in the coming weeks, months and years. Despite the fact that both Goode and Wilcock have stated numerous times they personally support the full disclosure agenda, a wave of confusion has washed over the awakening community who thought they were advocating for partial disclosure.

I personally received numerous questions from concerned viewers who felt as if Goode and Wilcock had betrayed their original call for full disclosure. The following article will attempt to address this concern, providing quotes, conceptual arguments, and other research as needed. I will also discuss the logistics of full disclosure and psychological impact, karmic debt, how to realize the optimum timeline, and more.


In review, full disclosure is a term referring to the scenario involving the complete release of hidden information that has been in the possession of various Cabal-run groups for most of human history. It would include, but not be limited to, the disclosure of hidden technology, history, past extraterrestrial contacts, crimes against humanity, and the full scope of exopolitical activity on Earth and in the solar system. The release of this data would take place over a relatively short time span, much less than the partial disclosure agenda's 100-year roll out period.

In effect, full disclosure would quickly bring everyone on Earth up to speed, bridging the gap of knowledge that has kept humanity in a disempowered state for eons. Once the veil of ignorance has been lifted, humanity will be faced with a series of intense adjustment periods and choice points. As the horrors of the past become known to all people—along with the realization of what we've allowed to happen on our watch—a new course will need to be chosen so as to prevent multiple catastrophic disasters currently looming over the people of Earth. These include the transhumanist agenda, an environmental extinction level event, destruction of the human family, and more.

Partial disclosure is a scenario in which the Cabal-run or less benevolent allied groups of Earth maintain control over humanity, while slowly releasing information in the full disclosure basket over the course of a one-hundred-year time period. Any information released in the initial stages would serve as a distraction to keep the masses entertained while the criminal aspects of Cabal activities remain secret until after those at fault have passed away, likely toward the end of the one-hundred-year time frame. This scenario would effectively provide the masters of humanity an opportunity to change the nature of the control system, transitioning it into a transhumanist technocratic model wherein the free-range slavery aspect of the monetary system remains in place.

Under this plan, the vast majority of humanity would be deceived into believing that society has transitioned to a technological age of splendor and abundance, the perfect misdirection for the powers that should not be to stay in control. Under this agenda, no crimes against humanity will be revealed, the Babylonian money-magic system will still in place along with the free-range slavery system. In effect, the partial disclosure agenda will improve certain aspects of society while the powers that be stay in control, along with the caste system and the elitist policies that prevent people from living their lives to the fullest.

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Although there are many distinctions between full and partial disclosure, the key difference is that the whole truth humanity needs to reclaim their inherent sovereignty and cease to be dependent on despotic elites would remain obscured in the limited disclosure scenario. Conversely, full disclosure and the release of suppressed truths in completion would dispel the illusions that have kept the people of Earth suppressed for all of human history. Arguably the most influential societal illusions deal with original sin or the "broken" state of humanity, along with the worship of false authorities made possible by the disempowered state of the population that doesn't know itself. In essence, the only thing keeping the Cabal in power is the people's belief they have power.

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Impact and Effects of Full Disclosure

Clearly, full disclosure is the desired option for many who have gained even a modest comprehension of the current state of affairs on Earth and beyond. Only those suffering from self-ignorance and social programming enjoy their status in the slave-state of modern society, and as such, fear the truth. But full disclosure would make it impossible for the illusions society to continue to be believed by the masses.

Complete disclosure is the most turbulent, life-changing and transformative option. It would be akin to a worldwide event wherein the imaginary figure of Santa Claus would be revealed as a made up illusory person—a lie—wherein children would experience a kind of grieving process. Similarly, people all over the planet—including those in the awakening community—would likely experience degrees of upset as the world they've known all their lives crumbles into dust. But it should be noted that the status quo and the society we are aware of today is a figment of the imagination. That is to say, the real world will still be there after full disclosure, it is merely the people's relationship to reality that would be profoundly enhanced, and therefore, transformed.

The fact is, full disclosure is debatably one of the grandest and most far-reaching social change movements ever put forth in human history, possibly even in galactic history. The complexities of this venture are monumental in scope and scale, literally affecting everyone and everything on Earth, across generations of time. If lies and deception are like a drug, then when humanity finally has them torn away, a massive wave of detoxication and withdrawal will set in. This adjustment period will be easy for some and incredibly painful for others. Potentially, waves of depression and even suicides would ensue as the sleeping masses cope with watching their world dissolve.

But, if certain whistleblowers are to be believed, full disclosure will also be a beautiful event of collective healing. People have historically demonstrated that during times of hardship, love, compassion, and support for one's fellow's increases exponentially—like during the September 11th attacks. Thus, while full disclosure is a catalyzing event that is likely difficult for many to process, the hidden nurturing instincts of many will become active in the process. In this sense, it could be a moment of incredible restoration of the human family, as the illusions of separation and scarcity that have divided the people evaporate. Imagine the day when people gather around each other in mutual support, holding hands and sharing tear-filled moments of revelation, healing, and appreciation.

Although many in the awakening community consider it a foregone conclusion that full disclosure will usher in a golden age, rarely are the details of such a thing considered fully.

In other words, full disclosure is not simply flipping a switch and the next day everyone on Earth knows the truth and wants to live more harmonious lives. For many, the focus has been on getting to the point where full disclosure actually can happen, and now that this seems to be on the horizon, the greater and more complicated discussion of how to achieve this for the good of all can take place. This requires the ability to contemplate many different possibilities, factors, and scenarios—black and white thinking won't impart much in the way of coherent understanding.

The truth is simple, but it must be digested and integrated on an individual basis. No one can be forced to accept more than they can handle, without causing major problems as a result. Trauma, in this sense, is defined as the absorption of information that cannot be processed or understood coherently, and as such, creates deleterious emotional effects. Therefore, the elephant in the living room seems to be, if full disclosure happens, what will it look like? How will we, as a people, meet the greatest challenge of human history?

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This is not a discussion that has a quick and easy end. Careful consideration is required to ensure all people, across all walks of life, including the manifold living creatures of Earth, can make the transition smoothly and without unnecessary harm. With the importance of this endeavor in mind, Goode and Wilcock participate in the discussion of life after disclosure.

The Collective Ascension — Who Decides?

Before we review the specific questions asked by one reader, let us address a question: If Wilcock and Goode did "switch sides" and subscribe to partial disclosure, would that matter? Why would their betrayal to full disclosure stop the awakening community and their efforts? 

If people only support full disclosure because someone else told them it was a good idea, then this is an extrinsic motivation. But in order for full disclosure to have the best impact, an intrinsic appreciation of it should be developed.

The people need to sit quietly and think about why full disclosure is the best option so they can develop a personal understanding, which imparts personal motivation and investment in the idea. Arguably many who have been researching these topics have already developed a body of reasons for why they want full disclosure. Yet if our movement is dependent upon one person or another, the Cabal could easily take them out and derail the whole affair. As such, let us ponder the merits of full disclosure so deeply that we become a warrior of truth with immutable motivations—unwavering in our zeal and desire for change guided by the whole truth. Meaning, if we do the inner-work deeply enough, nothing can stop us from doing what needs to be done—in balance with honoring another's free will of course.

But to be clear, both Goode and Wilcock have stated many times that the ultimate deciding factor in determining the course of future events is the collective consciousness of humanity. Here is an excerpt from the episode in question:
Corey: ... "Tear-Eir said that there is an optimal timeline that we are trying to achieve, but us as human beings, our co-creative consciousness, are directing us on this path.
So if we don't get out there as a community and help raise the awareness and consciousness of others, then we're not necessarily going to find ourselves on that optimal timeline." (Source)
The information in the quote came from Raw-Teir-Eir, who acts as a liaison for the Sphere Being Alliance. 

In summary, no one individual, group, race, or agenda is the deciding factor. While Goode and Wilcock support, and are working towards, full disclosure, their contribution is just a small part. 

The Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) is a highly advanced group of beings here to assist humanity in the coming energetic consciousness shift often referred to as the Ascension. This shift would involve a solar flash or energetic up-stepping in the solar system. Part of the SBA's assistance is to attenuate the energy flowing into the Sun so that the change takes place at an optimum time when the maximum number of people can make use of the evolutionary potentials of this event.

The ascension is a complex topic in its own right, but simply stated it is a macrocosmic evolutionary development for the Earth and the solar system, which simultaneously imparts a microcosmic opportunity to those creatures living within the system of Sol. That is to say, the Earth and Sun have already made their choice to ascend, they are merely waiting as long as possible for humanity to make their own choosing—as individuals and as a collective. Those who choose not to ascend with the Earth will go to another world to continue their personal evolution at their own pace. The ascension and disclosure event are merely choice points—in the end, everyone will end up precisely where they need to be for their continued evolution—no ever one loses.

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The ascension will happen as a kind of cosmic inevitability—as inevitable as a wave washes up on shore. But for humanity, the question is: are we going to ride this wave as a partnership with the Earth and cosmos at large or are we going drown beneath the tides of change because we haven't taken the opportunity to prepare? If we intend on ascending with the Earth, now is the time to get ready for that event.

Although the "choice" of ascension and evolution has already been made by the Earth (Gaia) and solar system long ago, the deciding factor for what humanity will experience remains open and pliable.

The Sphere Being Alliance has stated to Goode from the beginning that the aggregate of human-level intelligence on Earth is the primary factor in determining future timelines. The optimal timeline—as Goode and Wilcock refer to it—is one where full disclosure is realized, which will ensure the maximum number of human beings ascends or evolves with the Earth. But we need not take the word of alleged extraterrestrial beings.

The Power of the Collective Consciousness 

It should be patently obvious to anyone who takes the time to look that collective consciousness is incredibly powerful. The Cabal or would-be masters of humanity are not in total control, they use the power of the co-creative consciousness to their advantage. Over the course of thousands of years, they have carefully created a culture of self-imposed, self-policing obedience to the state and illusory authority—voluntary slavery.

Humanity, via their own free will choice, maintains their own enslavement, and culture along with the identities created therefrom, form the backbone of what has become popularly known as "the Matrix." Parents teach their children and culture teaches everyone that social conformity and unquestioned devotion to the state, along with the love of money and what it can procure, is the height of earthly experience. Those who do not conform and submit themselves to free-range slavery are cast out, becoming misfits who "starve" in social obscurity. 

The use of monetary systems is an essential part of this fabric of control because it helps keep the masses divided and untrusting of each other, which compels people to have blind faith and trust in the authoritarian state. Destroy the trust between people and they will be easier to control and more devoted to their elite controllers.

People tend to motivate themselves—via their cultural identity through the pursuit of wealth, social acceptance, and material abundance—to perform untold horrors at the behest of their occulted enslavers. Life in society has become a competition wherein social Darwinism ensures each individual fights for power and control over others, all while failing to recognize the greener pastures of cooperation beyond this limited box of perception. The collective consciousness has been twisted and distorted over eons of time into the culture of the downtrodden and the enslaved we know today. Culture has become a kind of school for training oppressed, disempowered people who—without realizing it—service the ends of their hidden masters. Only those willing to question the dogma of society begin to peel back the illusions of modern life, recognizing that in order to change the system, personal change is needed.

Thus, the elite knows, without a doubt, that the collective consciousness of humanity is the source of their illusory power—without the sleeping masses and their worship, the "elite" are nothing. 

Through the Cabal's machinations, the whole of the human race created the world of today, one where billions starve and suffer while a handful lives in opulence. Where the average person works tirelessly to get ahead in a world of self-serving hierarchy. Without the consent and participation of the people, the whole system of control collapses. And since no one in their right mind would ever agree to such a destructive and fallacious enterprise, mass illusions and reality management programs—deceptions at almost every level of society are needed to twist the minds of the people into compliance. The control system is effectively a grand hypnotic entrainment mechanism, where humanity gorges itself on rewards doled out by their overlords and avoids the punishments that come from not conforming. 

Given all this, why would Goode and Wilcock's opinion stop us? If they did betray their original stance to one of partial disclosure, would that change what is needed for the individual? No, it wouldn't.

The fact is, the pursuit of truth, personal healing, empowerment, acting with harmlessness and loving service are still required—by everyone—to ensure the collective consciousness is steered towards an optimum timeline. This is essentially what the Sphere Being Alliance message is and if we assume that it is true, it places the burden of change squarely on our shoulders. In my view, this is an encouraging perspective to take because it places humanity's fate in our hands. 

Of course, Goode and Wilcock have taken on the role of leaders and motivators, and if they did switch sides, it would have a marked effect on the awakening population. But as will be revealed, that doesn't seem to have happened.

Honest Assessment of the Collective

In the Life After Disclosure episode, Goode and Wilcock discuss different possibilities, of both full and partial disclosure. Apparently, merely discussing what partial disclosure looks like caused some of the viewership to conclude they were subscribing to that scenario, but this was never actually said. Moreover, in a personal discussion with me, Goode explicitly stated that he and Wilcock were not saying they think partial disclosure is the best option.

This sentiment was echoed in the episode,
Corey: "Well, whether our future is positive or not is still in play. That is fully up to us. But I think that what we're doing on this show, and what others are doing in this field, are definitely bringing us closer to some sort of a Disclosure." (Source)
Goode has generally maintained a position of uncertainty regarding the future. He tends not to proffer a belief that the optimal timeline is guaranteed—because it isn't. As was just detailed—exemplified by Goode's statements—the future is still in play. And this position, although it can be frustrating, reinforces the fact that, as individuals, proactivity is required. We are here to save ourselves.

Humanity, due to eons of trauma, has been lulled into a kind of Stockholm syndrome, wherein the bulk of the population has become completely passive in the face of pandemic suffering, hardship, and harmful actions. Each individual, via their behavior in society, participates in the machinations of the Cabal. Thus, real change at almost every level of human life is needed to fully heal and correct this destructive course.

But realizing this lofty goal of each person changing is not required before full disclosure can come about. Instead, the internal process of awakening is what is most urgently needed. The simple act of starting the process will change an individual's inner state such that they send waves of coherent consciousness outwardly in all directions—even if they haven't accomplished much yet.

The people who have taken the time to gain knowledge and understand that their personal contribution is very important (likely those reading these words) represent the cream of the crop, so to speak. The rising population of awakening ones signifies those who are the most capable of becoming way showers and trailblazers for helping to steer the collective consciousness towards the optimum timeline. Goode's position seems to be that of striving for full disclosure but also recognizing the reality of the present situation. Without this vigilance to acknowledge reality, a false sense of accomplishment washes over—something humans beings in general are ever tempted with.

One cannot improve their current state without an honest appraisal of the situation. In effect, this is what the Life After Disclosure episode is doing. It is exploring what the future looks like based on a set of potential outcomes, which are still being decided. In the act of considering the partial disclosure timeline, we can make contact with threads of insight that motivate uso keep doing the inner work for full disclosure.

Speculation and Exploration of Timelines and Possibilities

Wilcock states early on in the episode that before they discuss the optimum timeline, a sub-optimum timeline should be explained.
David: Well, I guess then before we get to dessert, what would the suboptimal timeline potentially look like? Are we dealing with a catastrophic type of reality at some point? (Source)
Subsequently, he and Goode begin to review what partial disclosure would look like. But Goode is sure to note that this has not been decided yet. 
Corey: It's speculation. We don't know. There are so many different realities that we could create for ourselves. As a group consciousness being, we haven't decided where we want to go yet, and we're in the middle of making that decision right now. (Source)
Wilcock then presses Goode to speculate as to what one might expect.

As a side note, while engaging in speculation is often regarded as a waste of time or wholly unproductive there is value to the exercise. In order for choices to be made, possibilities must be envisioned or imagined. Human beings, at this stage of development, cannot assess the value of a possibility without exploring what it would look like using an assumption. When one assumes that a thing is true, this acts as a catalyzing agent within the conscious mind, allowing the subconscious to produce a set of images that give life to or express the possibility being considered. Speculation is the practice of exploring unknown possibilities using one's imagination—a form of critical thinking and holistic discernment. Problems arise when one begins to believe that their speculations are actually real—without verifying them first, which forms the basis of dogma or cultural doctrine.

Thus, so long as one doesn't confuse reality for what is imagined, speculation is a valuable tool for empowering consciousness to choose one possibility over another. And this episode is an example of that as the scenario of partial disclosure is imagined and discussed.

Exploring Partial Disclosure

Goode and Wilcock consider some of what would be involved in partial disclosure.
David: So let's say that that consciousness starts to make better choices. What would be some of those steps that would be maybe a more predictable through-line of Disclosure? 
Corey: Well, we're definitely going to start having more reports, photos, video, of these triangular-shaped craft and some of these oval-shaped craft that they use. They are planning on doing a Partial Disclosure event to where they're going to just tell us about a program that they have in low-Earth orbit – a couple of satellites and these triangular locus craft that take off that the Air Force controls. (Source)
Notice how Goode referred to partial disclosure when describing the low-Earth orbit data releases.

Recall that partial disclosure is a carefully sculpted narrative of information made from strands of the full disclosure basket. Meaning, if elements of the partial disclosure agenda begin to surface—like triangular shaped craft—then this in and of itself does not mean only the partial disclosure timeline is being realized. And also recall that by pushing partial disclosure the Cabal risks triggering the collective consciousness into a more active state as elements of the limited narrative cause waves of awakening. This means that unless one is looking at the big picture, they could easily confuse the discussion at hand as an endorsement of partial disclosure.

At this point, Goode describes triangular-shaped craft that the military industrial complex (MIC) secret space program (SSP) intends on using for the partial disclosure scenario.

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Goode goes on to say that the MIC SSP will use these craft and the low-Earth orbit space stations in the limited scenario.
David: "Let's talk about that for a second. This is part of what you're calling the lower-levels Secret Space Program?"

Corey: "Right. And the technology of these satellites, which they're stations. They're space stations. The last I heard, there were two. And they're being serviced on a daily basis by these triangular craft."

David: "Obviously cloaked or something."

Corey: "No, not necessarily. They have perspective in their favor. If you have a triangular craft, it's at 90,000 feet, flying fast. You're not going to be able to discern what it is." ... "So we're on the verge of this DIA, NSA program being revealed, and the technology will be maybe 50 years ahead of what we have right now. It's barely more advanced than the International Space Station." (Source)
Goode then discusses the partial disclosure timeline in more detail.
David: "So what would be the next step? Let's say that you are proven correct, and they announce that there are International Space Station-type things but bigger and a little more advanced, and they announced that flying triangles exist.

Where does that get us? I mean . . ."

Corey: "Well, that would get us just a little bit into the Partial Disclosure timeline." ... "That is what these groups are working for. They want a Partial Disclosure, that this type of information to come out, no information about aliens in the beginning, and then slowly give us chunks."

David: "Do you have any idea of what some of the increments might be after we become comfortable with the idea of these circular satellites and triangular craft servicing them and visiting them?"

Corey: "I really don't. I know there are a lot of different plans that are being negotiated. Pretty much the Earth Alliance and these secret Earth syndicates have come together and agreed on something, and that something being humanity cannot take a Full Disclosure event." (Source)
And this is where it seems a lot of confusion occurred. What Goode is about to describe is what the Earth Alliance believes to be true—not his personal belief. 

Goode said, " ... the Earth Alliance and these secret Earth syndicates have come together and agreed on something, and that something being humanity cannot take a Full Disclosure event." He goes on to discuss the basis of the belief that humanity cannot handle full disclosure. It is this discussion of the Alliance's rationale that appears to have led some to believe he was subscribing to partial disclosure. 
Corey: "It would be chaos, and they're right. It will be.

A Full Disclosure event is not going to be a “Kumbaya moment” where everyone holds hands and we're all excited. It's going to be very disturbing, upsetting, and it's going to be a process that us as humanity, we're going to have to work through. (Source)
To be clear, when Goode says "they're right" he isn't saying that full disclosure isn't a valid option. He is saying that the Earth Alliance's point about it being an upsetting and disturbing event is valid.

Recall that the full disclosure scenario includes horrific crimes against humanity, the very crimes that those in power at the moment want to keep quiet. This is because people due to their traumatized and conditioned state tend to avoid information that disturbs their sense of reality. Moreover, people, in general, are complicit and culpable for some of these crimes, which also makes acceptance of the truth more difficult. This difficulty in accepting reality is what Goode appears to be agreeing with.

One need only look at the reaction of the uninitiated masses to the Pizzagate scandal to see that most people want to believe it's all "fake news"—they want to believe in the lie. This is likely due to the fact that the truth is so worldview shattering that people are subconsciously compelled to reject it as a kind of defense mechanism. But full disclosure will make the truth so unavoidably obvious it will shatter people's illusions, and make ignoring it almost impossible. The leaders, politicians, celebrities, and figures in society that humanity has been trained to worship will be dethroned, discredited, and smeared with the truth of their crimes, which will be hard for most people to accept. Goode pointing this reality out does not also mean he thinks full disclosure is untenable. 

Here are more statements by Goode that likely added to the confusion.
David: "If we had the data dumps that you had mentioned before that had been prepared, would those data dumps involve a Full Disclosure if they did happen?"

Corey: "Yes. Yes. The data dumps are the full data.

And they've now decided, because of the different kill switch for the Internet, ways to bring down electrical grids to keep the information from getting out until they remove it from the system, they have decided that they're not going to do an all-in-one data dump, document dump.

They're going to do it in spurts, and most likely, it's going to be a tit-for-tat kind of data dump release – the Alliance releasing information about the Cabal and theirselves, but mostly looking negative about the Cabal.

And the Cabal's going to say, “Hey, wait a minute. We weren't the only ones with dirty hands. Look what this so-called Alliance has been doing the whole time.”" (Source)
Goode was referring to the SSP Alliance when he said: "They're going to do it in spurts." What isn't clear is what is the time frame for these "spurts." Recall that partial disclosure has a time frame of 100 years. Presumably, the spurts will happen over the course of weeks, months, or even a few years—but not as long as the partial disclosure time scale. 

Furthermore, the "tit-for-tat" reference clearly refutes any notion that the SSP Alliance is agreeing to partial disclosure. Remember limited disclosure is primarily interested in distracting humanity with somewhat advanced technology and aspects of hidden history so that those in power can avoid revealing their crimes against humanity. But the spurted data dumps is to release critical information that would cause the people to realize the psychopathic nature of the ruling elite—antithetical to partial disclosure.

To reiterate for clarity, the spurted data dumps will release intel about the crimes against humanity, which will likely cause a tit-for-tat "war" between the Cabal-allied Alliances and the SSP Alliance. Eventually, this information war would result in the release of all the data contained in the full disclosure dumps. Thus, the initial stages of the full disclosure agenda—at present—would be slow at first so that it can force the hand of the Cabal. Goode is suggesting that the two groups will release information about each other that relates to their crimes—none of which is a part of the limited disclosure agenda. Since these crimes are arguably the main data set the Cabal is trying to keep hidden, if it was released, there would be less justification for partial disclosure.

Also, consider that partial disclosure is much more delicate in comparison to full disclosure. If even 10% of the crimes against humanity are revealed, this would cause upset within the people, likely leading to mass awakenings. And as was just described, without the masses participation, the Cabal's systems of control cannot function. There are several "big red pills" or topics of a highly catalyzing nature, which once accepted fully by the people, could lead to grand awakenings. Institutionalized pedophilia in government and circles of power is likely one of them. 
Later in their talk, Goode indicates that this spurted data release is not in harmony with partial disclosure—it is part of full disclosure. 
David: "So in a life after Disclosure, one of the things that probably will happen based on what you just said is some sort of understanding on a mass level that there was an organized cult running world politics. Do you think that's in the cards as part of the Partial Disclosure?"

Corey: "No."

David: "No?"

Corey: "No, not as I've heard it described. They're going to try to keep all of the worst stuff hidden, you know, the crimes against humanity, all of the things that they've done here on Earth to people to keep the secret.

That kind of stuff, they're not going to want in public for a while." (Source)
In other words, the SSP Alliance made a tactical change to the full disclosure plan, wherein instead of massive all-in-one data dumps taking place, the release would occur over an extended time frame—but not as long as one-hundred years.

Life After Full Disclosure: Adjustment Periods

Moving on to the next point, Wilcock and Goode discuss how long humanity would adjust, assuming full disclosure took place.
David: "When we get to the point that extraterrestrials start to become involved in this, how do you see that changing our society?

Like for example, you've talked about Ambassador Mica in some of our earlier updates, and he's describing what happened to his planet. And I know that you've met with him more than since the last time we had updates.

So could you get a little bit more into what the really big picture perspective is like, not just this drip, drip, drip disclosure, but once we really truly have gotten through that horrible, breaking-through experience, and we get the full knowledge of what's going on."

Corey: "I think that is going to take a generation or two. I mean, we're so programmed in our different belief systems, the way we've lived and the way we're programmed to worship.

It's going to be very difficult to bring in beings that we would consider higher than us, spiritually, technologically, without us feeling this compulsion [sic] to give away our sovereignty or to worship them." (emphasis added) (Source)
Notice that Wilcock specifically asked Goode what he thinks a post full disclosure world would look like, in a "big picture" sense.

Addressing Goode's notion of generational adjustment, this does not preclude points of full disclosure. That is to say, via the full store of information contained in the full disclosure basket—so to speak—it will take a long time for people to acclimate to the whole truth. But coordinate with that adjustment, technology will be released, crimes against humanity revealed, and contact with higher orders of intelligence is likely. In other words, the full disclosure event will happen fairly quickly while the effects of it on the people will take generations to integrate and process.

But more to the specifics of what Goode said, he did not say the generational adjustment period means withholding aspects of full disclosure—we don't have to wait generations for full disclosure. Likely, those who concluded Goode and Wilcock were flipping to partial disclosure assumed—incorrectly—that this two-generation time period meant the whole truth would not be revealed right away. After all, two generations is a long enough time frame that it could be confused for the one-hundred-year period. But again, for clarity, neither Goode or Wilcock said that.

Goode further describes how technology, currently held by the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate—the Cabal-run SSP—will be handed to the people after full disclosure.
Corey: The entire infrastructure is going to be handed over to humanity once we're gotten through this process, and we'll be a “Star Trek” civilization overnight, because all the infrastructure is already up there. (Source)
This statement clearly indicates that the full disclosure plan will release incredible technologies to the people. But what isn't clear is how long "the process" of adjustment is. Goode never says that the timeframe is 100 years—as in partial disclosure. He did state that it would take time for people to adjust, but he didn't say that the two generations of time were the limiting factor for the release of hidden technology. 

However, the two points Goode did mention as being sensitive are the crimes against humanity and extraterrestrials. Wilcock and Goode discuss in the episode that encountering a strange being, like an extraterrestrial, is a very intense encounter that even the most well-experienced people in the programs can react adversely to. 
David: "Is there any type of standard boundary around the experiences that people have when they're brought into secret programs and they first come into contact with an extraterrestrial being?

Is there a sort of subset of predictable reactions that they take when they're actually brought into that for the first time?"

Corey: "Some of the people, they will just drop them into the situation with non-terrestrials, but they usually acclimate them first. You're told, “Yes, it exists.” You're shown a picture. You see video. You read more information about them.

And then you'll see one far away, and then you'll see one closer. You know, they acclimate you to the situation if they want you to be an asset.

If you go through this process, you're going to be laying on the floor sucking your thumb for a little while, and you're no use to them."

David: "If they just throw you in?"

Corey: "Right."

David: "Are there people that have had psychotic breaks if they get thrown right in?"

Corey: "Absolutely, yes. That's a fairly common thing to happen when people especially meet some of these very upsetting-looking non-terrestrials."

David: "Are there unfamiliar smells that they experience when they meet those beings?"

Corey: "Very strong ones, yes. Yes, especially the reptilians. Ah, they're horrible! They're horrible. They smell like this musky urine smell, and it is just horrible.

So, yeah, I mean, your eyes, your brain's going to have to deal with what you're seeing, what you're smelling, what you're hearing from them."

David: "I remember Pete Peterson describing that there's sort of an involuntary vomiting reflex that you have to really fight not to have when you meet an unfamiliar looking, intelligent being."

Corey: "Even if they're nicer, benevolent beings, for a while, until you get used to them, you've got this very sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It's just . . . Something just doesn't . . . It just feels wrong. It doesn't feel right.

You know, they're not supposed to exist, and here you are working beside them. So it takes a while for you to get used to being in their presence." (Source)
What Goode is suggesting here is that it takes time for someone to acclimate. Given the vast resources of the SSP, the protocol he described was one of slow and careful exposure. First, someone will be exposed to literature, photographs, and video of extraterrestrial beings. Then they would physically see one at a distance, followed by a close up encounter. Even then, a person will still "be laying on the floor sucking [their] thumb for a little while." If the SSP, which had the past 70 years, at least, to study the psychological impact of extraterrestrial contact, developed the an effective protocol for acclimation, concluding that a slow process is the best, perhaps there is merit to this idea of adjustment.

Furthermore, while many in the awakening community say they want to meet an extraterrestrial, not many actually have. If an ET appeared in front of us right now, how many would brush it off as a normal experience? Probably not many people. Now consider meeting a potentially nefarious extraterrestrial who is also accused of crimes against humanity—this situation is delicate, to say the least. Most people can barely consider a human cabal, let alone one involving extraterrestrials. Thus, while full disclosure is still the best option, the reality is almost everyone will require some period of adjustment. 

But, just because one recognizes the need to carefully reveal truth to someone so they can adjust, it doesn't also mean full disclosure isn't worth pursuing.

Also consider that for generations, via science fiction propaganda, people have been indoctrinated to fear extraterrestrials. In addition, fear of the unknown, in general, is something the Cabal actively engenders because this helps hold back consciousness expansion and awakening. Trauma and anxiety are states of consciousness that significantly hinder holistic thinking and optimum learning states—something almost everyone has been affected by living on Earth.

Given these things, even if full disclosure happened tomorrow, there would undoubtedly be an adjustment period. The length of time it takes to fully accept and assimilate the truths of full disclosure depend largely on each individual and their capacity to contemplate and digest the information. Those in the awakening community are likely more prepared than the unaware masses but this isn't guaranteed either. 

Although Goode's recognition of the need for adjustment seems to be shared by Mica and his group, he doesn't say that this will also mean partial disclosure is the best option. The reality is, full disclosure of the whole truth will undoubtedly need to be handled carefully and in recognition of the psychological impact of such information.

These points are rarely—if ever—discussed within the truther movement or awakening circles. The tendency is to assume that a grand shift of society will take place overnight, and people will immediately accept the realities that have been suppressed for eons. But, barring an unrevealed event—like some kind of effect on consciousness that helps people cope with the truth more easily—it will take time for people to accept. And given that each individual has the free will choice to digest the truth at their own pace, would it be ethical or moral to force the sleeping masses to accept more than they can handle to satisfy the desires of those who want a rapid shift?

The End of the Monetary System

In concert with the idea of adjustment, consider the monetary system.

The full disclosure agenda calls for the release of intelligence related to the frauds of the financial system, and that most of the very rich are effectively parasites, producing nothing yet absorbing huge amounts of energy and resources from the rank-and-file masses. Thus, the illusions of the monetary system will need to be dispelled.

Most people in the world today so completely accept monetary policy, they cannot even consider a world without money. Mark Passio is a researcher of the occult who says that the belief in money and the financial system is the most successful and widespread religion on Earth, far surpassing any of the major organizations. The vast majority of humanity has no idea what money is, where it comes from, or why it is needed‚ but nearly everyone agrees that society can't function without it. This is an incredibly limiting and disempowering state of consciousness to have in relation to one's beliefs, reflective of a heavily mind-controlled and ignorant population.
David: "So the other day, I was here, and I watched you taping “Open Minds” with Regina Meredith. But you said something really interesting I'd never heard you say before about the money system.

And you said any planet that has a money system is basically what?"

Corey: "A controlled planet."

David: "Ha, ha."

Corey: "Yeah, it's going to be a prison planet. On these planets to where they've had freedom, they've gotten completely away from a Babylonian money magic, because it's only there for control. And if you don't need control, it's useless."

David: "Wouldn't you say that a lot of people who might be on the more winning side of the money system would have very strong resistance to the idea that people they think of as lowly or lesser than themselves would now have equal power and equal opportunity as they do?"

Corey: "Well, I believe, before we get to that point, we're going to have some sort of an economic shift, that we're going to go to a new economic system first that's going to be controlled in the East, that we will have a time where we'll have a jubilee – there will be debt forgiveness.

People will get a certain amount of money depending on how much damage they had suffered from the control system that was set up.

So a lot of people now that enjoy sitting back, calling theirselves millionaires or billionaires, when that happens, they may find that 'poosht', all of that has been erased, and they may be on a more equal playing field with everyone else."

David: "Wow! Are you saying . . . I think you're saying it, but I want to try to pin you down a little more that this jubilee is part of the plan?"

Corey: "Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. That's been a part of the negotiation from the very beginning, and we've been hearing about it for years.

You know, “Next month there's going to be a crash and a new system's going to be set up.” We've been hearing about it forever. That's been going through negotiations all this time.

David: "How would they calculate what your level of damage is from the Cabal? I'm not sure I understand that."

Corey: "Well, if you're in a country that has suffered more than other countries, you're going to get more of a boost to try to bring you up to an equal level." (Source)
The discussion of a transitory monetary system, involving some kind of revaluation of currencies is part of the full disclosure agenda. However, the partial disclosure plan also calls for a revaluation. 

Recall that the overarching program of self-imposed slavery is the use of a monetary system, the Babylonian money magic system as Goode calls it. The belief in money is a psychological condition propagated by social conformity and obedience to the status quo—a self-policing system. Therefore, a transitory system is only a vehicle to provide for an eventual end to the monetary system itself. When people recognize the inherent interconnectedness of all things, especially in relation to harmful behavior, no one will justify "getting paid" for a job that hurts others. But for now, untold harm befalls humanity justified by one's need to earn-a-living. Ironically, most of humanity rationalizes harmful actions against others to sustain their own way of life—often because they cannot envision any other way of being. 

However, the partial disclosure agenda is not about ending the monetary system, only changing aspects of it to make it "fairer and easier to manage for the elite."
Corey: One of the things they are describing right now, as a part of this Partial Disclosure and change in the financial system, is to also level the playing field in the monetary system to where every country's money system is going to be valued the same. (Source)
The point is that the revaluation facet is present within both the partial and full disclosure plans. Thus, it is not accurate to conclude that because they are discussing a revaluation, they are also saying only partial disclosure is possible. The key point is that in the full disclosure plan, revaluation is only a stepping stone toward ending the monetary system entirely. 

The Earth Alliance, as Goode has said, is made up of aspects of the MIC programs and Earth-based groups. It is this manifold set of groups that has agreed to the partial disclosure agenda, which includes a revaluation. 

Without hashing out every item presented in the Life After Disclosure episode, it should be clear that Goode and Wilcock were merely exploring possibilities. They raised points that have heretofore not been addressed by almost everyone in the awakening movement, which caused some to inaccurately conclude that they had switched sides and support partial disclosure.

Responding to an Email

Wrapping up this analysis and discussion, I will now respond to a message sent to me by a concerned reader. 

Here is the message in full, after which I will respond to each point. 
Hi Corey!

Partial-/Full Disclosure vs Ascension????

(I hope that everyone gets the chance to read this text even if it is long. I will put it different "chapters".)

I am getting a little bit "angry" now because you and David seems to avoid answering a few questions we all want to know and hear your view on. And it even got more confusing [sic] after your latest Cosmic Disclosure program "Life After Disclosure".

Let me try to explain one question [sic] in the best and most simple way I can. 
Is, or is not, ascension included when you speak about partial and full disclosure?

In other words. If ascension happens somewhere between, as you say 2018 - 2024, will there STILL be a partial disclosure?

The reason we are asking is because of what has been said by you and David regarding what happens if we go through ascension. 
You have said that three things will happen when we go through ascension and that everyone is effected but in different ways.

Very simply put:
1) If you are at a high vibratory state being an extremely nice and loving person, you will go through ascension, remain on this planet but in a higher frequency existence timeline.
2) If you are very bad and negative (ALL of the Cabal/Elite etc) you will also remain on this planet but NOT going through to the higher frequency existence timeline. And you will go through "hell" and destruction on this planet.
3) The rest will be replaced to other planets/worlds where they can continue to live in third density.

So if this is so, then HOW is it possible that we can have a partial disclosure and continue to live under the Cabal and negative SSP? Aren't they supposed to NOT go through ascension? Meaning that they NEVER again are possible to affect our lives? 
I hope you understand what I am trying to ask, and that we want an explanation to what you mean.


And also, after listening to your show "Life After Disclosure", all of a sudden you and David have changed what would happen if we go through ascension. I REALLY hope that you loud and clear explain [sic] this to the people.

What we have heard before was that we would be like "Jesus" so to speak, and to be able to do a lot of things that we today would think of as "magical".

But now it has changed to be like hardly no effects at all for a very long time after ascension has happened to us. And that it also would take like a generation or more to regain all the "magic" abilities [sic].

This would mean that, not one single person living here today, including [sic] you and me, will ever be able to experience these "magic powers" in this lifetime [sic].
THIS should be said loud and clear to the people.


And I also got the feeling after listening to "Life After Disclosure" that you believed that we will have a partial disclosure and not a full disclosure. So [sic] sad to hear.
(And again, how can a partial disclosure happen if we go through ascension?)


Haven't you and David always said that, to get rid of our karma we have to be loving and forgiving individuals. And if we do this we will be free from our karma.

Then WHY the heck should we then be punished [sic] by OTHERS karma all of a sudden, as you said we would in the program "Life After Disclosure"?
So in other words, it doesn't help to get rid of my own karma, because I will still get to be punished [sic] by the karma from all the other bad people who I have never met in my entire life. 
I, and the rest of the world, would be really glad if you and David could explain these questions [sic] loud and clear to the whole world and not just dodge the questions.


And with this said I also have to say that I just LOVE your and David's [sic] work!! Have been following your work on almost a daily basis for more than a year now. And have been following David's [sic] work for sooo many years I cannot [sic] remember.  
Much love!
Replying to each question, here is the first to consider.
"In other words. If ascension happens somewhere between, as you say 2018 - 2024, will there STILL be a partial disclosure?"
Goode and Wilcock did not speak too much about Ascension in this episode. But they did say that after the solar shift event—predicted by the SSP to take place sometime between 2017 and 2022—everyone would have greater access to their higher self.
Corey: "After this event, they had full access to their higher selves or what they would consider full access after what they had before. So . . ."

David: "Do you know what that looks like? What does that mean?"

Corey: "I think it means that there is a veil also between yourself and your higher self."
In a previous episode, Goode was offered, by the Ancient Builder Race Sentinel, an opportunity to know himself—his past, present, and future. This would effectively have been a mini full disclosure event, had he accepted. Lt. Col. Gonzales did accept and experienced profound personal changes as a result, which can be interpreted to mean his incarnate self-made contact with his higher self. The higher self, within many schools of thought, is the repository of all one's incarnate experiences, a storehouse of one's personal database of the whole truth. Thus, it would stand to reason that the major solar event, as described by Goode and Wilcock, could act as a catalyzing force for each person to make contact with their higher self.

If this happens within the time frame listed above, then it could be a factor that changes the limits for the adjustment period mentioned by Goode. Therefore, if humanity went through a similar revelation, a person's capacity to digest and adjust to a post full disclosure world would vastly increase.

If the solar event happened, and the consciousness shift that comes with it occurred, partial disclosure would not be possible. And likely the people, upon being empowered with greater powers of perception and understanding, would no longer participate in the matrix of control, dissolving the slavery system almost overnight.

Moving on to the next question asked,
"So if this is so, then HOW is it possible that we can have a partial disclosure and continue to live under the Cabal and negative SSP? Aren't they supposed to NOT go through ascension? Meaning that they NEVER again are possible to affect our lives?"
Goode stated earlier this year, that if the collective consciousness of humanity did not choose full disclosure, the Sphere Beings would delay the solar shift for an age. This was a highly controversial point to consider, and many believed that it meant the Sphere Beings were "in charge" of what happens.

But as was outlined above, the primary factor in deciding the timeline is the collective consciousness. The free will of humanity, in the aggregate, must be considered. As such, in the event the less than optimum timeline is chosen, there will not be a solar event so partial disclosure can proceed. However, what individuals do here and now—especially with respect to their own state of consciousness and moral acumen—is playing a major role in how events unfold.

Addressing the next question,
Then WHY the heck should we then be punished [sic] by OTHERS karma all of a sudden, as you said we would in the program "Life After Disclosure"?

So in other words, it doesn't help to get rid of my own karma, because I will still get to be punished [sic] by the karma from all the other bad people who I have never met in my entire life. 
Here is an excerpt from the episode related to the question.
Corey: "It was mentioned that there was a karmic tie-in. Right now, we have people, human beings, flying alongside the Draco in other star systems or in between star systems, causing problems.

We're going to have to pay for that in some way."

David: "Well, I wouldn't necessarily think that people who have never contributed to that would be equally karmically liable as the people who did participate in it."

Corey: "No, but as a society, the whole society is receiving the karmic backlash at the same time."
In order to address this question, one must understand the contractual nature of reality and co-creative collective consciousness.

Moral Culpability and Karma

What we do as individuals affects the whole of society. The aggregate consequence of individual ignorance creates global problems for all people. For example, if it becomes socially acceptable to ignore the suffering of other's then crimes against humanity like pedophilia and human trafficking flourish. If everyone on Earth acted to defend the rights of children—without depending on ineffectual "authorities"—these crimes wouldn't take place as often as they do. From a contractual or a moral culpability perspective, the pedophile-prone elite cannot indulge in these acts without a population of people that turn a blind eye, and in doing so are complicit in wrongdoing.

Of course, the average person doesn't think of it this way, which underscores the level of separation consciousness plaguing humanity. The point being, a large number of hardships suffered by the individual arise out of the collective aggregate of the people's actions or lack thereof. As such, there is a karmic debt that all people universally have to deal with—a kind of karma taken on by the whole of humanity due to socially acceptiable and promulgated noms. It is normal to ignore the suffering of others in our world today, even though that suffering effects us. Another example of this is when a government wages war on a people, funded by tax revenues. The people, by way of paying their taxes, participate in the crimes of war and take on karma.

The Cabal or dark occultists are masters of deception, devising a system of control whereby the bulk of moral culpability or karmic debt is taken on by the subjugated people who follow their orders. But only in relation to acts of harm made by the people themsleves—the Cabal's personal acts of harm, such as pedophilia and ritual sacrifice are born by them directly. However, while these insidious controllers are still responsible, the people themselves have more culpability than their would-be masters in the instances when we follow their orders or plans—a point that many in the awakening community struggle to accept.

In essence, this idea stems from causality—who acted on the harmful intention, order, or request. For example, during an argument with a friend, we might have a thought to hurt them because we're upset. If we act on this thought, the harmful intention comes to life and our friend is physically harmed. However, if we don't act on this thought, the intention causes our friend no physical harm. As such, it is fairly clear to see that an intention to commit harm is not equal to the act of committing harm itself. But to be clear, a harmful intention will create a karmic debt, just not as much as committing harm.

The Cabal are order givers and use various forms of coercion, manipulation, deception, bribery, and, of course, mind control to garner consent from the people to act on their plans. Of course, many contend that because the people are under such an oppressed state, they have no choice, and shouldn't have to be responsible for their actions. And to be sure, there is a difference between someone consciously and completely participating in harmful actions vs. someone who isn't in their right mind. However, from a universal law perspective, wherein the cosmos is working tirelessly to evolve and grow self-mastered, moral, ethical beings, there are no exceptions. The karma one incurs is always part of their personal tutelage from the universe, and cannot be avoided. For example, someone who knows nothing of karma, who is forced at gunpoint to jump off a cliff will still fall to their death—gravity isn't suspended, regardless of the circumstances. Universal law is similarly immutable—it can't be sidestepped, and, through causality, everyone always receives the karma they need for their personal soul growth. In this sense, karma shouldn't be avoided, it must be embraced.

At present, it is difficult for many to accept the fact that the oppressed people are more culpable than the Cabal, likely because from an early age, were led to believe we aren't responsible for our actions in some instances. The "laws of man"—legal policy and statute—are generally based on the premise of limited liability—that we can avoid the consequences of our actions due to various circumstances and exceptions. And while this can work within the social fabric of the legal system, in nature it isn't possible to suspend the laws of the universe for anyone or anything. This is because the Creator evolves the creature through law, which unfailingly reveals the grand truth of all things via life experience itself. A musician won't get better unless they accept their mistakes and move beyond them. Similarly, one who accepts and embraces universal law becomes more empowered, evolved and therefore more free to act out their desires.

The premise of karma states that when one person harms another, that harming person must experience something that allows them to feel what the harmed person felt or experienced—a form of forced empathy and perspective taking. This balances the contract at a mind to mind level—a meeting of the minds. Compassion and forgiveness are proactive ways to achieve this empathetic exchange. When one fails to take up the task of forgiving and gaining awareness of what their actions did in the world, they invite karma via natural law, an experience that is equivalent to the compassion felt during forgiveness.

Thus, forgiveness is an act that imparts an effectively equivalent improvement in the consciousness of the being doing the forgiving—equal to what would have been experienced via a karmic event. Often one who forgives fully feels compelled to do something in the world to make up for their harmful deeds, a form of contrition, recompense, and repentance leading to the restoration of trust and honor with the harmed party. Therefore, forgiveness is not just an internal change—it gives rise to a desire or motivation to act harmoniously in the world. Forgiveness is an act of healing karma so that restoration of trust can be effected, and co-creation between two or more free will beings can take place.

By working through karma, an individual is doing the work needed to steer consciousness toward full disclosure. This point cannot be overstated.

Karma is the external imposition of compassion on an individual who did not exercise it, to begin with; and as a result, when they uncompassionately acted in the world, they inflicted harm on another. As such, the fact that one has harmed, by definition, means they have acted on an illusion of separation consciousness and a lowered vibrational state. Harm is a symptom of limited awareness in this sense. When that karmic debt has been truly addressed, the individual has been changed, their consciousness has been raised, and they have undergone personal evolution—a step towards ascension. Therefore, working through one's personal karma restores the consciousness of interconnectedness via compassion and empathy, changing the inner-being so as to become more harmonious with others.

Taking these points into account, the answer to the question about why we are being "punished" is that the people of Earth must face the truth of their past and present actions. This is what full disclosure is all about and part of the reason why it will be a hard transition. Most of humanity feels as though they are blameless, and the awakening community often points the finger at the Cabal for the wrongs of this world. Yet the hard truth is, the Cabal is—for the most part—giving orders. It takes order followers to breathe life into these deplorable plans and desires—and almost everyone on Earth has participated in realizing the dystopic dreams of the Cabal at some point in their lives.

As such, working through karma doesn't only mean addressing the interpersonal harm that one person has committed on another. It also means that as a society, each individual must face how they have contributed to the hardship of all beings, on Earth and beyond. There are local or interpersonal consequences of harmful actions, and there are grand universal consequences—both must be recognized and addressed.

This is not "all of a sudden" the case; moral culpability and karma have always been a factor in addressing the hardships of this world. And it is not a form of punishment, quite the contrary. Each individual has an opportunity to experience profound personal growth as a result of facing the truth of their actions or inactions. It is the illusion that ascension and soul growth can happen for those who haven't done this work that needs to be dispelled.

Various religious neo-cultural movements deceived many in the awakening community to think that if they only do this or that thing—like being nice or staying positive—this would somehow allow them to skip over the karma and problems they've created for others. But this isn't the case, and this philosophy is reflective of a solipsistic ideology wherein one supposes they can inflict harm on others without consequence. But universal law applies to all people everywhere, without fail. The Cabal will be held accountable for their wrongdoing, and so must the people. In reality, without karmic correction, we would be missing a big part of the puzzle that makes the evolutionary experience what it is.

In the face of this sobering idea that the people have to address their immorality, the best choice is to, as Goode has described, look deeply and long into the mirror; face one's own darkness, and practice forgiveness so that personal change to end harm can take place.


In closing, this topic of partial vs. full disclosure is enormous. Most people who are aware enough to make the choice, select full disclosure en masse. Yet are we fully aware of what this choice means?

The fact is, our world has fallen into darkness on our watch. Humanity is the custodian of the Earth, and we have not been proper stewards.

The evolutionary nature of the cosmos doesn't reward beings for refusing growth. The universe is mostly designed for the evolution of consciousness, by acting on the potentials inherent within all beings via the catalyst of experience. If humanity cannot manage itself now, how will imparting more power via ascension improve the situation?

Before we can reach for the new fantastic abilities of an ascended world, we have to learn the lessons of wisdom offered in the past and present. A child can't become a playwriter unless they learn the prerequisite skills of speech and language. A musician can't perform in a symphony if they haven't practiced enough to know the piece. And individuals with the powers of creation can't be granted more strength when they've failed to use the powers they already have wisely—as harsh as that might sound.

Humanity is on the cusp of great changes, and the challenges that come with them are truly staggering. Yet in meeting these challenges, we will learn and grow more in the years ahead than we arguably have for most of human history.

Goode and Wilcock are two inspiring figures to help in this process, but we are not dependent on them. The need to face the truth, raise our vibrations, and practice forgiveness will still be there even if they subscribe to partial disclosure. We can't let the opinions of others distract us from the personal work we each must do.

Finding the courage to intrinsically see the value in the things needed to realize full disclosure is the key, in my view, to staying the course of personal growth and collective healing. We ought to learn to value compassion, perspective-taking (imagining what someone else experiences) and forgiveness—not because the Sphere Beings, Goode, or Wilcock say so, but because we have done the inner work to understand why they are important.

The good news is, the universe seems to offer us endless opportunities to do this inner work we need only start to walk forward along this path to begin to make great strides. And together, the burdens ahead are easier to bear.

So be not dismayed. Continue to strive for the light of lights. It is often reaching for the light that requires the most inner motivation. Once done, the universe meets us halfway, and the dance of soul evolution can become as easy as breathing, as easy as riding a wave once that skill has been fully developed.

- Justin
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