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A World Disconnected From Imagination -- Without Imagination, Freedom isn't Possible

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Imagination is a foundational aspect of consciousness and life. It is the internal capacity to create images in the mind, explore ideas, and contemplate the meaning of experience. Without imagination, we can't understand anything—we are just empty vessels for random facts and sensory data. Is it any wonder then that modern life is severely lacking in imagination? Without this fundamental faculty, human beings become robotic in their thinking and uncreative in their desires—the perfect mind-controlled pawn that relishes their enslavement because they can't envision anything else.

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Arguably, the war on imagination—the mind itself—has been waged on humanity for all of modern history. But over the past 70 years, since the invention of the television and the computer, imagination has been almost completely destroyed. Psychologists have proven over the years that the more people are exposed to externalized image-generating systems, the less likely they are to use their imagination.

As children, we imagine things very easily. The power of these images is incredible. Through hearing a few choice words and phrases, an entire landscape of pictures, along with a host of emotive data is produced. Often the power of these imaginings is so potent they can overwhelm our young minds, causing us to feel fear or extreme excitement. And right when the peak of this creative power begins to blossom, at around the age of five, exposure to TV, video games, and smartphones has already taken a heavy toll.

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According to psychologist and researcher Joseph Chilton Pearce, who wrote the book Evolution's End in 1992, by the time children become teenagers, they are exposed to over 18,000 acts of violence via TV. Six thousand hours of television have been digested by the time a child turns five years old. But it gets worse, in the age of smartphones and tablets, the exposure to artificial images is staggering. And with it, the rise of psychological problems that come from a compromised imagination. Child suicide rates along with anxiety and attention deficit disorders have risen in tandem with the proliferation of TV, video games, and computers—all of which impose external images onto the mind, suppressing imagination and abstract thought.

Without the capacity to think abstractly, critical thinking, pattern recognition, and free thought suffer greatly. People tend to become self-centered, narcissistic, and shallow given such conditions. They need more and more external stimulation to feel normal, and when they are deprived of it, they often become increasingly anxious and are easily emotionally disturbed. Of course this makes them perfect consumers of modern culture, the perfect mindless pawn for the dark occult controllers of this world. Instead of people becoming more intelligent, competent, and wise as life experienced is gained, they become more materialistic, chemically and emotionally dependent, and require increasingly stimulating escapist pastimes. For example, the majority of people in the modern world explore sexually through pornography, externalized images, tending to feel less stimulated when engaging in a real sexual activity.

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Thus, the more aptly we develop the capacity to think abstractly—founded on a well functioning imagination—the greater our capacity to recognize the frauds of our age. This will require a slow detoxification from external imagining technology—which is increasingly difficult in our modern world. From here, we can use our imagination to envision solutions.

The fabric of life in the cosmos, the interconnected nature of existence and all things, can only be "seen" with the abstract mind, which requires a healthy imagination. Therefore, the more one masters this metaphysical skill of imagination the more effectively they can understand the truth and be empowered as a result.

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True freedom is a dynamic living experience of creativity and innovation. The risks of total freedom require a mind capable of accepting reality as a whole, navigating through the challenges of life as a musician improvises phrases of music. 

The greater the loss of imagination, the greater the loss of freedom. The more people can imagine and think abstractly, the greater their capacity to exercise freedoms with collective harmony and precision. Our freedom, as a people, is intimately tied to imagination.

In a very real and powerful sense, mind control is the external manipulation of a person's internal imagination. The question isn't whether we can be free of mind control, the question is—are you the controller or the controlled? Learn to reclaim your imagination. 

- Justin

Source - Waking Times

by Tim Bryant, December 29th, 2016

As the world continues to awaken to the true nature of reality, the frequency of real truth gets stronger and stronger amongst the collective consciousness. The longer this journey goes on, the closer it gets to identifying the root causes of what’s fundamentally wrong with today’s world. While the alternative mediaoften discusses all the things broken in the system and they ways in which the masses are controlled, we don’t often talk about how we are going to go about changing it for the betterment of humanity.
While this shouldn’t take away from the importance of identifying problems, the truth is that problem-analysis only brings about any real difference if we are willing and able to come up with tangible solutions that are then put into action. Although there are many solutions that can be discussed, it seems that one thing stands out above all else when it comes to changing the world. That solution is none other than pure imagination.
Imagination is authentic mental and physical creation. It is the manifestation of something not previously there, either by creating something new or connecting points previously disconnected. This is in direct opposition to something that is fixed or controlled, whereas the idea is already considered whole or complete, so the mind perceives that there is no more value that can be added. Whole or complete concepts cease to exist as areas in which the imagination can wonder.
Some people might ask why is this so important when there are so many direct problems that need to be addressed. Albert Einstein best sums up the reasoning behind the importance of imagination when he was quoted as saying,
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
What is so profoundly important about this statement is that it demonstrates that we have to cultivate the appropriate mindset, such as having an open and curious mind that is full of knowledge, before we can go about solving any problem. It does no good having a bunch of people ready to take action, if those actions are misguided due to old, faulty thought patterns. This only leads to dead ends, which force people to start over or even worse, become discouraged and quit.
It’s pretty fair to assume that the people in control know that cutting off the circulation of people to their imagination is absolutely vital to maintaining dominance. This is well documented, being that we know the people at the upper echelons of power are very well versed in the occult. Many are none other than black magicians, who create a reality for people to buy into. The elite gain power by designing systems that benefit themselves, while the public buys in without knowing the system is against their very interests. This is rampant all over society today, as people continue to believe in systems that have little to no benefit to them.
When you present a system to people which you have built and control, the last thing you want is for people to start seeing through the illusion and imagining something else. It’s imperative to keep their minds in a box, constantly running in circles with the same thought patterns. To counter this, the black magicians make their created reality so real that they even place levers of change within the system to give the appearance that change is possible within their design. However, the reality is that the system is very much rigged in their favor, despite how the illusions might appear. People have simply fallen victim to believing in this reality, often uttering the phrase “that’s just the way it is.” Though in reality, people just cannot imagine a different world, and those who do are seen as taboo.
However, this can change anytime we want it to. The first and most important step is for people to reconnect with this core function of imagination that is present within us all. This is our direct connection to the universe and its infinite possibility. In fact, human society wouldn’t have grown into what it is today, if it were not first imagined into existence by someone.
We need to literally create new systems that are not there, yet are waiting in the infinite void of all possibility to be tapped into. This means starting new ideas within your own mind and starting new systems within your local environment. It’s about creating a new monetary system for economic transactions because you know that the current monetary system isn’t the only possibility. It’s about building new systems of power because you know the current one is only powerful because we buy into it. This means taking direct actions to starve the beast, that is our current system, because there is the self-confidence that you can create something better. We are not dependent upon the system. We just think we are because we lack the confidence and creativity in our imagination to envision something better.

It’s time to break the mold and challenge what we originally thought to be concrete. Things are not fixed and can change at anytime. It really just comes down to our perception of reality. As I have learned from my own journey, once you start manifesting this imagination within yourself, the world around you literally starts to change and the pieces begin to fall right into place. It might not be exactly as you had planned out, but that’s the entire definition of imagination, the manifestation of paths that were not previously there.
The law of the universe is love, and imagination is the universes way of speaking to us directly. We simply have to learn how to tap into this voice and listen to it. The world is changing and the old ways are beginning not to work anymore. This makes it ever important that we envision something new and better, rather than reverting back to previous designs. We always complain about history repeating its self, yet somehow do not realize that we are simply reverting back to old ways of thinking that lack imagination.
This is the foundation of all change; manifesting something new that was not previously there before. The external environment is powerless to strong imagination, no matter how developed the external controlling system is. The only thing stopping us is the limitations we place upon our own mind. However, if we can let them go, we will transcend this world and bring about something far more beautiful and just. This is something undoubtedly that we all want, now we just have to have the confidence that we can create it. There are no rules; the possibilities are endless.
About the Author
An avid free-thinker, Tim has set out on a mission in search of the truth in whatever form it may come. Ever since his awakening several years ago, his passion for knowledge and justice has led him on a journey into deep research, cultural travel, and complete expansion of the mind. Tim feels as if the information freely flowing into the hands of the public, due to the dawn of the Internet, cannot be stopped at this point, so he has made it his goal to help facilitate and breakdown this complex stream of information, so that others can accelerate their own awakening and be part of the inevitable change happening in society.
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